Things to Know Before You Sign a Non-Compete Agreement

It's essential to make wise choices at work. Here are a few Things to Know Before You Sign a Non-Compete Agreement.
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Employment opportunities have become competitive and aggressive over the years.

Employers can be picky when hiring employees. And employees may take what is available to pursue a steady paycheck. 

But, having a volatile job market does not mean that you should rush to make significant employment decisions.

Instead, be sure to consider their long-term impact.

Before you sign a non-compete agreement, it is essential to determine the validity of a non-solicitation clause.

Non-compete agreements were introduced to protect employers.

They prevent employees from becoming competitors in a specific industry.

They also prevent employees from revealing intellectual trade secrets.

This agreement outlines the limits of where the employee can look for work in their field and the contract length. 

To protect the interests of a business, employers will use a non-compete.

It can prohibit an employee from using or sharing what they have learned in the company to start a similar business.

Before signing this agreement, you should be aware of the following:

First, before you sign a non-compete agreement, know that some non-compete agreements are unenforceable.

As restrictions change, it is essential to research your particular location.

Although it is unlikely to have a nationwide ban, states continue to pass new limits on applying these agreements.

Each state has individual limitations and restrictions

As of now, non-compete agreements are unenforceable in the District of Columbia, Oklahoma, California, and North Dakota.

In other states, non-competes are prohibited for low-wage workers.

These states include: Washington, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maine, and Massachusetts

A non-compete agreement should be reasonable and precise about the restricted range of work.

The agreement should not be in a language that is burdensome, unreasonable, or too broad.

This is why it is essential to carefully read the agreement in full and know your rights before you sign.

Second, before you sign a non-compete agreement, know your rights.

You should not sign a non-compete agreement if you are uncomfortable with it.

Also, don’t sign if you do not entirely understand it.

Avoid a situation where you feel bound to a contract and don’t have a way out. 

Therefore, look for an employment attorney to help you make sense of the agreement.

In addition, an attorney can prevent you from being exploited by your employer.

Although you can refuse to sign this agreement, your employment can be terminated.

This is why employees sign the agreement.

They are required to sign in order to get paid, get health insurance, and other benefits provided by the company.

Third, before you sign a non-compete agreement, understand the limitations of signing a non-compete.

No matter how exciting the job opening may seem; it is essential to understand what you are giving up.

Workers do not sign these agreements hoping to be exploited or something unpleasant happening.

This is why you should understand the limitations that come with signing one. 

For instance, if the non-compete is a 12-month agreement, you cannot join a rival company during this time.

Otherwise, it may lead to the loss of relationships, diminished skill set, and income.

Always try and negotiate the agreement if you feel that the restrictions are in excess.

You should know what happens after the expiry of the agreement.

Also, you need to know where you cannot ask for employment.

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