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Here are some hope-filled articles to encourage you:

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Meet the Author Who Has Written a Novel About Church Hurt – Varina Denman

Today’s post is from my new friend, Varina Denman. Like my husband, she’s a Texan!  Thanks for coming on over to this Tennessee blog today and telling us about your novel.…

Where are all of those friends who used to pass us in the halls and sit near us in the pew? What is causing church attendance to dwindle? Here is one possible reason that people are leaving our churc

I Think I’ve Discovered THE Reason that People Are Leaving Our Churches!

For the last two years, I’ve been praying over, thinking over, discussing and researching the answers to this poignant question: Why are people leaving our churches (and not going anywhere else)?…

This article offers all sorts of hope-filled images, verses, quotes, and beautiful inspiration from the Ministry of Hope this week. Enjoy a week's worth of simple words of hope.

Just Some Simple Words of Hope

Enjoy these verse and quotes provided to offer you HOPE today. These are just simple words for hope from the past week on Ministry of Hope. “But the LORD made…

A Song for Sunday – Lead Me to the Cross

It’s Palm Sunday and a wonderful chance to celebrate the beginning of Passion Week. A Song for Sunday – Lead Me to the Cross I thought it would be helpful,…

A Song for Sunday – When I Call on Jesus

This song was in my heart, mind, and lips all week. I heard it and just could not get it out of my thoughts. Love, love the words. Enjoy this…

A Song for Sunday – You Are God Alone

Today, I have chosen a song that reminds us of just how amazing our God really is. It’s called “You are God Alone,” and it’s performed by Phillips, Craig and Dean.…