7 of the Most Influential Bloggers You Ought to Be Reading

Welcome to the final week of The Summer Sizzle Series!

Summer Sizzle beach imageTeaming up with some of my very favorite blogging friends, we are offering a series that we are calling, “The Summer Sizzle Series.”

Each week, I’ll be sharing the best articles from several amazing women that I personally know, pray for, do ministry with, and dearly love.

I believe you are going to be blessed!

On this final stop in the Summer Sizzle Series, you get to hear from one of my favorites. She’s a wife, mom, cheerleader, friend, and blogger. I love her enthusiasm and the way she inspires those around her!

I believe her article will bless you today!

As a Christian blogger that is constantly learning how to create, maintain, and nourish a blog, I am constantly reading posts from other bloggers that are in the same niche as me to learn from their tips and experiences.

Throughout the time of doing this, I have learned so much by trying what they have recommended and put good use to it by doing what works for my readers.

As bloggers, I’m sure we can all relate to the “trial and error” concept.

Listed are a few bloggers I enjoy following to receive encouragement through their writings that are specifically directed for other Christian bloggers. These bloggers have all had an influence on me and on my ministry.

Each one has writings that are led by the hand of God and that entrusts their blog unto the Lord which makes the written words invaluable.

Here are 7 of the Most Influential Bloggers You Ought to Be Reading. Each one entrusts her blog unto the Lord, which makes the written words invaluable. #bloggers #blogging #influential #influentialbloggers

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7 of the Most Influential Bloggers You Ought to Be Reading

First Blogger – Alison Tiemeyer:

A woman of grace, intelligence, and a heart for others just comes pouring out of her writings. I feel Alison’s’ desire to truly help bloggers spread their ministry. Alison does not know this about me, but every time I read her encouraging words to new bloggers, I feel like her sister (well, I kind of am; a sister in Christ, that is) because I can truly feel her desire to help other blogs grow for the glory of God.

To receive encouragement on blogging to spread the gospel, Alison Tiemeyer is a must for you to visit as a new and established Christian blogger.

Favorite post from Alison is: How to overcome doubt as a Blogger.

Second Blogger – Ikeashia Barr:

So I have written about Ikeashia Barr’s blog a few times already on Married by His Grace (Disclosure: I am not sponsoring, I just really respect her work). She lays a Christ-filled foundation for any new blogger or entrepreneur. I become more intrigued with her when I had watched her step by step blueprint for starting your online business.

Ikeashia did not just fill her step by step videos with what would tickle your ears but she went deep into studying the Word of God with you by teaching you how Christ should be the center of your business. Her goal is to teach online strategies specifically for Christian based entrepreneurs. Ikeashia offers services for your blog on her site.

Favorite post from Ikeashia is 8 Steps to Creating a God-Focused Business

Third Blogger – Radical Christian Woman:

Elaine is just as her blog is named, a Radical Christian Woman and proud of it. Elaine writes about anything she is passionate about. Marriage, children, head coverings, homeschooling… Whatever she does write about is always covered with her first passion which is: God.

Elaine has several posts directly for the Christian blogger. I am encouraged and motivated to start writing the moment I am done reading her posts. Her fierce personality to fight for what God is leading us to write about drenches upon me. I pray you to receive that same motivation from her.

Favorite post from Elaine is  My Jesus Blogger Aha moment

Fourth Blogger – Melanie Redd:

Who doesn’t love themselves a little bit of Melanie? Sometimes after reading a post from Melanie I lean back and think; does Melanie even know how much she truly encourages people in the Lord?!

Melanie is social, she reaches out and takes time to encourage any blogger that is spreading the gospel. Although she only has a few posts about blogging, Melanie provides a list of tools to bloggers and even a list of Link Up Parties under her blogging tab.

Favorite post from Melanie is 10 Powerful Scriptures to Help You Fill Up

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.  

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Here are 7 of the Most Influential Bloggers You Ought to Be Reading. Each one entrusts her blog unto the Lord, which makes the written words invaluable. #bloggers #blogging #influential #influentialbloggers

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Click To Tweet

Fifth Blogger – Valerie Murray, Cord of 6:

Purpose of Valerie’s’ site Cord of 6 is to encourage families to grow closer together and to God. She has beautiful writings that always lead to God being the center of the home.

Sporadically, Valerie will write directly to bloggers. When she does, I get excited. I love reading her encouragement to bloggers through her posts. Her experience in blogging speaks volumes through her blogging. Valerie also hosts a weekly Link Party. You can join the 100 Happy Days link party every Thursday.

Favorite post from Valerie is: Why blogging is a great ministry.

Sixth Blogger – Arabah Joy:

I follow Arabah as a woman that loves to read her words of authority in Christ and I also follow her as a blogger that enjoys receiving her tips through email and blog posts. Arabah’s blogger resource page is full of resources for a new blogger. She offers an ultimate guide of courses that cover multitudes of topics for a new blogger. Majority of the courses are of cost.

There are many testimonies from prestigious bloggers about her course. I recommend subscribing to email lists and receive her tips through there. She is informative and a beautiful writer. I am sure you will enjoy her and her site.

Connect with Arabah through her Link Party: Grace & Truth Link Party

Seventh Blogger – Do a New Thing:

Ahhh….Where do I begin?! Christa literally speaks about everything that is about Christian blogging; building email lists, monetizing, getting more traffic, SEO, to balancing ministry and life.

She completes each post with scriptures that back up everything we are doing as a Christian Blogger. I highly recommend visiting her blog as a new or established blogger. You will not leave her sight without learning something new in blogging.

Favorite post from Christa is: Is it ok to monetize your Christian blog?

I would love to know what Christian bloggers you follow for encouragement... Click To Tweet

I would love to know what Christian bloggers you follow for encouragement as a blogger. You can share your favorites in the comments section below.

And, I hope you take the time to visit each one of these awesome ladies today and gain a new tip or perspective on writing for the Lord.

About the Author:

Carmen Brown is the creator of  Married by His Grace blog. Through her walk with Christ as a wife and mom of five, she actively writes to women who are desiring to build their home with the word of God.

Her passions involve staying connected with her family, drinking an immense amount of coffee daily, and developing content that will help and encourage new Christian Bloggers.

You can connect with Carmen on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these 7 women and their messages,Carmen! I love this list and follow many of these writers. One blogger I enjoy reading is Abby McDonald (She writes just what you’re thinking and then shows you God’s viewpoint.) Also Lyli Dunbar: she hosts a fabulous Friday linkup and writes GREAT, PRACTICAL, ENCOURAGING content.

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