Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel

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You get to enjoy a guest post by my friend Kim Jones who blogs at Hunt and Host
Kim has a gift at making things look beautiful through redesign, remodeling, decorating, and crafting. She also loves the Lord, and creativity includes words of wisdom and truth in her posts. I believe you will be blessed today as you read~

As I disrobed the mantel I stood back and announced to my husband I was feeling a symmetrical scape coming on. “I don’t like symmetry” he said. “Me neither” I replied.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

We are not people who decorate or do much all in a row, balanced and in symmetry.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

It’s just not in my wheelhouse. Nonetheless I plugged on scavenging my house for anything in sets of two. My source list is below.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

The lack of balance isn’t only in my decorating. It’s a reflection of my life at times. We all struggle with balance.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

When I look at the one pine cone in the middle of this fall mantel it represents Christ in our life. All else should radiate outward from there. The bowl and platter are our family and friends. Moving to the outer edges, our other to-dos hang out there. Perched on top of those pumpkins. Piling up and up and up.

One more to-do and BAM – out of balance.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

As I marinated on this mantle scenario the last few days I waited for God to tell me what to do about this problem we all have. The problem of getting our self out of symmetry. Tipping the scale out of whack.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

This morning I had the rare occasion of waking up all alone in my house. My people scattered out in various places. When I opened the back door to let the dog out I was greeted by the first cool morning of Fall. I decide to plop myself outside to enjoy my coffee and soak up this surprise gift.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

That’s when I saw my little friend. A hummingbird that has racked up some frequent flier miles back and forth to the flowers on our back patio.

Have you ever tried to photograph a hummingbird?

I’m sure you can imagine – there is nothing easy about it. As I sat and prayed I kept my camera close by and tried repeatedly to get a good shot of greased lightening.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

“I wish she would just sit still for a moment, ” I thought, “so I could see how beautiful she is.”

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

And there you have it.

That’s what God wants for us to do. He wants us to just sit still every once in a while so he can relish in us. There in lies the key to balance.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:24

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

When we sit still at the feet of the King and ask him to search our hearts He will show us where we are out of balance, spinning our wheels, being busy at things that hold no eternal value. Only God can truly master our schedule and to-do list. Christ alone can call out and cull out the frivolous, busy work in our life.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

Today make time to be still, asking God to reveal the things you need to let go and shed light on what needs more attention. His answer may be challenging, but a life in balance is so much more rewarding than one that is out of control. A schedule runs through God’s hands is never heavy or off kilter.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

I did get a picture of the flittering hummingbird. She was glorious to watch as she went about her work. But wow, was she a sight to see a rest.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

The garland is trim, removed for a $5 garage sale gold damask comforter. You’ll see more of it later. The pinecones were collected by my little hunters on a junk outing with friends. The white finials are from the footboard we made into a bench. The gigantic shell casings used to hold the pheasant feathers are from a Round Top excursion. The pumpkins are fake. Mainly because real ones aren’t out yet and I’m impatient.  Also because I got them for 50% off at Michael’s. They had cute white, black and these orange ones. The sewing pattern flowers are always lying around my house. My son found the ginormous acorns last year and I’ve held on to them because they are incredible. The aluminum bowl and cup plus the large white platter are $1 each from garage sales.

Simple Symmetrical Fall Mantel - Kim Jones

Author Bio: Kim JonesKim Jones is a wife and mom to three young children, ages 10, 8 and 5. 

She spends her spare time shopping curbside, junkin and turning trash to treasure. God has given her unique eyes to turn her projects and finds back to the Word. 

She desperately wants to share the freedom only Christ can bring with others. 

You can follow her decorating, DIY and love of the Lord on her blog, Hunt & Host…

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  1. Kim, you captured such a gorgeous image of that hummingbird- and the mantel looks amazing. I love the lesson in balance that is a part of this story.

  2. Thank you, Kim Jones, for sharing such a beautiful post with us!

    Your pictures are gorgeous, and your message is a great reminder to keep our lives in tune and in balance with the Lord!

    Hope you have a wonderful day today~

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