Unlock the Secrets of “Secrets Savored Ministry” Today!

Mentoring is a “HOT” topic right now!Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Businesses are employing the concept of mentoring to train new employees.

Schools and colleges are using mentoring programs to acclimate new students.

Churches are provided mentoring opportunities as well.

In most church settings, more mature believers will disciple, train, pray with and walk alongside younger, less mature believers.

At one point in church life, we called this “Discipleship.”

Now, the term you’ll likely hear is “Mentoring.”

It’s a concept not limited by age, gender, race or any other factor.

If you have walked a little further down the road than another, you can assist them as they walk. You can call back to them and warn them of pitfalls and useless detours. You can encourage them to keep moving ahead.

Mentoring… That’s what today’s post is all about.

This is Worship Wednesday.

Each week, I shine the “spotlight” on a church, ministry, pastor or mission that is doing something great for the Kingdom.

Today’s highlighted ministry is called, “Secrets Savored.”Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

“Secrets Savored is a Biblically based disicipling ministry developed to encourage young women in their roles as godly women, wives, homemakers, and mothers; instructing them through practical and Biblical teaching.” (http://www.secretssavored.org/about/purpose/)

I caught up with the founder and director of “Secrets Savored” (Dianne Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie ReddDougharty) this past week and had the chance to ask her about the ministry.

(She is pictured to the right).

Melanie – Describe your ministry in 10 words or less:

Dianne – Mentoring young women through simple homemaking tips and spiritual insights.


Melanie – Where did the idea for your ministry come from?

Dianne – Years ago, the Lord placed a desire on my heart to reach this younger generation with mentoring and discipling them in the practical teachings of being a godly woman, wife, homemaker and mother. (Fulfilling the mandate given in Titus 2)

Through some of the most difficult days of my life, thus far, God brought my desire to fruition and birthed this ministry. Due to the Lord’s leading and the encouragement of my husband, Mark, and our pastor’s wife, I began to pray, write, and recruit older women to come alongside me in beginning Secrets.

We began in the fall of 2009 with two classes and seven “older” or as they liked to be called “more seasoned” women.

(Pictured below is a “Secrets” class meeting in Dianne’s home).

Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Melanie – Why did you decide to call it, “Secrets Savored?”

Dianne – The name came from two sources. First, from Deuteronomy 21:21, which states that the secret things of God which He reveals to us are our responsibility to share with others.

Secondly, years ago Southern Living put out a book entitled SECRETS from their Southern Living Test Kitchens. Within this book are the “secrets” of their discoveries as tested and tried in their own kitchen.

We as older godly women have many “secrets” that are tested and tried truths learned over the years, some of those“secrets” have been discovered as we have studied God’s Word, and some are everyday “secrets” we’ve learned just walking through life.

Each one, according to Titus 2, are to be shared or taught to this younger generation that they might be encouraged, challenged and grow in their homemaking skills and in their walk with the Lord.

(Pictured below is Dianne teaching the women to cook as part of the program).

Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Melanie – What sorts of things have you been doing as a part of this ministry?

Dianne – God has helped me in writing the curriculum over the past four years. We began three years ago with the completed and published first semester’s material and then I was able to complete the second semester.

As the ministry has grown and young women have desired to return, God lead us this past year to begin Secrets 2. I have been writing the Secrets 2 curriculum this year, with the Lord’s help. I’ve taught every year up to as many as three classes, and this year I taught the first year’s curriculum for Secrets 2, along with other leaders.

Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Melanie – How does this ministry help women, homes and families?

Dianne – Secrets 1: It gives them practical hands-on experiences in cooking, baking, organizing the kitchen and home, entertaining, as well as being personally mentored and disicipled by older godly women. It gives them a glimpse into the lives of women of the Bible and the Biblical principles they can apply to their own lives.

Secrets 2: In this study we take a Biblical look into topics that affect all women but especially young women. Topics such as contentment, worry, anxiety, dealing with difficult family members, finances–just to mention a few. Then we prepare a full meal.

One main problem the young women seem to have is meal planning, this Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Reddstudy helps them in planning out their meals, having an easy recipe on hand and with tips for shortcuts in making their preparation more “doable.” It also includes healthy tips in order that they and those they love can eat healthier meals each week.

