Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon?

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Movie Title: How To Train Your Dragon Movie Review

Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon?

Our family LOVES to go to the movies. I have been taking my little ones to the movie theater since they were tiny, my youngest used to get dragged along in his car carrier before he was big enough to know what was going on.

One movie we loved, in particular, was How To Train Your Dragon. I remember thinking the title sounded strange and I wasn’t expecting much, but I sat through in awe of the whole move and we actually saw it three times in the theater! The movie was released in theaters in 2010, so of course, we own the DVD now and it’s still a family favorite.


The story stars a young Viking named Hiccup as he grows in knowledge and confidence, learning beyond what he’s always been taught, standing up for what is right and showing love even when it isn’t popular. Hiccup’s father is the leader of his village on the island of Berk, he’s the biggest and baddest dragon fighting Viking around, of course, Hiccup wants to be just like his father. After a chance encounter with a Night Fury

After a chance encounter with a Night Fury dragon, he names Toothless, both Hiccup and the Dragon’s worlds are changed forever. Hiccup quickly learns how his people have misjudged the dragons and a fierce battle of beliefs ensues. The story is full of action, adventure, love, and friendship. I could watch it over and over again, in fact, I have!

What we liked about it:

We love to watch the growing friendship between boy and dragon, the crazy creatures created for this story, the tricks Hiccup learns and the exciting battle that leaves you breathless at the end. It truly melts your heart as you cheer along for this unexpected hero duo. You have to see the very end for the full on love moment!

Who stars in the movie?

The movie is from DreamWorks animation and stars the voices of Jay Baruchel, American Ferrera, Gerard Butler and Jonah Hill.

Where you can see it:

You can buy it on DVD now and the good news is if you love the movie there are sequels and even a television series you can watch. My boys got the TV series on DVD for Christmas last year and love it!  The series is based on the books by Cressida Cowell, so you may want to read up first! We hope you enjoy this action packed movie with a ton of heart as much as we do!

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