100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun. And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix. But, I love to visit inspirational blogs in my spare time. Here are 100 of the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 that I have found. Why not drop by and check out the list? #blogs #inspirationalblogs #blogs2020
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Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun.

And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix.

Truly, I like all of those things, and I like to visit inspirational Christian blogs and websites in my free time.

In fact, over a week, I will visit over 100 websites.

Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun. And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix. But, I love to visit inspirational blogs in my spare time. Here are 100 of the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 that I have found. Why not drop by and check out the list? #blogs #inspirationalblogs #blogs2020

100 of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Every morning, I spend about an hour perusing the latest devotionals, posts, comments, and even making a few comments myself.

There are some websites that I just drop by quickly so that I can see what they are up to.

Also, other sites pull me in and make me want to stay awhile.

From time to time, friends will ask me where I like to visit. I thought a list of my favorite blogs and websites might be in order.

I also like to visit sites that offer great insights and instruction on how to improve my writing skills. One such website is Write for My Paper.

In particular, this inspirational Christian blog/website list is solely based on unscientific data and is presented in alphabetic order. 

Some are very colorful; others are very simple.

All are written by precious people who claim the name of Christ.

And, all of them are good! 

So, take a moment and look through my list of the “100 (or more) of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020.”

You will be blessed!

And you can easily visit a site by clicking on the “LINK” button under each description.

A Bountiful Love

TAGLINE – “Love of God, Love of Family, Love of Cooking”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s the mom of two little girls who loves to share healthy and budget-friendly meals. In her own words, “I love finding and sharing ways to be smart and frugal. I love living a simple life. And, I love sharing my walk of faith as I get to know Jesus and experience God’s abundant grace.”


A Life of Prayer

TAGLINE “Living in Reverence.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This blogger is a mom, and author, and a very genuine communicator. In her own words, “Like most moms, I wear a lot of hats in my life. I’m a blogger, author, mom, wife, and website owner who also works in marketing and grant writing.”


A Satisfied Spirit

TAGLINE “Living a fulfilled, purposeful, Spirit-led life…”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her words, “My greatest desire is to teach others how much God loves them and how to use His Word to live the life He has purposed for them.  God has seen fit to give me the gift of teaching, which I use for leading  Bible Study groups.  He specifically called me to writing/blogging several years ago.”


A Spirit-Kissed Soul

TAGLINE “No judgment; just love.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“Hi, I’m Tai! I’m a Writer and creative heart born and raised in Alabama. I write and I make jewelry, but I truly love anything that has to do with creativity or artistic expression. I genuinely believe that creativity is a beautifully powerful gift from God that we can use not only to bring Him glory, but also to change the world around us. ‘A SPIRIT-Kissed Soul’ was a God-idea and to put it simply, the outlet in which I use to share His heart.”


A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

TAGLINE – “But the Foolish Woman Tears It Down With Her Own Hands.” Proverbs 14:1

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “I am happily married to Steve, my husband of 26 years, and by His grace raising and homeschooling nine special blessings that we pray will serve the Lord one day. I hope that you will find quiet rest here as you join us in the quest of building up strong homes for the Lord.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Aimee Imbeau

TAGLINE – ‘To help women live in spiritual freedom through Christ. “In order to change, we must let go of the chains.’

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s a Canadian blogger and mom to three children who loves to sew, quilt, and dance. Also, she and her husband enjoy homeschooling their kids. In her words, “My name is Aimee and it means Beloved.  How that meaning is a treasure to my heart! I love the one, true God.  Truly, I love Him with all of my mind, heart, soul, and strength. I love Jesus. Truly, He is my Saviour.  He has rescued me.  He has redeemed me. And, He is restoring me.”


All Round Jesus

TAGLINE – “Biblical teachings of faith and victorious living.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“All Round Jesus Blog encourages today’s Christian through life’s challenges and practical tips for building a deeper relationship with God.”


Anchored Women

TAGLINE “Practical Encouragement to Help You Grow in Fatih and Plan with Purpose.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – Here’s how she characterizes herself: “I’m Kayse, wife to Jon (my favorite musician) and mom to Emily + Nathan. Our family is a little crazy (and loud), but we love each other a whole lot. My husband works super long hours, so I manage our home, prep the meals (or drive to Chick Fil A), keep the kids alive, and run a business.”


Anointed Today

TAGLINE “My goal is to share some of my failures and successes, to solve a few problems, to connect, inspire, to reach others, one person, at a time, to be a blessing to someone, and to let others know they are not alone.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This blogger writes on a myriad of topics and always seeks to give praise to God. To say nothing of, she’s kind, she’s practical, and she’s very encouraging.


Arabah Joy Blog

TAGLINE “Helping women walk close to God!”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – From the blogger, “Arabahjoy.com began on a whim back in 2010, while I was serving on the mission field with my husband and four small kids. What started as an online journal to document what God was doing in my life quickly… and unexpectedly… became a mentoring resource for others. Only God! The Lord has blessed this community greatly as together, we have leaned into Him and sought to steward our lives well. I look forward to linking arms with you too!”


Being Confident of This

TAGLINE  “Grace for the work-in-progress woman.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her words, “Hi, I’m Jen: a work in progress. I’m imperfect – a mom of four, pastor’s wife, discipler, and sinner saved only by grace. I like to sing, read, write, teach, and smile. I have a heart for encouraging women everywhere to understand God’s limitless love for them and what His grace means for everyday living.”



TAGLINE “We can prevent child sex trafficking.”

