What Type of Gift-Giver Are You?

Do you spend most of your time 'taking' without thinking about others? Or do you give? What type of gift-giver are you?
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What type of gift-giving person are you?

Do you spend most of your time ‘taking’ without thinking about others?

Or do you give everything you have without any thought of a return?

Discovering and understanding these traits and tendencies in you can be quite profound.

Indeed, they can help to reshape your lifestyle and massively benefit your wellbeing.

Do you spend most of your time 'taking' without thinking about others? Or do you give? What type of gift-giver are you?

What Type of Gift-Giver Are You?

Gifting Types

According to some theorists, there are three types of gift-givers.

There is The Taker, The Matcher, and The Giver.

The Taker takes what they can without return, The Matcher expects something in return, and The Giver gives unconditionally. 

If you want to understand what kind of gifting type you are then ask yourself ‘why’ you are gifting something.

The answer should place you in one of these categories and you can make choices based on this data.

Practice Gifting to Discover What Kind of Gift-Giver You Are

Once you have understood your category you can make decisions on what type of gifter you want to be.

Most people discover they are a Taker or a Matcher and decide to give more generously.

But how can you practice? 

The answer is simple and it doesn’t have to cost any money.

The next time you meet up with someone you can give them a compliment, some kindness, or a thank you.

If you don’t mind spending some money why not offer to buy the coffees or send some delivered gifts.

Gift-Givers and Receiving Gifts

A gift by its nature needs a receiver, but many people feel awkward receiving a gift.

This feeling is linked to the conditioning that is coded in us as social animals.

Intrinsically we want to return the favor and create bonds, but receiving doesn’t have to be like this. 

You can train yourself to be an unconditioned receiver of gifts by opening yourself to the gifts of nature available to you every day.

Sunlight, rain, fresh air, the beauty of landscapes. If you receive a gift from a matcher they may well expect something in return – accept this, it is their process.

Giving and Receiving – as Gift-Givers

The Bible discusses giving and receiving in several passages.

In 2 Corinthians 8:1, we read, “God loves a cheerful giver.”

In Acts 20:35, we are told, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Even more, there have been many studies done, books written, and articles shared that highlight the benefits of being generous.

It’s Up to You

Becoming an unconditional giver is a practice that will bring more joy and appreciation into your life.

You can focus on material items if you like or you can practice with ideas and emotions. How much you give is up to you.

In your daily life ask yourself what you could give to other people or to the world.

Ask if your gift-giving would improve the world in some way and notice if you feel like receiving something in return.

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What Type of Gift-Giver Are You

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