How to More Readily ENJOY Healthy Food & Healthy Eating

It all started about 9 months ago.

I was exercising regularly but not experiencing the results I desired to see.

Additionally, I was seeking to lower my (genetically) high cholesterol, but not getting the numbers as low as I’d hoped.

In the midst of this season, I began to pray and ask the Lord to show me an easy, clear way to begin adding more healthy food to my diet.

That’s when He sent Christina Grenga across my path.

How to More Readily ENJOY Healthy Food & Healthy Eating

How to More Readily ENJOY Healthy Food & Healthy Eating

On January 1st of this year, I started following the Grenga Health plan for eating, and I’ve been so pleased with my results.

It’s easy to follow, it’s affordable, and it’s working for me.

I feel better, my muscle tone is better, my energy is up, and my skin even looks better.

Also, I had my cholesterol numbers checked recently, and I have the lowest numbers I’ve had in ten years!

So, I’d like to take this chance to introduce you to Christine and her program for healthy eating:

Melanie – Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Christina – I’m 49 years old…turning 50 this July and I’m super pumped about it! I spent many years trying to climb the corporate ladder and was very successful in business but wasn’t fulfilled and was missing my purpose in life. I’m single and I have Persian cats (think Martha Stewart and her Persians – now you’ll want to google that). I’m the youngest of three children and was born in Niagara Falls, NY but grew up in St. Louis and moved to NY and spent 20 years just outside of New York City prior to making my way to sunny South Florida!
Currently, I reside in Delray Beach, FL. I have been a Believer for more years than I haven’t. I love animals, the beach, good food, and helping others live healthy lives. I’m an athlete and started playing sports at a young age. Now I’m a Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Fitness Trainer. I work from home (virtually) and have since 1995.

Melanie – How did you get started with your health and wellness program? 

Christina – My journey started after my brother Bobby was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2010. He was 49 years old and lived less than 90 days after his diagnoses. It still gives me chills to talk about it. Growing up as kids he was my hero. He looked like a healthy guy, he ran 6 days a week and ate relatively healthy. It was devastating, to say the least.
But once that happened I made a decision that I needed to learn and understand what it meant to truly be healthy. I was on a mission and I read, studied, watched and learned what I could about food and our food system and about our bodies and how they work and even more importantly about our minds and thoughts and how God should be at the center of every part of our life, including our food. Once I began learning and changing my diet over time, I noticed more than I bargained for.

Diminishing Pain

My pain started to diminish, my gut/digestive issues went away, my energy surged, and I lost weight and it didn’t fluctuate. I wrote the program based on steps that I took to feel better – I know the food made a difference, but that can mean a lot of things. I like things simple, so I made the program simple! It’s easy to follow, not complex, you feel full, and your body feels better. God is the at the core of the entire program. He created food, He created our bodies and He created our minds. Making Him part of the journey was something I had neglected in the past but will not make that mistake going forward.

Melanie – Could you break down the program for us? How does it work?

Christina – The program is basically a way to kick-start your health, it’s for 10 days, but like anything, if you stop completely after 10 days you might as well not begin. It gives you a starting point for what it feels like to feel good, not be hungry, be satisfied and fed in so many ways. I based it on eating whole foods, having an understanding around what to incorporate into your diet and what to look for that works against you.

The Program

The program is free of added sugar, dairy, and gluten but let me explain…when I say gluten free it is not grain free so you can still have grains. When I say no added sugar, you can still have fruit and foods that are naturally sweet. No dairy means no conventional dairy for 10 days but almond milk or other alternatives are okay. It is also based on whole foods so no processed foods like chips or foods in packages with added ingredients. The reason for this is because sugar, gluten, and dairy, along with chemicals and additives in processed foods are triggers. They trigger cravings, they cause inflammation and disease, they disrupt our gut and cause acid reflux, bloating and constipation, they make it more difficult to lose weight. They are just harmful all around.
Now that being said, it doesn’t mean you can NEVER have these things, it’s about creating balance. I live a 90/10 principle with food, 90% of the time I try to eat whole foods minus these things and the other 10% I eat whatever I want. So I’ll have pizza or whatever, 10% of the time. And I’ve discovered how to make foods out of healthier ingredients like ice cream. I no longer eat conventional ice cream, but I have some killer recipes and easy ways to eat ice cream without dairy and I’m not missing a thing. The plan feeds you well, has daily “to-dos” to keep you motivated, self-care practices, and daily scripture devotions. You should feel so much better, lighter, and more energized. You’ll notice a difference in how your body feels.

