10 powerful scriptures to pray for your kids

It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.

We were meeting in our weekly Moms in Touch Prayer Group to pray for our elementary aged children. Our kids were all in the same school and close in age.

For weeks, we’d been praying for my son and a little girl in his class who’d been especially unkind and cruel to him. She was a beautiful child, but she was mean. And, most of her meanness was taken out on my son.

Finally, we all got weary with her treatment of him. And, we especially focused our prayers on this little bully’s actions.

One of the moms was quite perturbed about the whole situation.

She found a Bible verse to pray and she called down heaven.

The verse was from Psalm 31:18, which simply reads,

Let lying lips be quieted; they speak arrogantly against the righteous with pride and contempt.”

That day, this sweet momma prayed that the bully’s lips would be silenced and that she would not taunt or tease my son. She asked God to close the mouth of the bully.

That afternoon, when my son got home from school, I asked how his day went. I asked about the girl who bullied him all the time.

He smiled and said, “She had laryngitis today. She wasn’t able to speak all day long at school. So, she only could make faces at me.”

I had to smile as I thought about the prayers of my friend.

God had answered her pleas and silenced a bully for an entire day!

Prayer is powerful! And, praying for our children is a must. Here are 10 powerful scriptures to pray for your kids for maximum effectiveness. #prayer #prayingforkids @powerfulprayer

10 powerful scriptures to pray for your kids

Why do we pray using scripture verses?

Why use the Bible as a regular part of our prayer routine?

And, why pray Bible verses for our children, family members, friends, and others?

First, we pray using the Bible because praying scripture is powerful.

The Bible is God-breathed and the words of the Lord Himself. When we pray scripture, we are praying God’s words back to Him.

He takes this seriously and answers powerfully. These are His promises, His decrees, and His truths that we are lifting back up to Him.

Praying scripture is similar to us making a promise to our children. They don’t forget, and they remind us of what we have said to them. “But, you said…”

When we pray scripture, we remind God of what He has said to us and pledged to us. It’s powerful!

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