Movie Fun for the Whole Family – It’s Toy Story


I am so excited to share with you a summer filled with positive, helpful movie reviews! My hope is that these will be the best family movies for your summer break.

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Today’s Movie Title: Toy Story

Movie Fun for the Whole Family

Movie Fun for the Whole Family – It’s Toy Story

Who stars in the movie?

Tim Allen (Buzz)

Tom Hanks (Woody)

Other famous voices: Don Rickles, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn, Jim Varney (and more)

Movie Genre

Children’s fiction, humor


One week before Andy’s family is slated to move to a new home, his mom throws a birthday party for him. At this news, the toys – who come to life when Andy’s not around – freak out, fearing replacement. Desperate to be “in the know”, the green Army soldiers install a walkie-talkie system so they can get the scoop. The soldiers describe each gift from under cover of a large, potted plant.

After receiving lame presents such as a lunch box, board game, and bed sheets (to which Hamm the Pig quips, “Who invited THAT kid?”), the toys celebrate, thinking they’re in the clear.

Until mom pulls out a last minute gift – the newest toy, complete with gadgets and laser lights – Buzz Lightyear.

When the egotistical Space Ranger appears on the scene, Woody (Andy’s favorite) attempts to dampen his spirits by explaining that he is “just a toy”. Buzz reassures Woody, Bo Peep, and the rest of the toys that he can fly, which he demonstrates with a great deal of luck. In so doing, he wins the admiration and respect of the toy citizens, which causes Woody to become jealous.

It Continues…

Buzz quickly earns the title of a favorite toy by sleeping with Andy, teaching the cowardly Rex to roar, and styling the massive pink locks of a troll. “Woody, have you been replaced?” Queries Slinky the dog.

Through a series of hilarious and unfortunate events, Buzz and Woody end up captives of Sid, the evil neighbor boy who tortures toys by decapitation and worse – blowing them up. After Sid straps a rocket to Buzz’s back, Woody realizes their only chance of escape is to make amends and work together.

Meanwhile, the loaded moving truck pulls out, heading for the new home, and Andy laments the unexplained loss of Buzz and Woody.

Will Buzz and Woody make it out of Sid’s prison alive? And, will Sid’s disfigured toys and ferocious dog finish off Buzz and Woody first? Will Buzz find out he can’t really fly like Woody said?

Why my family likes it

My kids grew up with Toy Story since its 1995 debut. Even though our kids are now grown (ages 21-28), they still love this movie because of its colorful characters, witty one-liners, and satirical music. (Especially the music – we are a family of musicians!)

Toy favorites include Rex, the insecure dinosaur (who can’t seem to cultivate a fearsome roar), Slinky the Dog (voiced by Ernest of the “Ernest Saves Christmas”, etc. movies), and Mr. Potato Head with his ever rearranging facial accessories.

My rating: 5 stars!

Your whole family will enjoy this movie no matter the ages! As one critic succinctly explains, Just perfect. Script, character, animation….this manages to break free of the yoke of ‘children’s movie’ to simply be one of the best movies of the 90’s, full-stop.

Scenes to watch out for

Some of the toys Sid “rearranges” might seem a little scary to a 2-year old. 😉

Where to find it

Amazon, Netflix

Toy Story, Pixar’s first computer-animated movie, has been a favorite of our family since its creation in 1995. That year, Toy Story secured the title of the highest grossing movie. Starring Tim Allen and Tom Hanks as Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody, the movie captures the idea of what toys might say if they could talk.

About the Reviewer:

Ruthie Gray headshotRuthie Gray is a wife, mom of four, Gigi, and caregiver, living in the sandwich generation and blogging to keep her sanity.  When she’s not snacking on plastic drumsticks with The Tiny Tornado or snuggling Baby Cakes (her grandbabies), you can find her coaching young moms to capture the joy in parenting at

Ruthie is the author of Count to Nine; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger. Click to download her Wife and Mommy Survival Kit here.

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9 thoughts on “Movie Fun for the Whole Family – It’s Toy Story

  1. I have to add a note of caution. I love this movie, watched it (free due to a glitch ) in theaters when it came out, and several times since. However, when I pulled it out to watch with my four year old recently, he promptly began hitting, and saying shut up a lot. And stupid. Evidently he wasn’t ready. Be aware of whether your Little can differentiate between acceptable words and disrespectful ones.

    1. Hey Aryn,
      Thanks for adding your cautions. I guess we sometimes forget what is in some of these movies.
      Appreciate you making these notes for others who might want to watch.
      Hope you have a blessed day~

  2. Thanks, Ruthie! We’ve had lots of laughs together over this movie — and at least one of the sequels. So glad to see you here today! Hope you are having a terrific summer!

  3. Thanks for your review, Ruthie! I’ve never seen this! When my son was 4, we tried to watch Toy Story 2, but he got SO upset at the guy stealing Woody, that we had to stop watching after 5 minutes and were never able to try that movie again. Seriously, he started sobbing. Go figure!

    1. Oh my Betsy! LOL! You really need to set him down next time you’re together and watch the first one. I’m sure he’ll be impressed this time! ❤️

    1. Thanks for inviting me! I enjoyed the trip down memory lane (it was a fur piece) and even watched Toy Story again in process! Love your heart and this series!!

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