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It’s been called, “The Best Kept Secret in Memphis,” by long-time member Linda Harper. Linda and her husband Bob have known about this great secret for a good while now.

If you live in the area, you’ve probably passed this place many times on your way to and from Collierville or while exiting First Assembly or Hope Church.

Maybe, like me, you “voted” there in past days or were a customer at the bank across the street.

Maybe you live in the Sanga and Walnut Grove area.

Whatever the case, this week’s “Worship Wednesday” focuses on Gracepoint Baptist Church which stands at the corner of Walnut Grove and Sanga Roads in the Memphis/Cordova Area.

Gracepoint is led by Pastor John Allen, and hosts all kinds of activities, community events, Bible studies, children’s sports and more. There are opportunities to join in on Sundays (morning and evening) and on Wednesday nights.

Weekly Schedule


Sunday Services
9:15 AM Bible Study for all ages
10:30 AM Morning Worship Service
5:00-7:00 PM Awana Clubs for kids!
5:30 PM Bible Study for adults
5:30 PM Youth Bible Study
Child care available

Wednesday Services
6:30 PM Prayer Service/Bible Study
6:30 PM Kids on Mission
6:30 PM Youth Gathering
7:30 PM Adult Choir Practice
Child care available

So, what’s “GOOD” at this church??


1} Pastor John is both an excellent preacher and a compassionate pastor. Known for his verse by verse messages, he pulls no punches and clearly shares the Bible with those in attendance. Additionally, he supports and cares for his flock as they walk through the many challenges they face in life. He is loved and beloved by his congregation.

2} Gracepoint is a warm and friendly place with a “family” feel. People know each other, call each other by name, love to share hugs and genuinely care for each other. Visitors are warmly welcomed at the church.

3} Also, Gracepoint has a heart for community outreach. The church sponsors AWANA Clubs for kids on Sunday nights. Children ages 4 through high school are involved in this program; kids join in from around the community. The AWANAS Clubs are excellent at Gracepoint. (The church also offers some wonderful children’s sports programs, which you may notice as you drive by the fields on a Saturday morning).


4} Missions is another major focus of the church, with much emphasis placed on giving to missions, praying for missionaries and going on mission trips. Although the Gracepoint community is not large in size, the mission goals and projects are always well-supported by the church.

Is this church FOR YOU??

a place for you

~ If you would like to be taught clearly each week from God’s Word by an exceptional teacher, this church is for you.

~ If you would like to be called by your first name (without a name tag on), this church is for you.

~ If you would like to be part of a “family” church – a sweet community, this church is for you.


~ However, if you are looking for a “perfect church,” let me remind you of the wise words of the late Charles Spurgeon, “The day we find the perfect church, it becomes imperfect the moment we join it.”

If you would like more information about Gracepoint, you can check out the link to Gracepoint’s website below:



The church also hosts a Facebook page. You can find it under, “Gracepoint Memphis” or by using this link:


(An FYI – I’m sharing this series because there are so many displaced, dissatisfied and disappointed folks who haven’t found a church home in recent days. Once actively involved in a regular community of believers, now they don’t attend at all.

It is my hope and prayer that many will find their way back into a church after reading about so many good churches on this blog).

~ Should you wish to share about your church and why you love it, please let me know.  I would love to talk to you, interview you or your pastor, and find out more about your gatherings and ministry. 

You can post a comment on this page, email me at helloredds@gmail.com, or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Clearly, we’ve spent too long focusing on the bad things in this city and in our churches.

In 2015, let’s look at what makes so many ministries, churches and ministers great in this city~



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