How about some Good Family Films this Summer?

I am so excited to share with you a summer filled with positive, helpful movie reviews! My hope is that these will be some good family films for your summer break.

Particularly, I’m calling this series, “Amazing Summer Movies for Families to Enjoy.”

Further, I’ve invited some of my favorite blogging friends to share movies they love with you. Each Wednesday morning, I’ll add a new review for you to enjoy.

In addition, you and your family can gain a whole slew of great movie suggestions from reading these weekly reviews. Truly, I hope these articles will lead to a fun summer of movie watching for you and your crew.

*And, You can read last week’s movie review here: Pete’s Dragon.

Today’s Movie TitleChitty Chitty Bang Bang

How about some Good Family Films this Summer?

How about some Good Family Films this Summer?


Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes, Lionel Jeffries, and Benny Hill. (Interestingly, a young Phil Collins shows up as one of a crowd of Vulgarian children.) Although the movie is based on a novel by Ian Fleming, Roald Dahl had a hand in writing the screenplay. This is completely evident in the appearance of the delightfully awful villains and the other-worldly land of Vulgaria.


In fact, it’s an adventure with a smidgen of fantasy.

Basic Plot:

Caractacus Potts, single dad, and eccentric inventor face what appears to be yet another failure. His idea for a musical candy is rejected. In a heroic attempt to delight his children, he restores a classic race car. Then, he is surprised to discover that it takes to the air as well as the sea.

Next, in traveling in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, they rescue their grandfather from the evil clutches of Baron Bomburst.  They set free the oppressed children of Vulgaria – then return home just in time to discover true love and success at last.

Moreover, the movie released in 1968 and is set in the early 20th century.

Why We Love It:

Singing! Dancing! Slapstick! Mayhem! Bad guys that you love to hate! When my four boys were all tiny, I was amazed that they could sit through the whole movie (2 hours and 24 minutes!).  Apparently, the multiple settings, suspense, and the opportunity to get up and dance The Old Bamboo. Loose-limbed Dick Van Dyke kept everyone engaged long after the bowl of popcorn was empty.

Heartily Recommended:

Specifically,  we gave one star for each Morin boy and another one for their parents equals FIVE STARS!

Watch Out for This:

Truly, The Child Catcher with his stringy hair and mean expression was a true nemesis for my boys, particularly the most sensitive of the crew. Whenever we saw low-flying aircraft, there was ALWAYS nervous speculation – mixed with a touch of hopefulness — as to whether that might actually be the Child Catcher in pursuit of our mini-van, but I don’t recall any nightmares or fear leaking beyond the boundaries of the viewing time.

Even so, I have a feeling that parents of very young children who have not been exposed to many movie villains should take a look at this sharp-nosed bad guy with the big net before they decide to view this movie.

Where Can We Find This Movie?

That’s a great question because my VHS copy is pretty worn out, and this is definitely a movie that we will reprise with our grandchildren when they get older. Here’s what my research reveals:

Available for purchase in Blu-ray and DVD from Amazon and Target.
Rent it from Amazon Prime or iTunes.
It is also an option on NetFlix.

Here is another great movie review:

Pete’s Dragon: An Endearing Tale for the Whole Family


About Today’s Reviewer:

Michele MorinMichele Morin is the wife of a patient husband, Mum to four young men and a daughter-in-love (soon to be two!). She is Gram to one adorable grandboy (with another on the way!). Her days are spent homeschooling, reading piles of books, and, in the summer, tending a beautiful (but messy) garden and canning the vegetables.

Also, she loves to teach the Bible and is privileged to gather around a table with the women of her church. Additionally, she blogs at Living Our Days where she writes about the books she is reading, the grace she is receiving, and the lessons from God’s Word that she is trusting.

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17 thoughts on “How about some Good Family Films this Summer?

  1. This is a fun series and I think our family would agree with Michele’s choice of movie! What fun it is and the music will leave you humming for years to come!

  2. Thinking of this movie brings back so many memories! I actually didn’t like this movie as a very young child, since I was one of those that was a bit weirded out by some of the strange elements and the villain. But sometime when I was a little older, one of my brothers and I went through a phase where all we wanted to watch was Chitty (in part because it was the longest movie our mom would let us watch during the day at the time). 😉 I grew quite fond of it then and learned all the songs by heart. My brother and I used to go around singing the theme song away from the movie, too! Thanks for bringing back these fun memories, Michele!

    1. Those songs do get stuck in your head, don’t they, Jerusha!
      What a fun memory to think of you and your brother doing around the house singing the theme song!
      Hope you have a wonderful day~

  3. What a fun series, Melanie. 🙂 And, perfect timing. I believe I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when I was young, but don’t believe my sons ever did. They’re mostly grown now, so getting them here long enough to watch a movie isn’t always easy these days. 🙂 Great summer series, thanks for sharing. ((Hug))

    1. Thank you, Brenda!
      You’ll have to share the movie with your kids (or mention it to them.)
      Appreciate you stopping by to leave an encouraging word today.
      Hope you have a blessed day~

    1. Me too, Bev! I have some really great memories of watching it as well.
      So glad that Michele shared this review with us.
      And, thanks for stopping by to leave a good word.
      Hope you have a blessed day~

  4. Thank you, Michele, for sharing such a fabulous review with us today! We appreciate you and your insights.
    I’ve not seen this movie in a long time, but I’d love to go back and watch it again after reading your summary.
    Hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer~

    1. What fun to be invited into your space — and for such a fun purpose! I really enjoyed Dawn’s review of Pete and the Dragon (and we’ve never seen this one!), so I’m really looking forward to reading about lots of great movie recommendations this summer!

      Blessings to you, Melanie!

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