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5 thoughts on “Does it feel like God is always doing Renovations in your life?

  1. The Lord has done great things in my life in the past few years! He is building a fire within me and it has spurned me to work in other people’s lives as well. This past January my husband and I were blessed to get to take a mission trip to Haiti and it was a life-changing experience. After returning from Haiti I joined a local pregnancy care ministry.
    I think giving up the selfish parts of our lives and allowing the Lord to fill you is the first step in having these great changes in our lives to happen. If we want to truly be on fire for the Lord we have to make sacrifices and let go of our own selfishness.

    1. Amen, Susan!
      Thank you for stopping by to share what God has been doing in your life. Love hearing about the mission trip and the work at the local pregnancy center.
      It’s so sweet to give your life away serving the Lord! I pray that He will bless you and blow you away with joy!

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