How to Begin to Live HEALTHY From the Inside Out

This post is the second part in a two-part series about becoming more healthy.

Last week, I shared an interview with a friend of mine who has encouraged me to eat more healthy and to focus on healthy food and healthy eating for life.

You can read that story by clicking HERE.

(It’s called, “How to More Readily ENJOY Healthy Food & Healthy Eating.”)

Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to a man who spends his time helping others to become more healthy from the inside out.

I believe you will be encouraged by his story!

How to Begin to Live HEALTHY From the Inside Out

I’d like for you to meet Eddie Capparucci, a Christian counselor friend of mine.

Melanie – Eddie, tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Eddie – I am a Christian counselor licensed by the State of Georgia. My wife of 20 years, Teri and I have a private practice in Marietta. We have two children. Our daughter Chelsea is a creative designer and works for an interactive agency in Boston. Our son, Dakota, is heading off to Georgia Southern University in the fall to study criminal justice. We are a closely-knit family and enjoy time together. We also have two labradors Gabriel and Hunter who we think of as children rather than pets. As you can imagine, they are very spoiled.

Melanie – How/why did you become a counselor?

Eddie – That is a long and crazy story, but the short answer is my decision was not my own but instead was God driven. I was a marketing/advertising executive for nearly 25 years when God informed me that I would no longer be chasing money, power or prestige. Instead, he wanted me in the trenches assisting people who were struggling and in need of hope and answers to their emotional distress. I fought him for nearly two years before surrendering and leaving the corporate world. As you can imagine, if was the greatest thing that ever happened to me because now I get to see Him at work every day making a difference in people’s lives. It is a humbling honor that He would select a broken man like myself to assist Him in His work.

Melanie – What caused you to want to write about shame?

Eddie – As a Christian counselor, I see two frightening similarities in many Christian clients that led to the writing of this book.

First, there is the burden of shame that results from their inability to control sinful behavior. They believe God’s seal of approval is based on their “performance”, which in turn makes them feel they never measure up to God’s expectations. This leads to what I call the “Christian Shame Label.”
Second, they endure an endless struggle to feel God’s love and presence. I am often asked, “what does it feel like to love and be loved by God.” These individuals dare not pursue God in fear He will label them as disappointments and reject them. What these Christian Brothers and Sisters are failing to recognize is that they are projecting the negative feelings they have about themselves onto God. They have adopted the lies Satan drills into their heads in an attempt to hinder their relationship with the Father. Ultimately, they are trapped in the Christian Shame Cycle, which leaves them feeling spiritually empty.

Melanie – What is the “heart” of your book in a nutshell? 

Eddie – The purpose of the book is to help Christian break free of the Christian Shame Cycle and establish an intimate relationship with God. The book was designed to help them remove their shame label and replace with it the label that reads “I am a Prince/Princess of the King.” I want Christians to understand–despite their inability to master their sinfulness–that their God still accepts and loves them. He wants them to stand before Him, not so He can point out their shame, but instead to help them remove it.

Melanie – How have you seen people gain victory over shame? Maybe share a success story?

Eddie – I believe one of the most exciting aspects of the book is that it is filled with case studies that demonstrate the struggles and successes of individuals who were stuck in the Christian Shame Cycle. Here is an example:

A female client came to see me for anxiety. She was a single mother who got pregnant and the man didn’t want to marry her. She was having a difficult time keeping a full-time job, going to school part-time, and raising her 6-year-old daughter. We worked on helping her to manage her lifestyle. One issue that she brought up time and time again was her feeling distance from God. She said that when she was sitting in the church pew on Sunday, she felt numb. She had no emotional attachment to God, which is very different from when she was a young girl and felt close to the Lord. In our work, it was revealed that she believed God hated her for being sinful and having sex before marriage, which led to her pregnancy.
In our work together, she learned His love for her never changed. What changed in the relationship was she hiding from Him because she was fearful He would reject her. She was projecting on Him her own feelings of irresponsibility and foolishness for getting pregnant. She was wearing a shame label. Once she stopped believing Satan’s lies that God was disowning her, she was able to once again feel His presence and love in her life.

Melanie – How do you think your book can help those who struggle with shame?

Eddie – There are too many Christians who are feeling lost and helpless and there is no reason for that to be happening. I hope this book will open their eyes to see that Satan is behind their strained relationship with God. I pray they will learn to feel God’s love and presence in their lives and understand they are unconditionally accepted by Him. I dream that this book with helping them to capture a fire in their soul that will change their lives forever.

Melanie – Where can we find a copy of your book?

Eddie – You can order the book through Amazon or via

*To get to the book on, click HERE.

*To get to the book on, click HERE.

More about Eddie Capparucci:

How to Begin to Live HEALTHY From the Inside OutEddie Capparucci is a licensed professional counselor with a private practice in Marietta, GA. He is a member of the American Counseling Association, American Association of Christian Counselors, and the Georgia Licensed Professional Counselors Association.

Eddie is certified in the treatment of sexual addiction by the International Association of Certified Sexual Addiction Specialists. Among his clients have been players of the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

He serves as a clinical expert with the National Decency Coalition, an organization committed to the effort to restrict the access of online pornography.

He is a clinical contributor/expert for several blogs including,, and His own blog is designed to help people discover and experience God’s love in their lives –

Eddie graduated with High Distinction from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA with a master’s degree in counseling. He also serves as an elder at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Marietta, GA.

He and his wife, Teri, have two children, Chelsea and Dakota and reside in Marietta, GA. He can be reached at

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7 thoughts on “How to Begin to Live HEALTHY From the Inside Out

  1. Thank you, Eddie, for joining us today on the blog!
    Your life, your ministry, and your book are all very inspiring!
    I pray that many will get a copy of the book and find hope in the love of Jesus.
    Sure am blessed by you~

  2. Satan hides behind our shame, taunting us and trying to convince us we aren’t worthy of God’s grace. Such a liar! I loved this quote from the interview: Satan is behind their strained relationship with God. That is his ultimate goal! We must be on guard and wise to his ways. Looks like a great resource, thank you for sharing.

  3. Shame is such a powerful tool of the enemy. We don’t have to live in shame! This is such an important topic and I loved reading about this new book that helps address this problem. Thanks for sharing!

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