How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year?

How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year? - Melanie Redd

How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year?

It’s happening!

It happens every year.

It starts at about Daylight Savings, and it builds up as the days of November tumble by.

It’s the Holiday Rush – that hectic, chaotic frenzy that intensifies over the next 8-9 weeks.

It’s that season that makes our hearts beat faster, our minds whirl like crazy, and sometimes causes our heads to hurt!

I think women typically “feel” it more than men because we are having to make sure to cover all of the details of this holiday season:

  • Where are we getting a turkey?
  • Who is make the dressing/stuffing?
  • What are we going to buy everyone for Christmas?
  • When will we put up the tree?
  • Where did I store those ornaments?
  • When are all of the programs and holiday specials?
  • When does school let out?
  • What am I going to put on my mantle?
  • How much do we have to spend?
  • Where is everyone going to stay?
  • Where is the extra-large bottle of Tylenol?

As we stand of the top of this “Holiday Mountain,” and prepare for the yearly avalanche that is coming, what if we changed our focus this year?

What might happen if we took a fresh approach to the holiday season?

How might our holidays be sweeter if we answered only one MAIN QUESTION this year?

How Can I Make More of JESUS This Year?

How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year? - Melanie Redd

To help you to answer that question, I’ve called on the services, wit, wisdom, and help of over 23 of my favorite inspirational blogging friends.

Over the course of the next 9 weeks, they will share their hearts and their stories — all in an effort to answer this question:

How can we Make MUCH of Jesus

this year during the holiday season??

How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year? - Melanie Redd

How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year at Christmas?

The posts have started, and you can read them here:

  • (Michelle Streeter) “Making Much of Jesus at Thanksgiving” – LINK HERE.

  • (Alison Tiermeyer) “8 Ways to Make Christmas About Jesus” – LINK HERE.

  • (Jennifer Bly) “Making Much of Jesus During the Holidays With Your Homeschoolers” – HERE.

  • (Kaylene Yoder) “Marks of a Christ-Centered Home” – HERE.

  • (Jennifer Walker) “Prepare Your Heart for CHRISTmas” – HERE.

  • (Kim Jones) “Making the Most of Jesus in Your Christmas Decor” – HERE.

  • (Ruthie Gray) “How to Make a Family Advent Celebration” – HERE.

  • (Valerie Murray) “How to Decorate Your Heart with Joy During the Holidays” – HERE.

  • (Ona Carver) “5 Simple Decorating Tips for Making Much of Jesus” – HERE.

  • (Jennifer  Shackelford) “What if This Was Your First Christmas to Enjoy?” – HERE.

  • (Deb Wolf) “How to Simplify Gift Giving and Enjoy Christmas More” – HERE.

  • (Abi Craig) “How to Avoid the Spirit of Receiving This Christmas” – HERE.

  • (Dawn Klinge) “Making Much of Jesus with Teens” – HERE.

  • (Katie Westenberg) “When Holidays Take on a Life of Their Own” – HERE.

  • (Ana Safee) “Making Much of Jesus with Your Preschoolers” – HERE.

  • (Rachelle Pierce) “5 Ways to Make the Holidays Special (From the Book of Luke)” – HERE.

  • (Betty Asphy) “Making Much of Jesus with Your Life” – HERE.

  • (Susan B. Mead) “3 Ways to Celebrate Christ at CHRISTmas” – HERE

  • (Tayrina Gonzalez) “3 Way We Can Do to Keep Jesus at the Center of the Holidays” – HERE.

  • (Ginger Harrington) “The Gift of Prayer at Christmas” – HERE.

  • (Dianne Thornton) “Making Much of Jesus Starts in Your Heart” – HERE.

  • (Sarah Maddox) “6 Ways to Honor the Lord in Our Christmas Celebrations” – HERE.

  • (Ifeoma Samuel) “When You Get Weary of Serving” – HERE.

  • (Ifeoma Samuel) “Making the Grace Table for Christmas” – HERE.

All of these posts are practical, helpful, thought-provoking, and written to assist you during this holiday season.

We will begin on November 9 and run through December 30.

This is an invitation for YOU to join us!

How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year? - Melanie Redd

Stop back by and read these wonderful words — written to encourage and inspire you during this holiday season.

Let your friends and family know about this series, and share these articles with them.

And, get ready to be blessed as we Make Much of Jesus this year!

Isaiah 9:6

“For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

**Would you do me a favor — would you let a friend or family member know about this upcoming series?

We want to encourage as many folks as we can during this holiday season.

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27 thoughts on “How Can You Make More Of Jesus This Year?

  1. i am reading this late but having Jesus a big part of my life this holiday season came like a hit on the head. Getting sick with double pneumonia 3 weeks ago, spending 1 week in the hospital with oxygen, and not coming home until yesterday (December 24) with full time oxygen has put a total different thought to this holiday and 2016 to come. When others talk about a fresh start coming with a new year or bringing God and Jesus closer they don’t know the half of it but I really do. It will be a new and beautiful year and it has been a great Christmas Day today. Following you will be a big part of that new. Thank you for all you have done. May God bless you and keep you safe & well.

    1. Hey Barbara,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have been ill over the past 3 weeks!

      Praying that you will feel so much better quickly, and also asking God to be as real and as close to you as He has ever been.

      I love that promise in James 4:8 that simply says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

      As you draw up really close, I pray that He will comfort, encourage, and strengthen your heart and your body.

      Please keep me posted on how you are doing! I’m grateful to have you as a reader and to be connected with you.

  2. I could echo the same as several of the earlier post have been. All the prayer, studying–everything else as you point us toward the holiday. Looking forward to your post. Love you.

    1. Thanks, Amelia~

      It’s going to be sweet to focus intentionally on Jesus this year – like never before!

      Hope you have a blessed Sunday, and I’ll see you on Wednesday night!

      Sure do love you and OC!

  3. You are such a wonderful encouragement, Melanie, to your readers and fellow bloggers alike. I look forward to reading this new series!

    1. Hey Betsy,

      Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a kind word!

      And, I’m exited about this series and everyone’s posts. It’s going to be great!

      Hope you have a blessed weekend~

  4. I’m promoting today! Will be working to do this throughout the month as well. Such a terrific idea, you are a forward thinker and wonderful encourager, Melanie! Thanks so much again for the opportunity, I enjoyed putting my post together for this. I learned a few things too!

    1. Thanks, Ruthie, for promoting this series! I think it’s going to be great!

      And, I do pray daily to encourage others. It’s a joy to be able to infuse a little hope.

      Looking forward to sharing your post!!

      Hope you have a blessed weekend~

  5. My heart is singing THANK YOU for two reasons:
    1. You are such a warrior for creating community among bloggers!
    2. You are giving us permission to get our hearts ready to celebrate the Isaiah 9:6 Christmas that we all know in our bones is the one thing our souls need all year round. “And of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end!!!”
    Blessings, Melanie!

    1. Hey Michele,

      Sorry to be slow to respond. I’ve been at a conference all day.

      Thanks for stopping by to leave such kind words! I do pray for community among bloggers. We need each other!

      And, I”m excited that we are celebrating Jesus this year in a big way! It is going to be sweet!

      You have blessed me today~

  6. Ready, set, go. I’m ready. Thanks Melanie. This should be awesome and to see how God touches many hearts this holiday season is something I’m happy to be a part of.

  7. I love the idea of generating more ideas on how to make much of our savior Jesus Christ…especially at this time of year! The time for giving gifts should include the greatest gift ever given and the opportunity to receive it….SALVATION IN CHRIST! Love the idea and look forward to the posts!

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