Yes, There ARE Some Great Things in Memphis!!

Earlier this week, I put out a question on Facebook and received so many great responses that I thought I’d post them so that everyone could enjoy these ideas.

Thanks to everyone who liked, shared and added to the discussion.

~ Have always enjoyed riding bicycles on the Greenline and out through Shelby Farms and on to the trails across Walnut Grove. Brother Junipers on Walker is a quaint but well-known place for a great breakfast. Memphis has the Meritan Midnight Bike Ride once a year that is always fun. (Debbie Martin)


~ Graceland. Elvis’ music still inspires people today. (Jeannie Worley Smith)

~ I love Memphis traditions like Corky’s BBQ, concerts at Botanical Gardens, the Orpheum (saw the Nutcracker few weeks ago) Our grandkids love Mud Island & Zoo & Fire Museum & Kooky Kanucks & Peabody!! Lots more! (Judy Richmond Gionti)


Bellevue Baptist Church. They became our family while we were there for almost a decade. The Bible preaching and teaching, the amazing choir, the love of the people there…it really is a piece of Heaven here on earth. (Liz Bauman)

~ We love Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary. My dogs love the dog park at Shelby Farms. Germantown Fall Festival. Thought of another one Germantown Community Theater on Forrest Irene. Local talent performing. (Sherri Prince)

~ Corky’s BBQ, Jerry’s Sno Cones, Graceland and Elvis, The Pink Palace, Ellendale Baptist, fireworks at Buckhead Creek, Shelby Farms playground / park. (Kathy Brown)

~ Rhodes College, great churches, Shelby Farms, Orpheum, The Peabody, Pink Palace, Midtown, BCHS, Cooper Young, Huey’s, Beale Street. (Krista Ann Tolleson Rinehart)


~ ALL golf courses (when I’m playing good). (Don Woodruff)

~ Paulette’s, River Inn at Harbor Town, Grizzlies, Redbirds, Tigers, St. Jude, Central BBQ, Jerry’s Snow Cone, Orpheum, Zoo, North End Hot Fudge Brownie, Peabody at Christmas, Shelby Farms & Greenline, Summer Drive In. (Bryan Lyle)

~ Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Brooks Museum, The Metal Museum, Central Garden District, Elmwood Cemetery. (Geri Mumm)

~ The Lorraine Hotel and the Trollies is where we always take mission teams and friends. (Cathy Rech)


~ Well now that I live in Nashville I can say there is a lot I miss about Memphis!!Great friendly people, amazing churches with great Pastors, especially Sam Shaw at The Orchard!!! I miss Huey’s, no burgers that good in Nashville!! Gibson’s Donuts!!! The Memphis Zoo is so amazing few others even compare! Baseball games at AutoZone Park.

Shopping! Such great little shops like Babcock, First Fruit, SM Nabors, the Gift Horse, More than Words. The Memphis Grizzles and Memphis Tigers Basketball and Football. Those are just a few off the top of my head. I’m still proud to say I’m from Memphis! Nashville is great and has a lot going for it with great leadership. I believe Memphis could be just as great with the right people in charge. I pray for that all the time, especially when I’m there visiting all my family. (Susan Panni Holmes)


~ Pink Palace, I MAX, Memphis zoo, Botanic garden, Downtown, ride the trollies, Harbor town is really gorgeous, The Shell sometimes has a decent band that you can bring a lounge chair, with food and good family fun, Mud island. … maybe?, Graceland, The Orpheum, Peabody ducks. Germantown arts and crafts festival, Germantown community theater. Memphis theater, GPAC, Shelby Farms, Cooper Young Festival, Dixon Art Gallery, Brooks Art Gallery, Of course Auto zone Park, Memphis in May, Greek festival.  (Mary S. Buchanan)

~ I love my city! Sure, we have problems but what city doesn’t? You want some great things about Memphis? What about the revitalization of downtown and Overton Square? All the fantastic restaurants around that area. We are frequent patrons of that area, and we see nothing but good from there. As a matter of fact, we are hopefully moving to Cooper Young or Evergreen in a few years. Some other great things in Memphis? How about the Grizzlies and how it bring this city together or the remarkable St. Jude that attracts so many celebrities and saves so many children’s lives from cancer?

The amazing doctors it brings from all the corners of the world. I mean really? Why don’ we “look” at this city differently and more positive. As Christians, I’m pretty sure that’s what the Lord would have us do! Oh another great thing… And this is awesome. The Life Church of Memphis feeds 3, 500 people every WEEK! That a lot of people and that’s a lot of people serving. Not to mention their generous house which clothes people on a daily basis. The Life Church donated thousands of bikes to needy children this year. Hope Church does the same thing along with Highpoint Church. Churches that are truly the hands and feet of Jesus. I love this city. 901 is where it’s at! (Becky Stephens Morris)


~ Add The Orpheum Theater, Sun Studio, Blues, the best BBQ on earth, the amazing bridge and skyline, water that tastes like Evian right out of the tap, all the beautiful wood work we have because we are the hard wood capital of the world, the Green Line, our zoo voted best in the country several times. Not sure how many folks to whom Faith Baptist ministers through our “Engage Memphis” program…Hope Fellowship, Brinkley Heights, Warriors Center and FCA/Adopt a school, Prison Ministry.

Christ Church Ministers to folks out in Galloway in a big way from a constrained budget but a Christ filled heart. But that’s just a few things off the top of my head. Give me time and I can think of MORE reasons I LOVE my home town. BTW…We lived in Dallas for several years and when people ask where I was from and I told them Memphis, their response was, “Wow. Cool.” I think that is how we are seen across the country. It’s time we see ourselves that way. Yes, work on the problems but be proud of what is good, even great. (Judy Fisher Hogan)

~ Redbirds……GrizzGolf Courses…..Churches!!!! Lots of things, but some people just see the neg!!!! Wonderful hospitals, wonderful doctors,,,, I could go on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just look around!!!! (Marilyn Pickering Flick)

~ Well… Rhodes is #3 on the List of 20 Most Beautiful College Campuses. (Ricky Ralston)


~ I love The Orpheum. (Linda C. Harper)

~ I also received a most wonderful list of great things about Memphis from Julie Whittle and her boss, Ben Adams. I hope to add some of their suggestions in the future.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

If you didn’t get to share your ideas, it’s not too late. You can add them to this post, via Facebook, Twitter, or you can email me at

Looking forward to a great new year in Memphis or wherever you may be~



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