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Raising daughters in this day and age is a challenge! Here is an article packed with parenting tips, advice, & 5 important things, words, phrases, and ideas our girls like to hear. Why not stop by to pick up some true and encouraging ideas? #wordsforgirls #wordsgirlslove #raising girls #raisingdaughters

5 Important Things Our Girls Like to Hear

The tears were free-flowing, streaming down her cheeks.   Her heart had been broken by the cruelty of a thoughtless person. She was hurting. I was hurting. The situation was painful.…

What do you do when you want a better job? A dream job? A new career? What are some of the best work tips for women and for men. Here are some practical ideas for how to find great career advice. #careeradvice #work #jobchange

How to Find Great Career Advice

Where is your career headed? If the answer is nowhere, then your career is going to take you to an early grave. You should be able to say that there…

How's your job? Do you love what you are doing? Are you fulfilled in your work? Here are 5 helpful ways detailing how to find a job you love. #jobyoulove #jobs #careerchange #loveyourwork

How to Find a Job You Love

How’s your job? Do you love what you are doing? Are you fulfilled in your work? There are so many things you need to consider when it comes to career…

Although they may not show it, boys need to hear positive words as much (or maybe more than) girls. Here are 5 Powerful Phrases Every Boy Wants to Hear. #boys #raisingboys #raisingsons #encouragingboys

5 Powerful Phrases Every Boy Wants to Hear

Boys. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are loud and messy; others and neat and deep-thinking. My boy stands well over six feet tall and eats us out…

For many girls, prom night is just around the corner. Are there some things you can do to help your daughter to prepare for prom (after you have the dress)? #prom #promdress #daughters #talktodaughter #teensex

How to Help Your Daughter to Prepare for Prom (after you have the dress)

Now that your daughter has her prom dress, what else do you need to do in order to help her prepare for prom night? In order to make the most…

What is it that women really like to hear from the men in their lives? I've done a little research. Here are 5 Positive Things Women Love to Hear. #positive #relationships #womenlove #women #marriage

5 Positive Things Women Love to Hear (from their men)

What is it that women really love to hear from the men in their lives? What can men say that will make their girlfriends and wives feel loved and appreciated?…

Temptations abound. All of us face opportunities to be unfaithful. But there are ways to overcome. Learn how to stop an affair before it ever begins. #affair #avoidaffair #marriage #relationships #cheating

How to Stop an Affair (Before it Ever Begins)

I’ve talked to many people who’ve blown it by having an extra-marital affair. They come from all walks of life. Men. Women. Young.  Old. Pastors. Pastor’s wives. Regular folks. How…

One of the great challenges for women of all ages it to STAY grateful to & for their men. Here are 3 Ways to Show Appreciation to the Man in Your Life. #relationships #marriage #appreciate #show appreciation

3 Ways to Show Appreciation to the Man in Your Life

Have you ever looked at two people and wondered how they ended up together? How did they become a couple? What drew them to each other? One of my good…

No matter your child’s age, there are still ways that you can encourage spiritual growth. Discover how to More Intentionally Teach Your Children about Jesus #children #parenting #kidstoJesus #Jesus

How to Teach Your Children about Jesus (at any age)

It is a common hope amongst parents that their child will develop a strong and ever-growing relationship with Jesus. Understanding God, His word, and His purpose in our lives can…

As a woman, you get to choose how to treat your man. Your words and actions matter significantly. Discover five ways to show respect and honor to your man. #honor #respect #marriage #respectman #relationships

Five Ways to Show Respect and Honor to Your Man

It was so awkward and uncomfortable. Even though it was many years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. We were meeting in our monthly small group session in…

It's that time of year again. Gyms are full. Diets have started. Everyone wants to get in shape. Discover how to get more fit this year. #healthyliving #health #fit

How to Get More Fit This Year

If you’re like everyone else on the planet, you probably spend a little bit of time every day thinking about how you could probably look a little bit better. If…

What is it that men really want to hear? What can women say to encourage their men? Here are 5 Simple by Powerful Words that All Men Love to Hear. #men #words #marriage #relationships

5 Simple but Powerful Words that All Men Love to Hear

The most amazing thing happened. I interviewed my husband, asking him about the words that men love to hear, and then I wrote a post about it. The response from…

Building a Christ-centered home is an ultimate goal for many. But, how can we build one? And, what are the marks of a Christ-centered home? #Christcentered #home #buildhome

Marks of a Christ-Centered Home

Building a Christ-centered home is the ultimate goal for many. And, while that might look different throughout the seasons of life and from home to home, there are a few…

"Jesus is the reason for the season." We hear that phrase everywhere, don't we? Here are 8 ways we can truly make Christmas about Jesus. #Jesus #Christmas #hopeatChristmas

8 Ways to Make Christmas About Jesus

“Jesus is the reason for the season.” We hear that phrase everywhere, don’t we? Yet, so often, we rush our way through the holiday season with little thought about Jesus,…

Raising kids is tough. Raising confident kids is even harder. Here are some tips to help. Discover how to raise strong and confident daughters (and sons). #raisingdaughters #confidentdaughters #raisinggirls

How to Raise Strong & Confident Daughters (and sons)

I’m a sucker for remembering family experiences, both the good and not so good. But the time I’ve spent with my daughter over the years has provided some of the…

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