Making Much of Jesus During Christmas with Your Preschoolers

The holiday season often comes and goes in such a rush and hurried manner that it often leaves us so relieved that it’s finally over.

Got little children? Small grandchildren? Want to make a bigger deal about the Lord this year? Learn how you can make much of Jesus during Christmas with your preschoolers. #preschoolers #Christmas


Making Much of Jesus During Christmas with Your Preschoolers

January comes and we sit back and feel like we can breathe, finally.

There are so many obligations that we must complete during the holidays.

Lots of shopping. List making. Present wrapping. Family obligations to attend. Desserts to make. Functions to go to, even if it’s just to show your face for a few minutes.

As soon as Thanksgiving shows up, we are spinning our wheels trying to stay afloat and just survive the holidays.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

We need to slow down. We need to savor the moment. Live in the moment.

We need to start by changing our mindset. Instead of looking at the holiday season as an obligation, think of it as a blessing to spend one more holiday with those we love and hold dear.

If we shift our focus to an eternal focus, focusing on Jesus we can savor this time. Click To Tweet

One way that my family takes the time to be eternally focused during the Christmas season is to make much of Jesus to our children.

We have 3 young children that we get to teach and lead to Jesus. Zackary is 5, Jackson is 4, and Vayda is 2. We are busy, busy, busy! We’ve had a few years of practice so far.

We love to lift up Jesus and His sacrifice for us during the Christmas season. It is so important to us to teach them that the true reason for the season is Jesus. Not all the presents under the tree or all the Christmas cookies you can eat.

It may sound impossible to do since they’re so young but it really isn’t!

Making Much of Jesus During Christmas with Your Preschoolers

Nativity Scene Advent Calendar

Making Much of Jesus During Christmas with Your Preschoolers - Melanie Redd

We decided to not go the traditional route with the advent calendar.

You know, the ones with 25 pieces of chocolate and you get one a day up until Christmas. We did try this our first year doing an advent countdown but we didn’t like the results. No matter what we told our boys they tuned us out and only focused on getting their chocolate.

Not the ideal reaction or lessons we wanted them to learn. Their focus was on themselves and their chocolate.

The next year, we purchased the Nativity Scene Advent Calendar. The effect was amazing.

Each day one child gets to take out a piece and stick it on to the scene. Then we discuss something about the birth story of Jesus. For example, if it’s a wise man, we talk about how they followed the star to bring Jesus gifts and worship Him.

The entire month they are focused on baby Jesus and His birth–since this is the last piece that goes up. It sinks in for them that Jesus is the most important piece and He was born a baby just like us.

This has made the biggest impact for making much of Jesus during Christmas for our preschoolers!

Search for Nativity Scenes

Who doesn’t love the beauty of driving around and looking at Christmas lights? Preschoolers are no different! This is such a fun tradition that we do every year that we all love.

To keep the focus on Jesus during this tradition, we make it a challenge to find all of the nativity scenes as we drive around. We tell our little ones to find baby Jesus.

We’ve adapted this idea from Courtney, she uses it with her older children. As ours grow older, I’m sure that we will give out colored thank you notes as well!

As preschoolers, they love this hide and go seek challenge. They are always quick to tell me that house must love Jesus like we do. I love that.

Present Prayer Door

Making Much of Jesus During Christmas with Your Preschoolers - Melanie Redd

This is an idea that our Pastor incorporated with his children while they were young.

I think it’s brilliant. Not only does it put the focus back on Jesus but it encourages prayer and love for others during the holidays.

All you do for this tradition is cover a door in your home with wrapping paper, to make it look like a present. Then for each day leading up to Christmas, you let your children pick someone to pray for. After you do, let your child add a bow to the door/present and write the name of the person next to it.

By the time Christmas arrives, you will have a very full, beautiful door! How can you not enjoy the season more after you’ve prayed for your family and friends?

