How Cell Phone Monitoring by Parents Can Help Kids

I’m sharing a much different kind of post today, but I think it’s both informative and appropriate. I pray that this article will prove to be helpful to you and your family.

Today, I welcome Sara Johnson as she discusses monitoring your children’s cell phones.

Let’s admit it, friends, technology has mesmerized us all. 

Whether its game scoring while at the dinner table or updating tweets in the middle of a conversation, we are all glued to our tech devices and don’t hesitate to use them anywhere.

Recently, the launch of Pokémon Go! drove so many people crazy, distracting them from work. Some people reflexively use their cellphones to check notifications or updates no matter how busy they are.

How Cell Phone Monitoring by Parents Can Help Kids

Parents who come exhausted from work often hand over tech devices to their kids so that they themselves can relax.

This reliance of kids on digital gadgets becomes so addictive that it often has negative consequences on the lives of kids.

As, they are born in the lap of technology with iPads, smartphones, etc. around them, it is not necessary that they live with tech addiction. However, it is up to parents to help their kids beat the technology burnout.

Technology and tantrums

It’s a proven fact that technology makes kids more frustrated and agitated. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 70 percent of the parents have to face kids’ tantrums when taking their devices away. Parents are now worried that instead of spending family time, their kids like being isolated, spending time within their tech cocoons.

Though technology has helped kids improve their cognitive skills there are certain downsides of the internet which cannot be ignored. Time and again, parents have realized that it’s not all the time that the kids use educational apps. With a simple tap on the tech device, they can navigate videos and apps that contain illicit content.

Psychologists believe that kids who are revved up with technology are prone to depression and stress. They are easily exhausted and become irritable within no time. This impacts their memory and they have to struggle socially and academically. The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised parents to keep a watch on online activities of their kids in order to ensure balanced tech use.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America revealed that around 15 million people in America go through social anxiety disorder. According to them, the symptoms usually set in around adolescence, at the age of 13.

Teens are more glued to devices, particularly smartphones which stems the tide of social anxiety and awkwardness. The child’s brain is in a constant crisis with the amount of information extracted online. Therefore, the aggressive and unmanageable behavior is commonplace.

Cell phone parental monitoring and its practical considerations

In the current techno-digital era, love and friendship are merely an illusion. This is what most children seek when using tech devices. With the proliferation of tech gadgets and communication platforms, you cannot control your child from texting or befriending people online. The gap between digital and physical world has reduced and sexualization of smartphones is at its apex. It’s not only texting but video games also include explicit content that can cause mental damage to kids.

Many parents might not be familiar with the term, ‘Facebook Depression’. It is commonly affecting the kids today. We don’t want to demonize technology but issues coming up with it include cyberbullying, sexting, anonymity, etc. Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said, “Kids can be insecure in general, so when you take a kid that is having trouble with peers and having trouble to begin with, Facebook can heighten those anxieties to a huge degree”.

Since prevention is better than cure, parents must take stringent measures to ensure their kids’ online safety. Reducing their screen time can be done only when they are toddlers. Once they enter adolescence, it is hard to keep them away from technology, so a viable approach is to conduct cell phone parental monitoring. As a smartphone is a boon confidante of a child, it will store all his information that you can secretly access.

An option for you to consider

There are a plethora of spy apps that offer covert monitoring. Currently, xnspy dominates the monitoring spectrum as it targets less savvy parents. All you need it to create an online subscription account and install the spy all. Unlike other monitoring software, it does not require any configuration or license codes.

Even the installation process takes 3-5 minutes to get it running. xnspy cell phone parental monitoring gives the power to the parents to make an informed decision about their kids.

You can monitor their call logs, texts, and chats, keep a tab on their whereabouts, and ensure internet surveillance. A spy app allows you to monitor all the kid’s activities remotely through the online console.

There is a web-based control panel provided by the spy app that allows parents to view live updates of their kids. All these features can help you know whom your kids are in contact with, where do they go for hangouts, or which websites they surf when online. This gives parents a peace of mind, knowing every movement of their kids.

Some monitoring apps like xnspy are too good to be true. Offering call recordings and watch-list alerts, it provides an authentic proof of your child’s activities and helps you interfere before anything goes wrong.

You don’t know the person in contact with your child is a pedophile, an online predator, or a serial killer. Listening to their phonic conversations can allow you to figure the situation. Watch-list alerts create a virtual barricade over your kids and will notify you if any unauthorized activity takes place.

In the cyber world, it is impossible to live as a social recluse. Parental monitoring is the best way to keep your kids protected from stress and anxiety even when you’re not around.

About the author:

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson likes to share the latest information on the most trendy gadgets. Her specialty is evaluating software and providing expert opinion about tech gears. She had been blogging for the past 8 years.

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9 thoughts on “How Cell Phone Monitoring by Parents Can Help Kids

  1. This post includes some really important commentary about the risks of technology for ourselves and our kids. Thanks for all the good info. I personally prefer the strategy of being in close personal contact with my kids, talking with them daily. But I can see the advantage of following their browsing a bit. However, I’m not sure I would listen in on phone conversations without their knowledge…

  2. This post includes some really important commentary about the risks of technology for ourselves and our kids. Thanks for all the good info. I personally prefer the strategy of being in close personal contact with my kids, talking with them daily. But I can see the advantage of following their browsing a bit. However, I’m not sure I would listen in on phone conversations without their knowledge…

    Thanks for featuring this, Melanie!

    1. Thanks, Betsy.
      I thought it was an interesting idea (and it may be needed in some instances).
      But, I agree. Talking is always better than spying!
      Hope you are having a wonderful day today!

  3. I believe there is a difference between invading your child’s privacy and taking appropriate measures to keep them safe. So I won’t mind monitoring my child’s cell phone. Since cell phone monitoring software allows you to check the whereabouts of a family member with just a swipe of the fingertip. No more worry when your kid forgets to call or is held up.

    1. Hey Mary Joy,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment today.
      It sounds like you have found balance in this whole monitoring thing. Safety is a huge concern these days for sure.
      Hope you have a wonderful day today~

  4. Mass proliferation of tech gadgets have indeed increased the gap between kids and their parents. being a mother of two kids, I come across different problems every day. Not only have the kids turned rebellious due to technology, but they have also become tech addicts. I literally have to fight to get their gadgets before sleep time. Internet is everywhere. Though it’s a good thing, but for kids who use it without any surveillance, it can be their worst nightmare. I make sure I’m aware of their activities online through mobile monitoring, and also keep in touch with their friends’ parents so that we can all keep our eyes on them.

    1. Hey Elizabeth,
      It’s tough out there, isn’t it?
      I think you are wise to keep up with what your kids are doing. Talking to the other parents sounds like a great idea as well.
      It sounds like you are a wonderful mom! Keep on keeping on.
      And, thanks for stopping by today to leave a thoughtful comment!

  5. Very informative post. Illustrating exactly how cell phone addiction is affecting our kids. I know for sure that spy apps are a better option than parental controls as children often find a way around the filters. So I would like to know are there any other options besides spy apps to keep an eye on your kids’ online activities?

    1. Hey Cristna,
      My kids are now graduating from college, and looking back we did not choose to spy on them.
      Instead, we had lots of great discussions with them and we set up parenting filters and other things to protect them as much as we could online.
      Honest, open conversation and lots of prayer are my favorite two parenting controls! Ask lots of questions, engage in what your kids are doing, talk to other parents to stay informed, and pray with and for your kids.
      Hope these ideas help!

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