A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions

This is a FIRST for this website!

Today, I am highlighting a great church in the Memphis area from a completely different perspective.

In this feature, you will get to hear about all of the great things going on at a church from the viewpoint of the pastor’s wife!

(I may just start a new trend with this idea!)

Today’s church is one of the pillar churches in our community.

Located in the heart of East Memphis, this congregation has been faithfully meeting, giving, ministering, and sending out missionaries for many years.

It’s Kirby Woods Baptist Church.

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

And, today, you get to meet their pastor’s wife!

Her name is Myra Collier, and I had the chance to talk to her recently.

She shared some of the amazing things God is doing in and through Kirby Woods.

I thought you might enjoy hearing what she had to say:

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

Melanie: How did you come to serve at Kirby Woods?

Myra: In 2008, Dr. Bob Pitman retired after serving KWBC for 20 years. Someone recommended us to Kirby’s search committee.

  • We were serving Oakhurst Baptist in Clarksdale, MS; we loved the church and the people.
  • After a six-month process, the committee recommended us to KWBC and we were called to pastor the church.
  • Throughout the whole process, God spoke to us clearly through His word that we were to be at Kirby. The passage He used most was Hebrews 10:36-39.

Melanie: How long have you been there?

Myra: Seven years. We came to Kirby Woods in October of 2008. They are pictured below.

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

Melanie: Would you mind telling us a little about your family?

Myra: Jim is from Brandon, Florida and I am from Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina.

  • We have been married for 22 years.
  • We have two children: Rebecca, a sophomore at University of Memphis, and Joshua, a junior at Houston High School.
  • Jim served in the US Army for 12 years before God called us to ministry.
  • I home-schooled our children each until their ninth-grade year.
  • We love to travel together, whether to the beach or on a mission trip.
  • The family is pictured below at Jim’s graduation for his PhD.

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

Melanie: What has been the greatest joy in your ministry at Kirby?

Myra: For our family: Easter of 2015, we saw our fifteen-year-old son confess Christ publicly through baptism.

  • For my personal walk: my mission trips to Naples, Italy and to the Cumberland Gap Association have been great opportunities to serve and share the gospel.
  • For our church: We have seen many trust Christ and follow Him in baptism, adults and children. Each one represents a soul saved and prayers answered.
  • Jim is pictured preaching below.

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

Melanie: What is really GOOD at the church?

Myra: We are a unique family.

  • We feel like a large small church.
  • We have four different congregations: our main congregation, our deaf congregation, our Korean congregation, and our Hispanic congregation.
  • We are serious about missions.
  • One of the teams is pictured below.

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

Melanie: Tell us about some of Kirby’s missions and church plants.

Myra: We are a missions giving church.

  • We give significantly to Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, and Tennessee Golden Offering for State Missions.
  • We are a missions sending church. We have numerous IMB and independent missionaries sent from our church.
  • We are a church planting church. We helped to plant Hope Church in Las Vegas and Living Hope Church in Marysville, OH.
  • We are currently planting two more: one in Phoenix, AZ and one in Ft. Collins, CO.
  • We are a short-term missions going church. We send between 20-40 teams around the world each year. 
  • The Ft. Collins team is pictured below.

A Church with a Big Heart for Missions

Melanie: How have you seen God bless your church?


  • Our church paid off its building debt in 2010. We have been debt-free since.
  • Our church has been able to give over $1M a year towards missions.
  • Our church has experienced a renewed desire for prayer. We have built a dedicated prayer chapel and launched a prayer ministry.

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

Melanie: What ministries are you involved in at the church?

Myra: My main ministry is to our staff wives.

  • I have encouraged fellowship and support among the wives, trying to minister to their specific needs.
  • I have led many Bible studies for our ladies within our women’s ministry.
  • Also, I participate in our missions effort around the world.

Melanie: What is ONE thing you’d like us to know about Kirby?

Myra: That we are a loving church attempting to connect all kinds of people with the mission of Jesus: making disciples through evangelism and discipleship.

A Church with a BIG Heart for Missions - Melanie Redd

Thanks for sharing with us today, Myra!

It sounds like God is doing some amazing things in and through Kirby Woods Baptist Church and your ministry there!

We pray that God will continue to bless and bring many to faith in Christ!

A Church with a Big Heart for Missions


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful, mission-minded church! Thanks for sharing about all the different churches in our area. You never know when someone is looking for a new church home. Love your blog, Melanie, and what you are doing to further the kingdom of God.

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