Pacification Book: Could your soul use some liberating today?

Today, I have the privilege of introducing two of my favorite people to you!

They’ve written a new book and will share it with you today. It’s called, “Pacification: the Lock in Our Chains.”

They are a dynamic mother-daughter team that I met on Instagram about two years ago.

I believe you are going to enjoy meeting them.

Melanie – Tell us a little about yourselves.

Marnie & Alexsayah – Hello, everyone! We are the mother-daughter duo of I Am Identified Ministries. We live in beautiful Sooke, British Columbia in Canada, where we run the most popular pizza restaurant in town. Our family loves Jesus, football, and each other very much.

Melanie – How did you come to faith in Christ?

Marnie & Alexsayah – My mom, Marnie, came to Christ when she was a single mom. Learning that her daughter was abused in daycare turned her towards God for guidance and restoration. My mom had known of Jesus years before–being exposed to church life and Sunday school–but had no intimate relationship with the Lord. Though I’ve heard her say it time and time again, “the Jesus I know today is far greater than the Jesus I met on the felt board in Sunday school.”

 I, Alexsayah, on the other hand, grew up in a Christian home. But just because I grew up in a home devoted to Jesus, and went to church doesn’t mean that I didn’t have challenges in my relationship with God. I was given every tool, every insight, and every opportunity to grow in my relationship with Christ from an early age. But everything in me told me not to embrace Christ. And to a degree, that still happens in my life. Baptized at eleven years old, I had somewhat of an idea what I was dedicating my life to. But I didn’t realize the depth and intimacy that God wanted to have with me.
 Pacification book interview with Alex and Marnie

Melanie – How did you come up with the idea for the book?

Marnie & Alexsayah  – Honestly, my mom came up with the idea. She had been exploring the concept of pacification (what it meant, how it was used in our lives, etc.) She had been hosting a small group where pacification was very evident in those who attended, including me. And, the Lord revealed its existence to my mom. A couple of months after the group dissolved, I was freed from my dark season of life. She approached me one day and said, “You should write a book about pacification.” I shrugged it off at first wondering how I could write a book about that. I thought I didn’t know anything about it. Also, I didn’t perceive the seed that God was planting in my heart through my mom’s words. However, not long after that day, I began to write the book, “Pacification: the Lock in our Chains.” If It wasn’t for the amazing Melanie Redd sharing her resources, her wisdom, and her contacts, we wouldn’t have known how to begin the process of sharing this book with Y’all. Thank you, Mel, for all of your encouragement and support. We greatly appreciate it!

Melanie – How can your book encourage and help others?

We’ll be completely honest: this book is raw. It’s real. And it’s transparent. And yet, we know it’s something that our culture needs today. We pray that this book encourages people to become the warriors of Christ that God has made them be. To see past the things they’ve experienced, and learn from them as well. We also want this book to be a testament to others that change from our old habits and ways of life is possible. That there is a great identity for each of us hidden in the heart of God. And He wants to reveal it to us and help us become it. Removed from pacification, and our sin.

Melanie – Where can readers get a copy?

“Pacification: The Lock in our Chains” is available on Amazon and Amazon-Kindle, our Createspace eStore, and Barnes & Noble.

Melanie – Anything else you wish to share?

Our prayer for this book is that people receive God’s liberation for their souls. There are things in this life that will have us be chained for the rest of our lives, unknowingly giving into its dictates, ebbs, and flows, and commands. But God never created us to be chained, but be chain breakers. World changers. Freedom fighters. God-lovers. And compassion-givers. Again, thank-you so much for this opportunity!

Thank you, Ladies, for sharing with us today!

We are blessed by your testimony.

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