Have you seen The Secret Life of Pets?

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Today’s Title: Secret Life of Pets

Secret Life of Pets


Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family


The film opens in New York City, where a little dog named Max (voice of Louis CK) is going for a bike ride around the park with his owner Katie (voice of Ellie Kemper). Max tells us how Katie found him when he was a puppy, and since then, he’s had it good.


The main character is a terrier named, Max, who is devoted to his owner, Katie. Life is pretty much perfect with Katie, except for the fact that she has to be away for much of the day. But he’s not completely alone because the menagerie of pets that live in their apartment building offer support and companionship.

Life is good…

Until Katie brings home a big shaggy rescue dog named Duke and Max is not happy! Their rivalry leads to a day of misadventures that teach lessons to the characters and viewers alike.

Review5 Stars

I love critters.

I especially love dogs.

So, the moment I saw an ad for The Secret Life of Pets, I called my daughter and said, “I’m coming to visit the weekend it opens. I want to see it with you and little mister.”

It did not disappoint and quickly became one of our favorite family movie picks of all time.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to know what pets do all day when their owners are away?

And there are 3 Important Lessons You Can Learn from The Secret Life of Pets, too!

#1 – Friends help each other.

#2 – Friends forgive each other.

#3 – When you take time to get to know someone – even your enemy can become your friend.

For full disclosure

There is some mild violence in this movie, but my 5-year-old (at the time) grandson handled it just fine! And there is also some potty humor, which of course he loved!


This movie is full of pets! Dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, lizards, rabbits, and more. If you’re a pet lover, like me and if talking animals just make you giggle, I know I’m ridiculous . . . you will thoroughly enjoy watching The Secret Life of Pets with your family.

*Watch the trailer for this movie…

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