THIS Isn’t Where I Thought I’d Be Right Now!

Several years ago, I walked into our North Carolina back yard looking for the big, lovable fluff-ball we affectionately called “Daisy.”

She was a happy, bouncy 40-pound dog that we rescued as a puppy from a local shelter. Some people thought she looked a little like “Lassie.”

Typically, she stayed outside in our back yard.

But, as I called her name that day, I realized she had gotten loose and was running free in our neighborhood.

I began to look for her in the neighbors’ yards and called her name a little louder, hoping she would hear me.

She spotted me about the same time that I spotted her.

Immediately, she came running for me at full throttle.

Often, in her youth and incredible excitement, she’d actually run so fast that she would pass by you and have to come back to you.

Daisy galloped toward me at full tilt, running with abandon in my direction.

As she neared me, I guessed that she was going to buzz by me on the left side.

So I hopped a little to the right as she got close to my position. Much to both of our surprises, she opted to go to the right as well.

The next thing I knew, I was lying flat on my back on the ground facing up at the sky – 180 degrees from where I had started.

Daisy had run right under my leg, and we’d both been knocked off of our feet onto the ground.

As I lay there looking up at the sky, she scampered out from under me and came back over to check on me.

My first thought in that moment was,

“How did I end up on the ground?

THIS Isn’t Where I Thought I’d Be Right Now!

How do you respond when things don’t go as you had hoped, dreamed, or wished they would go? Most of end up in strange places at times in life. This post offers a great message of hope for anyone who finds themselves today NOT where they thought they would be!

That collision with my sweet dog didn’t hurt her at all.

However, I had months of physical therapy after the incident to heal from torn ligaments in one of my knees.

All is well today, but that incident stands out in my memory of how life can so quickly land us flat on our backs…

looking up at the sky…

and wondering how we got there.

Similarly, in my ministry and relationships, I see this sort of thing happening almost daily.

Friends will sit across from me or call me to share things like:

~ “This really isn’t what I signed up for.”

~ “This isn’t how I thought things were going to go.”

~ This isn’t how I thought my life would look at this juncture. Click To Tweet

~ “I really don’t like my job at all.”

~ “I am so unhappy in my marriage.”

~ “I think parenting is way over-rated.”

~ “As a child, this is not the way I dreamed my life would turn out.”

~ “How did I get HERE?”

~ “I totally thought God would change things by now.”

“THIS Isn’t Where I Thought I’d Be Right Now!”

These thoughts make me think of an old poem I read years ago.

Maybe you will recognize it…

How do you respond when things don’t go as you had hoped, dreamed, or wished they would go? Most of end up in strange places at times in life. This post offers a great message of hope for anyone who finds themselves today NOT where they thought they would be!

I often stop by the following verses when I need to be reminded about our great, sovereign God:

“The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.” (Psalm 103:19)

‘Why should the nations say, “Where, now, is their God?”  But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.’ (Psalm 115:2-3)

“The LORD does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.” (Psalm 135:6)

So, where are you today?

How do you respond when things don’t go as you had hoped, dreamed, or wished they would go? Most of end up in strange places at times in life. This post offers a great message of hope for anyone who finds themselves today NOT where they thought they would be!Are you in a strange place?

Do you find yourself in an unusual or unexpected situation?

How have you found hope and encouragement during this season?

I always enjoy hearing from you!

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21 thoughts on “THIS Isn’t Where I Thought I’d Be Right Now!

  1. This comment has nothing to do with your post. I am looking for a Melanie Redd who had an Aunt Merle Knox who owned a motel in Miami called the Knoxon. I am the niece of Merle Knox’s husband, Barber Knox. If this is the right Melanie Redd, please contact me. Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Donna,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a good word today!

      And, it does seem like we can all so well relate to the crazy turns and changes in life!

      I’ll try to get by your link up party soon. Appreciate the invitation!

      Hope you have a blessed day~

  2. I can relate to this. 🙂 I feel like my life is a series of events that were nothing like I expected. But, really, I wouldn’t change it because even through the hard days, there is so much more goodness than I ever expected. I’m glad I linked up next to you at Kayse’s today for Works for Me Wednesday.

    1. Hey Kristin,

      Thanks for stopping by today to leave a good word. I really appreciate you and your visit!

      And, isn’t life crazy. We think we are doing one way, and we end up somewhere completely different. I heard a preacher say one time, “I’m more grateful for the closed doors than the opened ones. God protected me through those closed doors.”

