8 Great Joys of Parenting Preschoolers


This may be one of the cutest stages in all of parenting!

Preschoolers are little balls of energy, filled with wonder at the world around them.

Got preschoolers? They are a JOY! Here is an article filled with tips, ideas, and quotes about the incredible joys of parenting, grandparenting, and teaching preschoolers.

8 Great Joys of Parenting Preschoolers

It’s been a VERY long time since we’ve had preschoolers in our home, so I had to reach out to some of my precious young friends for a little help with this article.

I’ve surveyed young mommies all over the country to gather insights into the minds, hearts, and lives of preschoolers.

Here are 8 Great Joys of Parenting Preschoolers:

Joy #1 – Preschoolers are AFFECTIONATE!

“They are snuggly, loving and don’t care if you smooch them 50 times in the grocery store. They still love your physical affection toward them,” shares mom Holly Brown.

Mom Beth Gillentine explains, “When she asks me, ‘can we watch a movie and snuggle,’ or slips her little hand in mine and says, ‘let’s hold hands while we walk,’ I treasure that physical affection knowing that it may come less frequent as she becomes more independent.”

Mom Amanda Criss shares, “I love it that my preschooler is still asking for snuggles in the early mornings and wants to cuddle and kiss his baby sister when she wakes up. Those little arms reach around my neck, and I hear, ‘I love you, mommy,’ and my heart feels full to bursting. These cuddles with my little boy won’t last forever!, so I am enjoying every minute while I can!”

Joy #2 – Preschoolers are FUN and FUNNY!

According to mom Holly Brown, “Their excitement to learn rubs off on you! It’s so fun to hear them get really excited about a topic they are learning because as they share it with you, your excitement grows and it naturally becomes something you share.”

“Somewhere after a toddler’s need for all things concrete and literal, a preschooler’s imagination appears. It is a joy to listen to her stories and plays and ideas and know that she is building a foundation for creativity and innovation while learning to discern the difference between what is pretend and what is a reality. It is an open opportunity to talk about Truth with her,” shares mom Beth Gillentine.

Mom of two, Amanda Criss, shares, “My preschooler keeps me from taking myself too seriously! Our home is filled with more laughter than ever before. While I find such deep joy in talking with him about God and teaching Him to pray, then he jumps from asking questions about the Garden of Eden, to showing me his strong muscles and his funny faces, to asking us to pray that he won’t have bad dreams, to embarrassing us by ‘telling all’ to anyone who will listen! His life brings so much joy to our home, reminding me that, although we are to take God and His Word very seriously, we don’t really need to take ourselves all that seriously.”

Joy #3 – Preschoolers are BLANK CANVASES!

Mom Lindsey Wingo shares, “One thing I love about parenting preschoolers is that they are little sponges who crave knowledge, retain it, and trust whatever you tell them as absolute truth. It’s the perfect time to teach them foundational gospel truths that will hopefully lead to a lifetime of faith.”

“They are a stark canvas, which means you have so much influence over how they see everything. They want to learn from you about God, how to view themselves, other people, circumstances, etc. By them just watching you, you have a tremendous influence on their development and how they will interact with and process the world. It’s no small thing,” remarks mom Holly Brown.

Mom Melanie Dardar says, “As far as parenting preschoolers, I have found that they are the most teachable during this stage of life. They desire to know everything you know and ask to help so they can be just like you.”

“They are so easily amazed and easily excited. It blows their little minds that Jesus knows everything even our thoughts! But they believe whatever you tell them, so this is a critical time to pour into them as much as we can about Him and His Word! On a similar note, they memorize scripture like it’s nothing! I love it,” shares mom Allie Penny.

Mom Sarah Ann shares, “Parenting preschoolers are such a blessing as you help children explore the world around them. Parents are given the opportunity to infuse every conversation and new skill learned with God’s commands and plant a seed of God’s Word in these tiny hearts. Help your child learns early that God is in everything!” 

Joy #4 – Preschoolers are FULL OF QUESTIONS!

Preschool mom Beth Gillentine remarks, “Oh, the questions! They are incessant, sometimes annoying, sometimes deeply thought-provoking. Once during a grocery trip, she questioned constantly while I tried to read labels and check prices. I was frustrated and said, ‘Could you wait on the questions for a few minutes til I finish?’ She responded, ‘But Mama, I can’t wait, I’m just so curious about everything!’ I hope she always feels she can come to me with her questions – attempting to answer her now will hopefully lead to her feeling able to come to me with anything in the future.”

Mom Courtney Napier shares, “They challenge my understanding of the Bible. Not a day goes by that my preschoolers do not ask me some type of spiritual question… ‘What is the sin? Or, what happens in heaven? Where does God live?'”

