Take-Out Tuesdays: For a Special Occasion at Texas de Brazil

IMG_2924Our family ventured out recently to celebrate a very special occasion – my husband’s birthday.

We wanted to him to have a great meal, so we took him out for a steak.

Actually, we took him out for all the steak he could possibly eat in one sitting.

Where do you find such a place? It’s called Texas de Brazil; the website calls it a “Brazilian Steakhouse.”  There are locations across the USA and in several other countries. Memphis has a location in the downtown area, just across from The Peabody Hotel.


If you want to visit the Memphis store, you can find the entrance near the corner of Union Avenue and Third Streets. Take Third past The Peabody, and you’ll find parking in the lot (or the garage) just across from the restaurant. Parking is on the right side of Third Street.

Cross the street and enter the restaurant on the entrance which faces The Peabody Hotel. And, get set for some wonderful food.

It was a Friday night when we went, and the place was loud and busy. However, because we had made reservations, we only waited a few moments to be seated. Once seated, the waiter encouraged us to go through the salad bar. This thing is immense!  There are soups, salads, vegetables, fruits, sushi and all kinds of amazing treats. You could make a huge meal out of the salad bar (and many do)!


While munching on salads, the waiter brings potatoes, rolls and these unusual sweetened bananas (to cleanse the pallet between meats).


For dinner, you are given a little round card. On one side, the card is green. When you place your card on the green side, gauchos carrying wonderful types of meat will “magically” appear at your table to offer you a taste.

While your card is on the green side, you will be served offerings of meat after meat after meat. I saw ribs, lamb, bacon-wrapped chicken, flank steak, sirloin, pork, filet, and bacon-wrapped filet.

When you have eaten all of the meat you can stand to eat, you flip your card over the red side. At this point, the meat servers (the gauchos) stop offering you more. (And, you are allowed to switch back and forth from red to green for as long as you wish to do so).

One special note to brag on my waiter and the gauchos…


I really love my meat cooked well, no pink. They asked us if we had any special requests, and I mentioned this to them.

Within a few minutes, the servers were making special trips to our table with well-done meats. I was grateful for the special care the wait staff took to make sure I was taken care of. (I think there were several hundred people in the restaurant. This specific kindness spoke volumes to me!)

Dessert is offered, but my family had no room for it. You can find out more about the menu and the desserts at this link: http://www.texasdebrazil.com/menu/desserts/

Should you wish to dine at Texas de Brazil, you should prepare to pay about $50 a person. Costs break down at night as: Dinner: $44.99 | Salad Area: $24.99.

For lunch, the cost is considerably less, but they do not serve all meat types. Costs at lunch as: Lunch: $24.99 | Salad Area: $19.99. Brunch is served on Sundays from 11am – 2pm. Costs are: Brunch: $42.99 | Salad Area: $29.99.

The hours for the restaurant are:



Mon – Thurs: 5pm – 9:30pm

Fri: 5pm – 10pm

Sat: 4:30pm – 10pm

Sun: 4pm – 9pm


Wed – Fri: 11am – 2pm


Sun: 12pm – 3pm

After our dinner, we took the chance to walk around the downtown area and to enjoy The Peabody Hotel. A pianist was playing in the lobby of the hotel as we took a stroll with the family.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening for our family. My husband enjoyed his birthday meal, and we loved celebrating with him.


This dining experience is not for the frugal, those in a hurry or for anyone on a restrictive diet. However, it can be a wonderful treat for a special occasion.

Dining Tips: (we do have a few tips to make this dining experience even better).


~Sign up for email on the restaurant’s website so that you get the “Birthday Coupon” which affords you $25 off an entree.  If two of your friends or family members are having birthdays within about a month of each other, you could take two coupons and order and pay on two separate checks.

~ Use Open Table reservations – keeps your wait very short. Here is the link: http://www.texasdebrazil.com/reservations/

~ Be sure to go at night if you want the filet – it’s only served in the evenings.

~ Go at lunch to save money. Cost is much less, and you still get the experience.

~ Try to salad bar only to save money. It is great and filled with yummy items.


So, have you been to Texas de Brazil?

~ What was your experience like? 

~ Where else do you like to go for special occasions?

Looking forward to hearing about your dining experiences…


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2 thoughts on “Take-Out Tuesdays: For a Special Occasion at Texas de Brazil

  1. Love this place! Very close to a churrascaria in Brazil. In Brazil there are more varieties of meat. I have only been at lunch. Last time we did try the desserts and they were very good. Wish they had papaya cream for dessert like they do in Brazil. Of course they might for dinner and if they do I highly recommend it.

    1. Hey Anita,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      And, there is nothing like those steak places. I hear the ones in Brazil are incredible!

      Papaya ice cream sounds interesting~

      Hope you and your family are doing well.

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