One of our goals is to help young women see the value and eternal investment they are making as a godly wife, mom and homemaker, and to treasure the responsibility and worthiness of that role.


Melanie – What is your greatest joy in this ministry?

Dianne – Watching God work and transform the lives of these young women. God is writing my story and the story of every godly woman, He desires to use our stories to impact the lives of young women.

Another joy I have is watching God use the difficulty and hardship of where we, my husband and I, are  in life, the story God is writing, to teach these young women that He is faithful always!

(Pictured below is Dianne hanging out with one of the girls in her class).

Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Melanie – You offer four semesters worth of resources for this ministry. Can you describe each of your four books?

Dianne –

Book One – Offers hands on instruction in the kitchen including a Bible study of the lives of women of the bible applying the truths of their lives o the lives of young women.

Book Two – Instruction on keeping the home-organizing, entertaining, cleaning, laundry, decorating, painting, etc. with a continued study on women of the Bible.

Books Three and Four – Digging into God’s word to get a Biblical perspective on life’s topics- contentment etc. Then spending time instructing on meal planning and how to prepare a complete meal-tips for shortcuts and healthier eating.

(Food prep night at a “Secrets” class).

Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Melanie – What do you want people to know most about your ministry?

Dianne – It works! God is using this ministry and this study to change the lives of younger and older women alike for His glory!

(Pictured below is a group of the “Secrets” women enjoying fellowship together).

Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Melanie – Where would you like to see “Secrets Savored” go in the years to come?

Dianne –

  • My prayer is that God will raise up thousands of “older” women who are willing to sacrificially pour their hearts and lives into, as well as share their secrets with, young women. The young women are out there and waiting to be loved on, mentored, discipled and guided through life. What we lack are the “older” women!

  • My heart is to see older women come to the place of understanding that Titus 2 is not a “suggestion” but a mandate, a commandment given by God to ALL older godly women. We are not to “retire” from this Christian walk, but invest until we see Him. The question is will we as older godly women appear before Him empty-handed or with our arms full of the lives of younger women God has given us the privilege of pouring our lives into.

  • My prayer is that this ministry would become an evangelistic tool to get into the neighborhoods. Often women will come when invited into a home, but will not attend a church event/service. A home environment is very inviting to all women.

  • My prayer is the other “older” women will see this as a great tool to reach the young women within their sphere of influence and use it for the glory of God.

    My hope is that Secrets will have a profound impact, not only on younger women, but on their marriages, homes, and children for God’s glory and for generations to come.

  • (Pictured below is a “Secrets” group meeting in a home).
    Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Melanie – Is there anything else you’d like to share with us today?

Dianne – We have offered this ministry for 6 years and God has powerfully worked in and through this, His design for reaching this generation. I would love for the “older” women out there to use this material and watch how God will work and change not only their lives but the lives of the young women they instruct.

I would like for the younger women to go to their church leaders and share their desire and need for a ministry of mentoring and discipling of the older women to the younger women in their church and community.

This is God’s ministry, I just happened to be the broken pot He has chosen with the blessing of getting the word out!

Unlock the Secrets of "Secrets Savored Ministry" Today! Melanie Redd

Thank you, Dianne, for sharing your story and your ministry with us.

It’s been a joy to Unlock the Secrets of “Secrets Savored Ministry” Today!

You can find out much more about “Secrets Savored” by visiting their website.  Just press this LINK, and you’ll be sent over there.

Or, you can visit and LIKE the ministry on Facebook. That link is HERE.

We pray that God will bless Secrets Savored and use it to reach many homes and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ~


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  1. Melanie, thank you so much for posting this!!! I think this will help me a lot in mentoring!!!! I know this is an excellent ministry!!!

  2. What an incredibly wonderful idea! I love the way this contextualizes discipleship with everyday life! A very positive and encouraging opportunity for women!

    Thanks Dianne and thanks Melanie!

  3. Thanks Melanie for sharing. Will definitely check into this as we will be kicking off our mentoring ministry in August. Love how God’s timing is perfect! Love ya sista!

    1. You are very welcome, Diane!

      He lady who leads this program is a good friend of mine and lives locally.

      Should you decide you want to meet with her, I can arrange it

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