A Song for Sunday – “I Still Trust You”

Are there some songs that deeply move you?

Maybe it’s the words?

Maybe the tune?

Possibly the artist’s voice?

Whatever the case, there are some songs that impact us in ways we almost cannot explain.

Today’s song is one of those for me.

Though I’m not typically a Gospel Music fan, we went to one of the Isaacs’ concert a few years ago. God used their music, ministry, and testimony to really encourage Randy and me.

There was one song that they shared that so stirred my heart that I bought the CD and played that song over and over.

It’s called, “I Still Trust You,” and it’s performed by The Isaacs.

A Song for Sunday - "I Still Trust You" - Melanie Redd

I believe many of you need to hear the message of this song today, and I pray that God will use the lyrics and the haunting tune to minister to your heart.

Whatever you are going through today, will you trust Him one more day?

Will I?

I’m praying we will~

Hebrews 13:5 promises…

‘He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”’




I Still Trust You

I seen in a righteous man suffered and hanged
And I looked like the wicked wound go free and in my frustration
that just didn´t seem right to me
I asked you for sunshine you set the rain
I cried for healing and I only got pain but I know your love
we´ll see me through Lord I Still trust you

I still trust you Lord – 2x
that you´re able to guide me through
this battle end
and I don´t know which way to turn or go
I still trust you Lord
So let me hold to your hand

I trust you because you´ve been so faithful to me
and you set in your word
I´ll never leave none for save thee
Lord I go with you until the end
your blood it has cleansed me
from all guilty and sin
and your promise I´ll hold onto
oh Lord I love trust in you.

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