Is There Anything Great in Memphis??

Not long ago, a friend of mine sent me a text after a frustrating trip to the downtown area of our city.

The text simply read, “We can’t have anything nice in Memphis. It’s a rule!”

As I thought about her words and her frustrations, I realized that there are many people who probably feel that way about the City of Memphis.

So many people like to cut down, devalue and make fun of this place.

After all, we are Number Two on the list of The Ten Worst Cities for Allergies, Number Three on the list of Most Dangerous Cities in America and Number Four on the list of Worst Cities for Women’s Health.

However, everything in Memphis is not bad or wrong or horrible.

In fact, there are many things in our city that are wonderful and great and amazing.

There are some people and places and businesses and churches and restaurants and parks and golf courses and locations and organizations that are wonderful here in our town.

And so, as a challenge to my friend who sent the text and to anyone else who is “down” on this community, I want to try an experiment in 2015.

In 2015, we are going to explore, try, experience and write about “Amazing Things in the City of Memphis.”

A group of us are going to get out there and find out what makes this community great and special and unique.


To do this, I need your help! Think about these things:

  • What do you love about Memphis and the surrounding areas?
  • Where do you like to play? Eat? Go?
  • Where do you like to take visitors when they come to see you?
  • What are some of your favorite places?
  • What are some little known places and spaces that you enjoy?
  • What makes this city special?

Using your ideas and a few of our own, we are going to visit some of these places, interview the people involved in each area, take lots of photos, blog about these places and maybe even write a book detailing what we discover.

So, please take a minute and let me know what you love about our city.

(And, if you live in another place, I’d love to hear about your town).

Much time has been spent discussing all that is wrong with the city. Why not help us to focus on what is good about this community…

I look forward to hearing from you through one of these modes:

~ Here on Word Press

~ On Facebook – you can reach me at “Melanie Maddox Redd”

~ On Twitter – you can find me at “Melanie Redd”

~ Via email at

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions that I’ve already received.

And, thank you for the ideas you will share today!

It’s going to be a great year in 2015~


(Repost from December 28, 2014)

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6 thoughts on “Is There Anything Great in Memphis??

  1. Are you going to also put this on facebook? I do not always check my email. I guess I am behind the times but I really do not use instagram or twitter. Not sure how to follow blogs unless I think about it then try and figure out how to get on. Can we say me and technology are really lacking. Lol

    1. Hey Mary,

      Thanks for a great question. I am going to add this post to Facebook along with others that I write about Memphis. I’m hoping to visit many of these places and take photos. I’ll post these to FB as well.

      Thanks for your interest, and you can follow a blog by just joining the site. Just hit the button on my blog on the right margin that says, “Follow.”

      I think you are doing fine with technology, but it can be maddening~
      Hope you are doing well and off to a good start to 2015.

      Blessings to you,

  2. Hi Melanie! I found your “place” after seeing an email that you were following my blog. Always love to meet new sisters in Christ. Also enjoyed this post! My home city has taken it’s share of bad press, but I love it. So, kudos on this plan of yours. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the follow, Shellie~ And, grateful to meet another southern girl living for Jesus!

      I dropped by and looked at your website/blog, and I love it. And, I ordered your book, Heart Wide Open on Amazon just now.

      Glad to learn about your ministry and look forward to stopping by your site again.

      Blessings to you,

  3. I love Memphis-based Brim’s Snacks! They are the best and they use valuable marketing space on their packaging to put an encouraging word from the Bible!

    1. Brim’s is a great place in Memphis, owned by some of the best folks we know!

      Whenever their trucks pass me on the streets, I suddenly start craving chips and a coke!

      Thanks for the suggestion, Randy~

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