Keep on Steppin’ – Don’t Stop

She called me upset about her marriage.

A friend had given her my name.

I listened to her, I encouraged her, I prayed for her and I ended our conversation with these words,

my shoe“You can do this!  Don’t you dare quit or give up! 

Keep on doing the next thing. 

Get out of bed, get dressed, and keep moving forward. 

This is not the week to quit!”


Another friend was facing a challenge this week.  As she shared, I heard myself once again urging her to keep on keeping on… to continue stepping forward. I head myself uttering those same words to this second woman:

“You can do this!  Don’t you dare quit or give up!  Randy's shoes

Keep on doing the next thing.  

Get out of bed, get dressed, and keep moving forward.  

This is not the week to quit!”


A third sister called me upset about her circumstances.  She told me of her hurts and her griefs.  Once again, I heard myself encouraging her not to give up, not to quit.  I recited these words for the third time in one week:


“You can do this!  Don’t you dare quit or give up!  

Keep on doing the next thing.  

Get out of bed, get dressed, and keep moving forward.  

This is not the week to quit!”

As I thought of all of this advice I was giving out, it was if God turned the tables on me and reminded me to listen to my own advice.

As I am facing things I don’t like, things I don’t want to do, situations that hurt my heart?

Maybe I need to follow the advice I’m so freely passing out:

Don’t quit!

Don’t give up!

Keep on moving ahead.

Keep on stepping forward.


As I opened God’s Word this morning, I read again the words of Joshua 1:9…

“Haven’t I commanded you?

Strength! Courage!

Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged.

God, your God, is with you every step you take.” 


It is so easy to be timid, to want to shrink back, and to get discouraged.

But, what if today (on this Monday morning) we chose to rest in the fact that God is with us every step we take?


~ What if today – we just keep on keeping on?

Maybe that’s what faith really is…  stepping bravely forward when we’d rather just quit!

Blessings to you as you walk today,


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2 thoughts on “Keep on Steppin’ – Don’t Stop

  1. Hi Melanie: I handle the marketing for Belly Acres. Thanks again for the great blog post and sharing the news about Audrey.

    We were thinking of doing something in her name for St. Jude… would you mind sending her mother’s contact information?

    Thank You, Sarah

  2. Hey Sarah…

    Oh, that would be awesome for you guys to help Audrey. There is actually something that her mom posted on Facebook today.

    Here’s her post:

    Hey everybody, we hope you are well and have had a great Christmas and New Years. It’s hard to believe but it is already 2015 and its time to get the band back together! That’s right, the 2015 St. Jude Country Music Marathon is taking place on April 25 and we’ve got big things planned once again to raise money for the incredible St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
    Put simply, we need your help. In the very near future we will begin our fundraising efforts, but the most critical part of what we do is building a TEAM of friends like you who are willing to help us reach our goal. There is only one requirement to be a part of this team…you must be ready to do something special. Not only will you be taking the extraordinary step to completing a marathon, half marathon, or mini-marathon, but in doing so you will be making a serious impact on the wonderful kids at St. Jude.
    Many of you are familiar with what St. Jude has done for our family. Because of St. Jude, our oldest daughter Audrey continues to be in great health and continues to get world class treatment at no cost to our family. This can only happen through the wonderful support of donors around the world and events like the one we will be participating in.
    If you have any interest in taking part in this great event as a member of AC and the Tough Kids,please let us know and we will be more than happy to share with you how to get started and what an incredible impact you will be having.
    Best Wishes,
    Lynn and Marshall Stanger
    AC and the Tough Kids

    If you’d like to talk to her or to me directly, you can reach me at “” I can email you her mom’s phone number if you’d like to talk with her directly.

    Excited about this for Audrey and her family.

    What a awesome thing to offer~

    You all have blessed me today!


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