25 Ways to Make Your Marriage Better

25 years ago, I walked down a very long aisle in front of a large crowd of friends and family to pledge my life and my love to Randy.

Would you like to have a marriage that is stronger, better, and sweeter? Here are 25 positive, Bible-based tips that can enhance and improve your marriage relationship.


As we hurried out of the church, we could have never imagined what life would hold for us.

And yet, after all of these years, we still are together. We still love each other and are praying for 25 more years together.

Recently, we came up with some uncomplicated ways that we have made our marriage work.

Here are 25 Ways to Make Your Marriage Sweeter:

1] Pray together

Make prayer a priority in your home, in your marriage, & in your relationship.

  • Each night before bed, pray with each other.
  • When you are trying to make a big decision, pray together.
  • When life gets hard, pray as a couple.

2] Play together.

Find at least one thing you both enjoy and do this together.

  • Ride bikes.
  • Shop for antiques.
  • Enjoy long walks.
  • Try tennis or golf.

3] Laugh often.

My husband comes from a funny family. They are loud, friendly, and love to laugh. And, in our home and marriage, we laugh a lot. This is such a good thing. If you are not laughing in your marriage, find some TV shows, movies, books, or something that will help you to learn to laugh more together. 

4] Go on dates with each other.

Head out–away from everyone–and spend some time together. 

  • There are many great suggestions on Pinterest for inexpensive dating ideas.
  • Bookstores are filled with cheap date ideas.
  • Get creative, and get out there – away from the kids – often!!

5] Go away – just the two of you.

You need time alone with each other! For some of you, this is going to be a challenge, but it can be done. You can take the kids to a friend’s house for one night, and go back home alone! You can get the grandparents to help while you steal away for 24 hours. This is such a good thing for all couples to do – no matter what their age, stage of life, or standard of living. 

For the rest of the list, I invite you to journey with me over to “Missional Motherhood” today where I am sharing a guest post.

You can link to their site HERE.

In fact, I’ll be joining the girls at Missional Motherhood all week as we discuss our marriages. 

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17 thoughts on “25 Ways to Make Your Marriage Better

  1. what do i do, been married 32 years husband wants a divorce , no clarity. ikeep prayinf time is running out, i dont no weather i should except the enevitable as Gods will or keep trying to change me so he will want to change, i still love him deep down but there has been a lot of hurt, lies and manipulation. heartbroken

    1. Hey Robyn,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your marriage situation.
      Sometimes, all we can do is pray. So, I will pray for you and for your husband.
      I’m asking God to heal, to restore, to help, and to give you much grace right now.
      My greatest encouragement is for you to pray and to press in close to Jesus right now. Pour out your heart to Him. He loves you dearly!
      May He surround you with His love today~

  2. Even us old timers can benefit from a few of these. We often take for granted that nothing can ruin our marriage because we’ve been together for so long. But the enemy has a way of sneaking in there and causing disruption. Great reminders to make marriage our #2 priority. God being first. I love the new look of your blog Melanie.

    1. You aren’t that old of a timer, Michelle!
      And, I agree… we can sort of get in a rut with our marriages.
      Praying that God will bless you, your family, and your marriage.
      Thanks for the blog encouragement!
      I’ve been working on the new “look” for the last couple of weeks!

    1. Amen, Jamie!
      I love to laugh and have fun with my man!
      And, you do have to be intentional don’t you!
      I pray that God will bless you, your family, and your marriage.
      Thanks for stopping by~

  3. These are wonderful tips! Thank you for posting it! I love taking short weekend trips with my husband to get away from all the busyness at home. It is such a treat! And we have been trying to pray together more often and I have loved seeing my husband taking the initiative to pray for us

    1. Thank you, Elena,
      I appreciate you stopping by to leave such thoughtful remarks!
      And, I love taking little trips with my man too. It is a treat!
      Praying together is a wonderful habit to start as well. I highly recommend it! And, I love it when they initiate it too!
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

  4. I definitely recommend time away together; even if it’s just a quick overnight trip when the kids are young it’s so refreshing!! We try to get away at least one night a year; even if we only go an hour away.

  5. Hi Mel!
    I tried to leave a comment on the Missional Motherhood page, but an error kept coming up? But I’ll put it here, too!

    25 awesome suggestions. I know that over the course of our 16-year marriage, we have grown in so many of these areas. We still have room to grow, though! I just read these off to him right now 🙂


    1. Melanie! I looooooove the new look! Gorgeous! And thank you so much for sharing this awesome post with us at Moments of Hope!

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