Take-Out Tuesdays: Fantastic Suggestions from Friends


Since I have started featuring different things that make MEMPHIS great, I have been receiving many emails, notes, Facebook ideas and so much more.

People are stopping me at church, in the park, while eating out and at the grocery to tell me about their favorite restaurants and places to hang out. It’s been amazing!

Over the weekend, I was sent two different stories related to our community that I wanted to share. Both of these are excellent. Why not take a moment to check out the links and see for yourself:

Link from the NY Times:


Video from the NY Times:

Here is a fabulous and thorough article about some historic Memphis restaurants and high school hangouts. If you grew up in the area, you will especially like this feature. It’s from Historicmemphis.com:


I love hearing good things about our city, our people, our churches, our community and our area!

If you have something to share, please comment in the space provided here. Or, you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email at helloredds@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you~


(And, as an FYI… please know that I am not recommending or supporting every place, activity or establishment mentioned in the articles that I shared today. However, I do believe that these features illustrate some GOOD things that are happening in our city. We have plenty of negativity in the “901.” My desire is to accentuate the good, the hopeful and the positive.)

~ I regularly link to these AMAZING SITES~

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