Thanks to so many wonderful friends, co-workers, and ministry partners, we have some testimonials we can share with you about this ministry:

From Amazon.com   “Step by Step“  By Cherie Hill 

“One of the greatest challenges in the Christian faith is learning how to truly connect with God and IMG_2974enter into a personal relationship with Him . . . author, Director of Women’s Ministry, and follower of Christ, Melanie Redd, takes you by the hand and leads you step by step into His loving arms.

For me, personally, I wish I would have had this book when I became a Christian. It would have saved me An LOT of bumps and bruises in my faith walk. The substance that is covered in “Stepping Closer to the Savior,” is the necessary steps to having a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. I have not found a bible study that has completely embraced the process from beginning to end as Melanie Redd has done in this book. On a very personal level . . . I had struggled with hearing from God on a particular issue in my life for several years now, and through this study, God spoke and revealed one of the greatest mysteries of my life through “Stepping Closer to the Savior.” Without hesitation, I HIGHLY recommend this book!”


From Amazon.com – “A great encouragement”  By Melanie Hicks

This review is from Stepping Closer to the Savior (Paperback)

“Stepping Closer to the Savior is a wonderful, practical guide to growing our relationship with and maturing in the Lord. It is a great tool for a new Christian, a study to begin to understand why it’s important to develop our relationship with Christ, to pray and to share our faith with others. For those of us who have been in the faith, it’s a great refresher course and a tool to use as we disciple others. Personally, I found myself doing this study with the women at church when I was going through a difficult trial. I found this study to be an encouragement to my heart and a reminder that Jesus draws closer to us when we draw closer to Him.”


From Dr. Tanner Hickman, Professor of Christian Education, Director of Alumni & IMG_2975Church Relations at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

“Melanie consistently demonstrates a Christ-centered spirit and focuses on the spiritual development and well-being of others. Further, she thinks beyond the status quo and has the ability to articulate positive and constructive ideas toward a preferable future. I would not hesitate to hire Melanie for at least three reasons: her Christ-honoring spirit, her life experience, and her desire for the betterment of others. These are just a few of the many positive character traits I have witnessed during our friendship.”


From Mary Ellen Marshall, Co-laborer and friend in Ministry in North Carolina

“Melanie has a personality that draws people to her.  She is a strong leader that people look up to.  In our church, she started a women’s ministry that blossomed and was instrumental in helping the ladies grow in their walk with Christ.  I enjoyed serving with her in this capacity.  I watched Melanie take a group of women to mentor into becoming effective women’s leaders. Melanie is an excellent teacher and holds one’s attention through her presentation style, knowledge, life experiences and media.”


From Sue Parker, CEO Life Choices of Memphis Pregnancy Help Medical ClinicIMG_3293

“Hope can be a rare commodity in today’s world and yet Melanie Redd has chosen to extend a Ministry of Hope to those of us who need it most. Melanie’s Christian faith produces contagious joy and excitement over God’s Word and His message of hope to all of us. An excellent speaker, Melanie has brought encouragement to those of us working to help young women contemplating abortion to choose and cherish life! Melanie is a dear friend through whom hope has a new and vibrant voice in today’s world.”


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