Would you like to REACH more people?

Over the past three years, The Ministry of Hope has been able to assist many of our friends as they have sought to increase the reach and influence of their businesses, ministries, and blogs.

We’ve had the opportunity to benefit, encourage, and advance many of our clients.

would you like to

Some of our Services:

~ One-on-one consults for brainstorming, planning, answering questions, discussing ideas, and even praying over issues together.

~ Working together with Tailwind, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to grow businesses.

~ Working with clients to create and launch online materials–such as E-books–to grow their business.

~ Working with clients to create and launch printed materials – books, courses, and more.

~ Assisting clients in creating marketing plans & strategies to advance their business/ministry.

~ Helping clients to grow their email lists.

~ Assisting clients in publicizing events, conferences, fundraisers, and programs.

~ Mentoring, coaching, dreaming with and encouraging clients when they got discouraged or didn’t know where to go next.

~ Giving our clients practical goals, objectives, and plans for how to reach more people.

~ Helping clients to connect with trustworthy book editors and virtual assistants to help them in their work.

~ Stepping in and partnered together as we’ve been asked to help.

And, now, we are opening our doors and taking on a few new clients.

Maybe you would like to be one of these?

We ask that you prayerfully consider applying to become one of our clients.

The process is pretty simple.

First, there’s an application/questionnaire to fill in, save, and send to us. These questions will give us an idea of what you are looking for and how we might be able to assist you.

You can get your application/questionnaire here:



Second, we ask that you take time to carefully consider and share your answers to each of the questions on the application. Then, scan it or take pictures of your answers with your phone to send to us.



Third, once you have completed the form, please send it via email to hope@melanieredd.com.



Finally, we will process and carefully assess your application/questionnaire, and we will do three things:

a} We will do an AUDIT of your presence online (website, social media, etc.)

b} We will prepare a CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN for your business/ministry.

c} We will CONTACT YOU to set up an appointment to talk over the audit and plan.

So, what about you?

– Could you use a friend in your corner to help you to move ahead with your business or ministry?

– Would you like someone you can talk to on a regular basis on the phone, in person, or on Skype?

– Would you like to partner together with a fellow entrepreneur to brainstorm ways to take your ideas to the next level?

– Could you just use a little direction or maybe a little nudge?

– That’s what we are here to do!

Got questions??

You can contact us and ask anything you’d like to ask.

Email Melanie at hope@melanieredd.com or you can click on this link to submit a contact form:

Contact Form Link

Ready to get started?

If so, we ask that you start this process by filling out the following application and questionnaire.

Click on this link and you can download and easily open the documents.


Want to know more?

You can read more detailed comments from some of our favorite friends and clients:

Carmen in Arizona“Melanie has greatly blessed me with building my ministry and blog. She is consistently there to encourage me with scripture and with so much knowledge about blogging. It has been such a blessing being able to learn from someone that has the same focus and vision as I do; which is putting God first. I am very thankful for her constant willingness and sincerity to help me at any time whether it’s about writing, how to build social media, or just needing encouragement to get to the next phase.” (Carmen is a mom, a social media guru, and an inspirational blogger. You can find Carmen writing at www.marriedbyhisgrace.com.)


Jennifer in Tennessee“Melanie Redd is an encourager in everything she does. From mentoring women to speaking at events, to running a successful blog, she is top notch. Her work ethic is second to none and her ability to do it all with a smile is priceless. Having Melanie is my corner has made all the difference in every aspect of my life.” (Jennifer has several businesses including her blog at www.chaos2peace.com.)



Marnie & Alexsayah in Canada – “Melanie is such a great woman of God. She helped us tremendously. Her advice and direction are very sound. She encouraged us to keep going, and gave us the resources we needed in order to achieve what we were setting out to do! She has been such a blessing to the both of us, and a great sister in Christ! We love her dearly!” (Alex and Marnie are authors and encouragers. Their first book came out this year and you can find out more HERE.)


Sue in New Jersey – “Melanie is the ultimate encourager. Every conversation we have brings me a little bit more strength and peace knowing my blog is on the right track. I am blessed by having her review some of my articles prior to it being published. She is a wonderful mentor to me.” (Sue is a blogger, wife, and encourager while raising three little boys. Sue blogs at www.mamaofthreeboys.com.)


Gretchen in Florida“I loved Melanie’s encouraging personality; this is probably my favorite blessing. Talking to her was SO encouraging. It truly blessed me each time we talked. I felt more informed, more confident, more equipped for what God was calling me to do. I appreciate how Melanie gave me advice and hindsight, benefitting from her experience. As someone who was seeking to grow in an unknown area, her suggestions made me feel like I went from drowning to swimming. Because Melanie has a good work ethic, I was able to benefit immensely. She did what she said she would do and did it well.” (Gretchen is a Bible teacher, writer, and blogger. Her website is www.gretchenfleming.com.)


Laura in Tennessee – “Adding a Social Media presence for our business marketing has been so beneficial. Melanie took the task and immediately garnered hundreds of followers. Each request we make of her is responded to enthusiastically and done with excellence. HeartLife will be forever grateful for all that Melanie has done.” (Laura and her husband Chuck lead the counseling ministry at HeartLife Professional Soul Care. You can access their website HERE.)


Katie in Washington State – “Melanie is the perfect blend of encouragement, wisdom, and experience. The way she shares her gifts is a blessing to everyone she connects with.” (Katie is a Bible teacher, author, and blogger. You can connect with Katie at www.ichoosebrave.com.)


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