2 Important Reasons you NEED the Power of the Holy Spirit

I’ve sent up more than a few frantic, “help!” prayers in my lifetime. 

There have been times when I just didn’t know what to say how to pray.  There have also been times when I’ve prayed those quick prayers and experienced what I can only describe as a supernatural power shortly afterward.  My faith has been strengthened by these events and I want to give full credit to where that power came from the Holy Spirit.  

One example is the time I stood in a college registrar’s office trying to hold back tears as I argued my case for why I should be allowed to start school in the next week.   

Long story, short, the college was missing some paperwork from my high school.  The high school’s office was closed for the summer and nobody would be there to get the needed papers to the college before the semester started.   

There was no backup plan. 

At that time, I was financially independent, living in a new town far from home, I’d spent every last penny just to be there, and I was depending on a job that was contingent upon me being a student.  I was trying not to panic.  

thought I was sure that God had directed my steps to this school.  But those plans seemed to be crashing down around me- all because of one missing transcript.  I knew I had requested that paperwork months ago. But now it was missing.   

I could tell the lady at the desk was tired of me standing there. 

She wasn’t interested in helping me.  That’s when I sent up one of those “help!” prayers.  And that’s when I heard myself say the words that I hadn’t even thought of come out of my mouth, 

“Can you please see if my name was misspelled?  Can you check if it was filed somewhere else?” 

I offered an alternate spelling of my name (even though nobody had ever spelled my name this way before).  The lady rolled her eyes, made a big huff, and walked over to another cabinet to look.    

Less than a minute later, she found the required paper, filed in the wrong spot, and the problem was resolved.   

The lady in the registrar’s office seemed as shocked as I was.  I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that those words came out of my mouth seconds after I prayed that prayer.  It hadn’t been an eloquent prayer but it did the job.  I couldn’t deny that something powerful had just happened.   

Truly, I thanked God and marveled at his goodness that day.

I can now look back on that moment as life-defining–not just because I got to go to school but also because it built up my faith in a powerful way.  

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2 Important Reasons you NEED the Power of the Holy Spirit

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