Melanie – What do your students tell you is the hardest thing about following this program?

Christina – I haven’t had one person say it’s hard. I have had people tell me they don’t want to give up coffee – and I tell them not to. Just don’t add conventional dairy OR the chemical fake stuff to the coffee. If you need to load up your coffee with stuff like that you really don’t like coffee, you like the creamer. (lol) But I use Almond milk creamer, it’s thicker like any other coffee creamer.

Melanie – If someone wants to join in and get started on your program, where do you recommend they begin? 

Christina – It’s not difficult to begin but if you have a huge party to go to or you’re going on vacation during the 10 days, I wouldn’t recommend starting this program while you have something like that happening. You only need 10 days, just a little over a week. There isn’t anything special to buy except normal food from the grocery store and you can make it simple by limiting the recipes you make. Or you can have different recipes every day. It’s up to you.
There is a pantry clean out and some people have told me that this was one of the best parts of the program!  Others have told me that they made the same smoothie every day, they loved it, never got sick of it and it was easier to buy and plan for. I’m like that, I have a smoothie about 5 days a week and make the same one. I love them! The program is available anytime on my website and you can begin it any day of the week. Most people get it and start on a Sunday or Monday.

Melanie  – What else would you like for readers to know about you and about Grenga Health?

Christina – There is a ton of talk about diets, foods, and supplements out there right now. It’s enough to make your head spin, but I formed Grenga Health to be different. I focus on Food -> God -> Lifestyle and I put God in the middle on purpose. If we focus on Him and work in a relationship with Him, life is just better. But we need to put in the work; we need to take action. We also need to understand that we should focus on living a healthy life. Not diets, not losing weight…if we focus on getting healthy (body, mind, and soul) the weight will come off, the pain will decrease and your symptoms will go away.  When I decided to get my health in gear and pay attention to what I was doing, thinking and eating I made the decision to learn, pray, study and experiment and I learned how to take an unhealthy body and transform it into a healthy body and life.

More About Christina

How to More Readily ENJOY Healthy Food & Healthy EatingChristina Grenga is a faith-based Certified Holistic Health Educator who works with Modern Christian women who are ready to quit dieting for good, lose weight naturally, and transform their life. She graduated from the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is a Certified International Health Coach. Christina uses a Christ-centered approach to guide women to create a balanced, thriving life. You can learn more about Christina at

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4 thoughts on “How to More Readily ENJOY Healthy Food & Healthy Eating

  1. This sounds like a great way to eat. I’ve tried low carbs, but find it harder to lose weight. I just think it’s healthier to eat a more balanced diet. I’m intrigued by 10 days dairy free. Will have to give this a look! Thanks for the info, Melanie!

    1. Hey Betsy,
      I think you might like this plan! I know it has been easy and beneficial for me.
      You’ll have to let me know what you think!
      Hope you have a wonderful day today!

  2. This sounds like such a sensible way of eating. I’ve been trying to eat healthier this year, too, and doing many of the same things. My most important mind shift has been to stop thinking about the way I eat as a diet and instead, consider it my new lifestyle. Thanks for sharing this interview. I’m going to go check out Christina’s site and see if she has some great recipes to try!

    1. Sensible eating is the key, isn’t it, Dawn!
      Christina has some great ideas, and she has helped me to make some shifts in the way I eat. It’s a lifestyle, isn’t it!
      And, I’d like to be around and healthy to meet my future grandkids and great grandkids. What we do now will have an impact on our future.
      I’m praying that many will read and be encouraged to take better care of themselves.
      Thanks for the kind words~

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