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Live In Light is every girl's guide to tackling their teenage years with the wisdom and comfort of the Bible. From navigating the pressure to be "perfect" on social media to dating and dealing with frenemies, these 5-minute devotionals help you to become the woman that both you and God want you to be. #teengirls #teendevotions #liveinlight #lighttheway

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Here are some hope-filled articles to encourage you:

Would you like to have better and more meaningful conversations with other people. This article shares thoughtful and practical tips for how to get past the small talk and move toward deeper communication with your family and friends. There's also a free printable included in this post!

How to Take Conversations Deeper With Friends & Family

Standing in the kitchen, I was surrounded by the most precious group of ladies on a weekend retreat. We’d had our breakfast, started to clean up, and we were lingering…

We are bombarded in our day with so much information. Focus is huge! Here are 7 truths, techniques, and tips that will help you to greatly improve your focus and place your concentration on what is best.

7 Important Truths All Christians Must Believe

  We listen to the radio, the television, magazines, and the opinions of friends. Honestly, there is so much information fighting for space in our mind that we don’t even…

There are some moments in our lives when everything falls apart. We are shattered, wounded, and broken by the events of life. The Bible offers words of encouragement even during the darkest moments. Even when we are feeling sad and hopeless, there is always hope. Why not take a moment to read and be uplifted?

What Do You Do When Your Heart is Shattered?

We’d been planning, praying, and preparing for almost a year. Headed in a direction that we sensed the Lord was leading, we were moving forward. And, then suddenly, without warning,…

Are you looking for some practical ideas that will help you in praying for your kids? Here are 5 of our favorite scriptures to pray along with a FREE printable.

How to Pray for Your Kids – At Any Age

Most of us have made great sacrifices for our children and grandchildren. We’ve worked extra jobs, driven extra miles, spent extra money, stayed up extra late, and given almost all…

Daily prayer is downright powerful. And we've been given the opportunity to become a prayer warrior - someone of fierce, bold prayer! We can pray for the anxious, for healing, for strength, for guidance, and more knowing that God hears our requests. Read here for 5 ideas that equip you to pray boldly!

What to do When You’re Ready to Pray Powerful Prayers

You are in for another special treat today! My friend Alison Tiemeyer is back for another wonderful guest post. This time, she’s talking about prayer.  There’s something about prayer that…

Would you like some awesome suggestions of Bible translations, types, and formats? Here are 14 Bible ideas from real people for real people. Read their stories and be encouraged and inspired by their Bible reviews and highlights.

14 Awesome Bible Recommendations from 14 Awesome Women

   Looking for a new Bible is no small task. Last week I shared a post about some questions to consider before you buy a new Bible. You can read…

There are many different types of Bibles. How do you know which Bible to purchase when you want to buy a new one? Here's a post that gives you practical step by step instruction along with TWO FREE printables.

4 Great Questions to Consider When Buying a New Bible

It can be completely overwhelming. You walk into the store, and the shelves are lined with thousands and thousands of options. Or, you go to your favorite online store, and…

Would you like to have a marriage that is stronger, better, and sweeter? Here are 25 positive, Bible-based tips that can enhance and improve your marriage relationship.

25 Ways to Make Your Marriage Better

Over 25 years ago, I walked down a very long aisle in front of a large crowd of friends and family to pledge my life and my love for Randy. 25…

What's the Big Problem with the Prosperity Gospel? #prosperity #prosperitygospel #prayer #joelosteen

What’s the Big Problem with the Prosperity Gospel?

The Prosperity Gospel. Also known as the health and wealth gospel and the gospel of success. In the past, it’s also been called, “The Name it and Claim it Gospel.”…

Sometimes life gets to spinning around too fast! It can make us dizzy. Here is encouragement and for when life is hard. These 7 truths offer spiritual inspiration and affirmation for moments when the Merry Go Rounds of life are making you unsteady!

7 Powerful Assurances When Life Is Spinning Around Too Fast

It was called the “Merry Go Round.” Every day at recess, we would run and jump on that crazy thing for the fun of it. and spin around until we…

Are you a woman looking for a great book to read this summer? Here is a fabulous list of inspiration books for women of all ages. You'll also find great reviews and links to other wonderful sites in this post. Why not drop by for a visit today?

15 Books I’d Like to Read This Summer!

Summer! It’s just a few days away – literally. The weather is warming up. Children are getting bouncier and more hyped-up!   15 Books I’d Like to Read This Summer!…

Sometimes in life, we can feel really uncomfortable! Situations, people, and issues can leave us feeling awkward. Here are some quotes, Bible verses, and powerful words to offer comfort. Why not take a moment to read a few?

Comforting Words When You FEEL Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable. That’s how I felt in them. They were new, expensive shoes that I’d found ON SALE for $10 at a cute little boutique in the area. We were attending…

Are you looking for some inspiring books for mom? Here's a reading list of books that offer encouragement, affirmation, and life-changing truths for moms, ladies, and women of all ages.

8 Inspiring Books for Every Mom

  Books. I love books. At any given time, I can be reading, browsing, re-reading, and soaking up five or six books. 8 Inspiring Books for Every Mom I just…

Sometimes we all travel through dark valleys, through shadows, and through hard seasons in life. Here is hope from the Bible for those journeying through a dark and deep valley.

6 Promises to Cling to When You Are Walking Through a Dark Valley

Unexplainable. Painful. Hurtful. Hard. They are Dark Valleys. 6 Promises to Cling to When You Are Walking Through a Dark Valley All of us travel through them from time to…

Are you carrying some heavy burdens today? Here are some wonderful quotes and verses from the Bible to assist you in laying down those burdens and having that feeling of heaviness lifted off of your back.

6 Uplifting Words for When You Are Burdened Down

Burdens. You know… those heavy packs we carry around with us that God never meant for us to carry. Correspondingly, we are burdened over our finances. Also, we are burdened…