Looking for some Movies to Watch this summer?

We’re in the middle of a wonderful series called “Amazing Summer Movies for Families to Enjoy.”

I’ve invited some of my favorite blogging friends to share movies they love with you. Each Wednesday morning, I’ll add a new review for you to enjoy.

You and your family can gain a whole slew of great movie suggestions from reading these weekly reviews. I hope these articles will lead to a fun summer of movie watching for you and your crew.

Today’s Movie Title: “The Man From Snowy River,” 1982

Looking for some Movies to Watch this summer?

Starring:  Kirk Douglas, Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton

Genre:  Action/Adventure, Romance


Set in 1880s Australia, a horse wrangler must prove himself by working for one of two feuding brothers, and in the process, he falls in love with the boss’s daughter.

Varina’s Review:

“The Man from Snowy River” is an old favorite of our family. My husband and I watched it when we were teenagers, and now our children have grown up watching it as well. And because of the incredible music, we’ve spent many years listening to the soundtrack.

The movie is packed full of beautiful Australian scenery, from both the lowlands and the mountains as well, which has instilled in me a strong desire to visit this country on the other side of the world. And that’s saying a lot, coming from an introverted homebody like myself.

Other eye-popping scenes include many dramatic shots of horses, some supposedly wild and untamed, some domesticated. The plot revolves around the wild brumbies and one stallion in particular which, of course, holds the secret to the feuding brothers’ past.

The story includes several “bad guys” and the viewer is rooting for the hero throughout. In the end, the good guy wins and gets the girl too, which is oh-so- predictable, but THE WAY IT ALL HAPPENS is spectacular. Don’t miss the horse hunt toward the end of the movie which gives me chills every time I watch it. Without fail, when the final song plays, and the hero rides off into the sunset (corny, I know, but it works so well), everyone in my family has a smile on their face.

The Denman Family gives “The Man from Snowy River” an enthusiastic 5 stars.

This movie can be viewed online through Netflix, Amazon, or YouTube.

But of course:

There’s only one thing I’m not crazy about. The father, in typical cinematic fashion, is somewhat unreasonable and harsh toward his daughter. He’s one of the “bad guys,” but my husband and I used this as an opportunity to point out to our children that most parents aren’t mean and ignorant. By the time my kids were grown, they recognized this in movies even when we didn’t point it out to them. It’s sort of a family joke now.


This film may not be appropriate for all ages. It’s rated PG for these reasons: A man is trampled by horses, but not killed. There is a brief fist fight. Profanity is lightly sprinkled throughout, including one scene where a man yells “You b-st- rd!” These words are heard: d-mn, h-ll, bullsh-t, Jesus. The f-word is never used. There are a few scenes with drinking and drunkenness, and two scenes with kissing. (In my opinion, the kissing scenes come across as clean and wholesome.)


Nominee, Best Foreign Film, Golden Globes

Winner, Best Original Music Score, Australian Film Institute

Nominee, Best Achievement in Sound, AFI

Nominee, Best Achievement in Cinematography, AFI

Winner, Most Popular Film of the Festive, Montreal World Film Festival

Media Credit: Amazon.com

About the Reviewer:

Varina Denman head shotVarina Denman writes novels about women and the unique struggles they face. Her debut novel, Jaded, won the ACFW Genesis, the BRMCRC Selah, and the INSPY awards. Her latest release, Looking Glass Lies, is being called “the book every woman should read.” It tells the story of Cecily Ross, a young woman struggling with low self-image following her divorce from an emotionally abusive husband. To learn more about Looking Glass Lies, watch the trailer here.

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  1. Thank you, Varina, for this wonderful review!
    I love this movie – The Man from Snowy River. You are making me want to watch it again soon.
    Sure do appreciate you~

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