Was It Necessary for Christ to Die?

I closed my eyes throughout most of the movie.  

Is it over yet?

I kept thinking.


This is too awful! 

Why did he have to suffer so much?   


Was It Necessary for Christ to Die?

Was It Necessary for Christ to Die?

Jesus’s death, as portrayed in The Passion of the Christ, had my mind going to uncomfortable places, confronting me with a reality that hurt.

It was only a movie, but what Christ did for me, and for you, was illustrated so vividly, that even from the comfort of the dark theater, it was almost more than I could handle.    

Yes, what I saw was a movie: it was something I could turn off or walk away from, but it was also more than that.  It was based on truths we can read about in the Bible.  The whole truth, if we were actually able to go back in time, to see, to smell, to feel, and to hear what happened that day when Jesus died, was undoubtedly far worse.    

God, in his perfect love, chose to become man: to live, to die, and to rise from his grave so that we could be forgiven and reconciled to him.   

It really happened.

And sometimes, we need to “go there”.  We need to allow ourselves to sit with the sadness of this reality, to soak it in and let it speak to us.

We can’t begin to understand the depth of God’s love for us. Additionally, we can’t grasp what he saved us from until we start to appreciate the atonement.  

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