It’s Monumental News for Kids in the City of Memphis!

The statistics are horrific.

Thousands of young children are being lost in our public school system.

Thousands more, unable to read, are dropping out of school and moving out into the community without much of a future.

Sadly, many are turning to crime and life on the streets.

In fact, one of the most chilling statistics is this one:  2/3 of children not reading on grade level by fourth grade will end up on welfare or in prison. 

It's Monumental News for Kids in the City of Memphis!


~ So, what can be done?

~ Can this situation be salvaged or reversed?

~ Is there any hope for our children, our schools, and our community?

Absolutely, there is hope!

And, today it is coming in spades!


Today, is a great day for the children of the City of Memphis!

In fact, today is a monumental day for the kids of our city!

Check out this press release from my good friend and sister in Christ, Donna Gaines:


For more on this incredible story, I am sending you over to Faith 901 – where you will meet my new friend Brandi.

She hosts a wonderful site about Faith in the City of Memphis, and I’m glad to have the chance to introduce you to her.

Brandi will fill you in on the rest of the story HERE.

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