      Hope to connect again soon.
      Have a blessed day~

  3. Great post and sounds like a very relatable series. Reminds me of Isaiah 55:8. God’s thoughts and ways are higher and better than ours. A!ways. Visiting from #soulsurvival.

    1. Thank you, Kristen!

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a good word today.

      And, I love that verse in Isaiah 55:8 – reminds us of how much better His ways are~

      Thanks for your visit; I look forward to connecting again~

  4. How true it is that sometimes almost without warning we find ourselves not where we thought we might be. I know one thing that’s worked for me is to remember to be grateful, but also to allow myself to mourn something lost if I need to. Not to wallow in the loss, but to experience the grief and allow myself to keep moving forward within that grief, as I’ll get the other side. The gratitude and feeling of accomplishment/betterment that I always get after working through the grief is enough…and then I’ve been blessed with ever more abundant things.

    Today, I didn’t think my life would be what it is, but I’m ever so so grateful for what I’ve been given and the opportunity I have to live this wonderful life today. See, because, in many ways, this life is so much More than I ever imagined 🙂

    1. You are so right!

      Life sometimes takes the craziest turns, and we find ourselves in the most unique and wonderful places, don’t we~

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a great word today!

      Hope you have a great Labor Day today~

  5. It is really how we react in the tough times that really makes us who we are in the good times. Character is built in trials. I don’t think God purposes trials for us to break us, I think at times he allows them to teach us. This was a good reminder to persevere even in difficulties. #wordswithwinter

    1. Hey Rhiannon,

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a good word today. I really appreciate you and your visit!

      And, character is built in trial, isn’t it! Some days, I wish there was another way~

      Hope you have a blessed day today~

  6. God certainly blessed you as the words He spoke thru you. I always liked the story of Joseph. I had read that poem sometime, it really holds true. I’m looking forward to the next part. Thank you for all you do for His glory.

    1. Hey Amelia,

      Thank you for letting me know that you were encouraged! Joseph’s story is a good one.

      And, that poem has been around for awhile. It always speaks to my heart.

      Praying that God will bless you and lift you up today~

  7. I got ministered through this post really! I am having a rough time now with my ministry and i always ask God if this is really the way cost of following Him, i have been asking Him good things to happen but it seems like all things went on the other way, but through this post, i realized that God teaches us things so that we could grow in many aspects of our lives.

    I hope we could exchange link, i am truly blessed by you!

    1. Thank you!

      I really appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment today!

      Ministry is hard sometimes, isn’t it! And, it does seem like God answers our prayers in strange ways at times. We sure have seen that!

      I’m glad we can exchange links as well, and I look forward to connecting again in the future.

      Today, I pray that God will encourage you greatly and lift you up~

  8. I love Joseph’s story. There’s so much to unpack and learn from him and his faith in God–through the trials he faced, Melanie. I’m leading a group this fall through the book, This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen to Me, that deals with much of what you’ve shared about today. It’s one thing to see trouble brewing and quite another to be thrown off kilter in such a dramatic way. BTW, I’m so sorry about your accident with Daisy! Wow! That had to hurt, but I’m so glad it’s a distant memory for you now. I’m excited to read more from your Joseph series. I’ll be sharing the soldier’s prayer with my small group and letting them know to follow you along in your series as well. One more thing–I’d love it if you’d link this back at the Wedded Wed linkup, Melanie! This is the kind of content that I know can bless Messy Marriage’s readers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

      I loved (and hated) your “plank” post today. Very convicting and good stuff – all at the same time.

      That books sounds good; I’ll have to check it out!

      And, sure I’d love to link back to the Wedded Wed. Link up. That sounds like a great group! And, I want God to use this anywhere that He wishes to use it.

      You have blessed and encouraged me today~

  9. I can definitely identify with this topic in so many ways right now so I will definitely meet you back here next Wednesday. I do believe God is trying to tell me something as this is the second time this week I have read something about the Life of Joseph. I had better listen , eh?

    1. Hey Karen,

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment today. I appreciate you and your visit!

      And, I am so thankful that God will give us a message over and over again, aren’t you! He will hit me with the same topics and issues over and over. I must be a slow learner~

      Would love it if you will be back again to join us next week!

      Praying that God will speak clearly to you and show you all that He desires to show you.

      You have blessed me today~

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