Bake a Treat for Your Neighbors and Friends

This is another one my little ones love. They love helping me in the kitchen!

Most of us are making Christmas cookies during the holidays, why not make an extra batch for your neighbors and deliver them with your children? We love to add the gospel story to the card attached.

We are teaching that Christmas isn’t all about them and that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We let them pick a few friends at church to bring a treat to as well to make this point as well.

We teach our children throughout the year that it is important to tell people about Jesus and how to get to heaven, we put that into practice during the holidays putting the focus back on Him while teaching our children how important it is to win a soul. We love spreading God’s Word in a non-threatening way as well. Who can say no to a dessert and cute kids?

Read the Christmas Story

On Christmas morning, before any presents are opened we read the Christmas story in Luke 2.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. Luke 2:7

While teaching them self-control (because they really want those presents!), we are taking the time to put Jesus first and talk about His gift to us.

Making Much of Jesus During Christmas with Your Preschoolers - Melanie Redd

Enjoying the holidays can be done!

Traditions to make much of Jesus can be simple and fun for everyone in your home. These traditions are what our children will remember for many years to come.

They won’t always remember what they got for Christmas but they will remember Mom and Dad taking the time to teach them strong Christian values.

Your turn!

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We’d love to hear so let us know in the comments below!

Thanks, Ana, for such a practical and helpful article for parents of preschoolers! I think so many will be able to take these ideas and use them with their young children for Christmas this year. We really appreciate you and your wonderful suggestions!

You can visit Ana on her blog by linking HERE.

Anastasia Safee:

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20 thoughts on “Making Much of Jesus During Christmas with Your Preschoolers

  1. These are all such wonderful ideas! I loved the present door! I had never heard of that before!

    I have a Fontanini wooden Advent box that I am already doing with my eight month old granddaughter. I pick up the piece each day and tell her about it. She always smiles and then we hang it up. Such a special time for her and I.

    I had a friend who would have her one year old granddaughter sit on her lap and let her hold a special ornament of baby Jesus. Each night she would tell her granddaughter about baby Jesus and how precious He is. I thought that was so special.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Such a sweet tradition you are starting with your granddaughter! I bet if you keep that up every year she will cherish it for her whole life. I love stuff like that!

      Babies at Christmas time are so fun! I bet you all will have a ton of fun on Christmas day!

  2. Oh wow I LOVE that nativity scene advent calendar! Next Christmas will be our first with a child so I am starting to forward think future Christmas plans and definitely want to make Jesus, not chocolate, the focus! 🙂 Joining you today from #TuesTalk and Anastasia Safee’s blog

  3. I love the prayer door idea, what a great way to not only decorate but to also encourage the children to pray. Love the ideas. Blessings always.

  4. My preschool Bible class has been focused on giving this holiday season. We’ve learned the story of the Widow’s 2 mites, talked about our own blessings, and put our two pennies into a jar for a children’s home.

  5. I had never heard of the prayer gift door before. Love the idea…now just need a spare door, lol. We don’t have many of those in our house, since it is mostly open concept. Maybe making a wall present?. Anyways, great ideas for any family with kids. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. I bet a wall would work out just as well! Or even an entry wall door post? We hang our Christmas cards from others on ours but we could easily stick bows up! You got me thinking!

  6. As a preschool teacher and mom/grandmother these are wonderful, practical ideas for little ones. The Advent calender where they can interact with it is the best. I use a similar one in class the children love telling it over and over the story of each character. A great impact you are making in your children’s hearts for Jesus.

  7. Hey Ana, this is a beautiful and well packed fun-filled post!
    Thank you for sharing here…
    Many Blessings to you

  8. Many thanks, Ana, for a wonderful and very practical posts for parents of preschoolers!

    I think so many will be to read, take, and use your ideas to make Christmas much more meaningful for the little people in their homes!

    You have blessed us with your message today~

  9. Very good ideas for a meaningful, Christ-centered Christmas with young children.

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