How to Invite God into Your Home

As you are raising your children and teaching them about life, don't forget the Lord! Learn how to invite God into your home.
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More of God.

Would you like to bring more of the Lord into your home?

When trying to raise your children in a Christian home many parents question how they can bring God into their homes.

They take their children to church and youth groups.

But how do they keep the learning going when they are in their own homes?

It does not have to be complicated.

Indeed, there are a few simple additions that will help parents bring God into their children’s lives at home.

First, to invite God into your home, read the Bible together.

This is definitely a simple task but is also a very important one.

Reading the Bible to your children allows them to learn about God.

Go online or to your local bookstore and pick up a children’s Bible if you feel that the text in a typical one is too advanced.

There are many great children’s Bibles out there that also have photos and discussion prompts.

Read even just a few verses every day. Then discuss what was read.

This will not only teach your children about the Bible but you may find that you learn something just from listening to your child.

Children offer new insight into God if we listen.

Second, to invite God into your home, pray at meals and at bedtime.

Again this task is simple but is still effective.

At family meals and before bed start a routine of saying a prayer.

Work with your children to allow them to say their own prayers.

Explain that prayer does not have to be an intricate spoken piece all you need to do is speak to God in your own way.

Have your children thank God for what they are thankful for. A great idea is to have a basket and pieces of paper on your dinner table.

Ask each family member to add blessings and concerns to the basket throughout the day. 

At the dinner table, take turns pulling out one of the slips of paper and then talk about and say a prayer for the concern/blessing on each piece. 

Helping your children to get into the routine of praying is something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

When they are worried about something they will realize that they can speak to God and it does not have to be fancy.

Third, to invite God into your home, use hands-on materials.

Lastly, using hands-on materials can help your children learn about God and bring Christianity into your home.

There are many ways to do this. You can create your own figures or you can also purchase some online.

One great thing to have is wood-crafted biblical materials that depict characters from the Bible and allow your children to hold them in their hands and move them. Use these figures to depict the stories from the Bible.

There are also various religious puzzles that can be purchased that allow children to see different stories from the Bible.

Your materials do not have to be extravagant. Using these materials will help your child see the stories they are hearing.

Closing thoughts about how to invite God into your home.

There are many ways that you can bring God into your home for your children.

These are just a few.

Starting a routine of reading the Bible, saying prayers, and using various religious educational materials will help you to reinforce what your children learn in church.

In addition, these activities will open up discussions that may even teach you something.

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