The Basics of Monetization for Your Social Media Sites

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The Basics of Monetization for Your Social Media Sites

Social media is used by more people today than ever before—topping 4.9 billion users worldwide.

As such, it is seen as a necessary component or tool for all modern businesses.

Social media for businesses is no longer optional. It is the predominant meeting and socializing place for business-to-business (as well as business-to-client) relationships.

This article will provide a guide on how social media sites can increase profits for your business.

Social media and its importance for small and emerging businesses

Social media can help any business (whatever its size) to communicate with its customers.

Also, it can be used to develop a clear understanding of exactly what these customers think of the products and services on offer.

It is thus a marketing tool that has sprung to the top of the popularity rankings.

And, it can be further monetized in several ways (as discussed below in more detail).

Social media marketing and sales

It’s true: social media is one of the biggest influencers of a consumer’s buying decision.

In the modern era, this means that it is a platform that your business simply has to be on.

The key is to find a site or platform where your preferred customers and possible clients also socialize and shop.

Social media influencing

Using an influencer to drive your “likes” and increase sales has become increasingly popular—as well as financially rewarding.

Whether you have the requisite following to be an influencer yourself, or your business uses a social media influencer, it is now accepted as a means of using social media as a monetized and paying platform.

How to monetize your social media sites

Once you have a following (which shouldn’t be too hard to build due to the popularity of social media) you will need to decide what it is that you want to sell or monetize.

Also, you will be able to sponsor products on your social media. Perhaps you will choose your own or those that are related or act as accessories for your products.

The one point that you need to keep in mind with social media and a web presence as a whole is that it will need to be found.

This is where the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) becomes critical, and enterprise-specific SEO—as discussed and elaborated upon at—will need to be implemented throughout and across your social media and marketing campaign to ensure that you are found (and found for the right reasons).

Two methods of making money from your social media sites include the following:

Sell and promote products

This is a simple process of simply linking to the relevant e-commerce site.

Or, possibly providing the catalog and sale process directly from the social media site itself.

Keep in mind that you are also able to link and promote other affiliate sites of other products and services. Primarily, this is true as long as this doesn’t detract from your wares and services.

Provide paid-for training and advice:

Having access to courses, how-to guides, or actual skills and training linked to the products you provide (or through an affiliate that will provide you with a commission) is one of the best ways to get paid from your social media sites.

These are the basics of social media monetization and are the simple tips that you can use as a business or a brand to build a following, develop your brand further, and find new customers and clients—all while creating and developing a professional social media profile.

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