“As my preschooler begins to ask questions about God and shows some understanding of Spiritual things (God made the world, God is in charge, children are to obey their parents, we are sinners and need a Savior, Jesus is perfect and died for us…), my heart is filled with so much joy. I am filled with joy primarily because I see God’s Spirit begins to work in his heart, but I also rejoice that God has allowed me to be the planter and waterer of those first seeds of the Gospel. My preschooler causes me to thank the Lord frequently that God has entrusted to me the holy and humble work of preaching the Gospel to and discipling my children, and I am seeing little glimpses of God’s work in him that remind me of my very high calling of motherhood,” explains mom Amanda Criss.

Joy #5 – Preschoolers are so LITERAL!

According to mom Dadrian Russell, “The thing with preschoolers is that they are very literal. The other day on the way home from school there was a song playing and it said something about God being beautiful. Katie quickly said God is a boy. Boys aren’t beautiful, they are handsome. So she started singing God you are so handsome over and over. I am often learning from her just as much as she learns from us. I asked her what she did or learned at school 1 day and she looked me straight in the face and said, ‘Jesus walked on water, died for our sins on the cross and rose three days later,’ then ran off to play. Faith as a child is so much more real now.”

Joy #6 – Preschoolers are PERSISTENT!

Mom Courtney Napier shares, “My preschoolers are persistent in asking for a cup of water or asking me to play a game with them. They ask the same thing over and over in anticipation of my response. They know that I love them and will help them. And, they encourage me to be steadfast in prayer, taking my needs to my Father. In the same way, that I would not ignore their needs, God does not ignore me. Sometimes they may have to wait, and sometimes I have to wait, too, but they are not neglected, and neither am I!”

Joy #7 – Preschoolers LOVE TO BE WITH THEIR PARENTS!

“Loneliness is never an issue! During this stage, quality time is their love language, and they think if you love someone, you stay right with them all the time,” shares mom Allie Penny.

Mom Lindsey Wingo expresses, “Preschoolers also love unconditionally, are quick to forgive, have wild imaginations, think you are the coolest person in the world and genuinely love spending time with you!”

Joy #8 – Preschoolers are PRECIOUS!

Mom Melanie Dardar shares, “They are eager to please. I am always given a ‘thank you mommy’ when we do little things together. What I could have let be an annoyance, if I felt too busy to be bothered with their request, turns into a sweet time of fellowship with my children. I love this age!”

Thanks, ladies, for sharing about your preschoolers! You are all wonderful moms, and we really appreciate your insights today about the JOYS of parenting preschoolers. We appreciate you, Amanda Criss, Courtney Napier, Sarah Ann, Allie Penny, Dadrian Russell, Beth Gillentine, Melanie Dardar, Holly Brown, and Lindsey Wingo.

We appreciate you, Amanda Criss, Courtney Napier, Sarah Ann, Allie Penny, Dadrian Russell, Beth Gillentine, Melanie Dardar, Holly Brown, and Lindsey Wingo.

Be sure to stop back by on Wednesday when we will discuss, “8 Great Ways to Pray for Your Preschoolers.”

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So, what do you think?

Do you have preschoolers?

What do you enjoy about them?

I always enjoy hearing from you!

8 Great Joys of Parenting Preschoolers

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14 thoughts on “8 Great Joys of Parenting Preschoolers

  1. What a great reminder! It’s easy to want them to grow up so that they can do more for themselves but I will miss these days! I love that my preschoolers take in the little things that we overlook as adults. I have one daughter that will spend hours exploring outside at every piece of nature that she can find. She will gather weeds and treat them like treasures.

    1. Thank you for stopping by for a visit today!
      And, don’t you love preschoolers! They are so sweet!
      Enjoy this time… exploring and gathering weeks. Sounds like much fun!
      Hope to connect with you again~

  2. This made me laugh and nod my head in agreement at every one! As I read through these, my four-year-old came over to snuggle with me wearing her pink princess dress and crown. She is full of creativity, affection, and faith!

    1. Hey Marisa,
      They are the cutest little people in the world, aren’t they!
      I get a real kick out of them!
      Enjoy that precious 4 year old – crown and all!
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a word today!

  3. Hi Melanie!
    Yay! It works!!! Love this … love your ministry … and love you!

  4. These are all so true. Full of questions, energy and affection. My boys want to know why and how everything works! I love this age! It may be the most chaotic time in our home but once they are all elementary age I will sure miss these days!

  5. Those were great days and great years! Reading through the stories from these wonderful Moms, I couldn’t help but picture my kids back at that age. What wonderful memories and super advice!

  6. Yes! Our grandson will start kindergarten in the fall, and he is all of the above. We’ve so blessed that He still enjoys grandpa and grandma snuggles and laughter. So much enthusiasm packed in little packages! 🙂

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