ABOUT THE BLOG – In their words, “From our beginnings in 2016, our goal has been simple – to use our gifts of hospitality and service to build awareness about the evils of child sex trafficking. Through events, resources, and prayer, we encourage and equip people to recognize the red flags of human trafficking so they can prevent its devastating impact among their family, friends, and communities.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Bethany Kimsey

TAGLINE “God’s grace in the messy of motherhood.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERI am a disciple of Christ, wife to Troy, a mother of 8 kids, and I desire to walk with you in this journey of motherhood. I want this place to feel like home where you feel welcome to rest, recuperate, find encouragement, and feast on the truths of God’s Word to connect with others and grow in our identities in Christ.”


Bless Your Heart & Home

TAGLINE “Through His Word, by His grace, for our joy, to His glory.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This young mother of two shares her blog from the Heart of Mississippi. Also, her posts are written all about the heart and the home. Indeed, she’s passionate about Jesus and wise with her words.


Carla Gasser

TAGLINE “At the crossroads.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“When not teaching, speaking, or writing, Carla Gasser is most herself as a wife and mom living in Ohio with her four very active (and hilarious!) children (ages 22, 21, 18, & 15). She has been married over 28 years and is thankful for being able to do life with such a supportive and loving partner.  She writes and speaks about the messy, ordinary, and unexpected ways her life and her faith intersect.”


Carry on My Heart

TAGLINE “Choosing faith over fear in the every day.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“We all have a story to share. Mine just happens to be a story of the grace and kindness of Jesus. I am a wife to a first responder, a mama to three wonderful boys, an ice-cream addict, a lover of words and their meanings, a storyteller, truth-seeker, and recovering worrier, to name a few things. But most importantly, and where I’m learning to stake my identity is in this: I’m a follower of Jesus!”


Chaos 2 Peace

TAGLINE “Simple, Organized, Honest.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – A pastor’s wife in Bartlett, TN, this mom of 3 boys loves to write about cooking, cleaning, traveling, planning, and more. In her words, “As a recovering perfectionist and a constant work in progress, I hope this blog is an encouragement to you as you journey through life.”


Christi Gee

TAGLINE “Making Life and Words Count.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – Married to her high school sweetheart, the couple has three children of their own and one by marriage. In her own words, “As I follow the road God has laid out for me, I’m convinced that my journey isn’t all about me. I’m called to share and tell of God’s faithfulness throughout all the seasons of life, dropping crumbs along the way for other weary travelers.”


Cindy LaFavre Yorks

ABOUT THE BLOGGER –  “Journey along with Cindy as she shares her struggles with disappointment, rejection, fear, temptation, and even despairs with authenticity and a dash of humor. Through deeply personal storytelling, Cindy unlocks key ideas about how to handle side door detours. By applying God’s truths, she creates a daily “travel log” that inspires readers to confront their twists and turns in the road with courage and confidence.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Compared to Who

TAGLINE “Stop Comparing. Start Living.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s a woman on a journey, and she wants to encourage you. In her own words, “It’s a journey to find freedom from comparison and to encourage women to fulfill their God-given calling and purpose.”


Conforming to the Truth

TAGLINE “To grow a community of women of all ages who desire to conform to the truth of God’s Word because the Bible is the only real Truth that we have.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s the mom to three kids who is married to her high school sweetheart. In her words, “My greatest desire is to conform to the truth of God’s word. I know this can only be done by the renewing of the mind through the study of the Scriptures. Also, I write Bible Studies that take us verse by verse, chapter by chapter, through the Bible so that we may learn what is pleasing to God and walk in a manner worthy of our calling. I want to walk beside you guiding, encouraging, and praying for you as we walk out our faith together.”


Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun. And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix. But, I love to visit inspirational blogs in my spare time. Here are 100 of the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 that I have found. Why not drop by and check out the list? #blogs #inspirationalblogs #blogs2020

100 of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Cornerstone Confessions

TAGLINE “Teach. Reach. Love.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s a “homeschooling, music-loving, organizer seeking to live for Jesus every day.” Also, she writes about beautifying your home, planning your homeschool, loving your family, reaching your goals, and cooking something yummy.


Counting My Blessings

TAGLINE “At the Intersection of Faith and Life”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This pastor’s wife, mom, and grandma loves to laugh with friends over a good cup of coffee. In her words, ‘I love sharing the amazing ways God transformed a “good little church girl” into a woman of faith, who is crazy in love with Jesus through my writing…’


Creative Home Keeper

TAGLINE “Heart and home-centered  on Christ.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This young mom of two is married to her best friend. In her own words, “I believe there is freedom in the Gospel to become the homemaker God has created you to be…. Perfection not required.”


Currently Kelsie

TAGLINE “Love Fiercely. Learn Fearlessly. Live Fully.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “I’m Kelsie. I’m passionate about sharing stories, suggestions, and real conversation. In this crazy, ever-changing world, I’m doing my best to love fiercely, learn fearlessly, and live fully. I hope you’ll join me and make this a place full of honesty, learning, laughter, and thankfulness for each moment we’ve been given. I’m so glad you’re here!”


Dawn Klinge

TAGLINE “Above the Waves serves to encourage people to let go of worry and to trust in God and his amazing grace.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This married mom of two lives near Seattle. In her own words, “I live near Seattle, a place of mountains, water, lots of green, and rain. I’m an author, wife, mom, and friend.  Faith and family are my passions.  I’m a former elementary and special ed teacher, now a full-time writer (who still loves to teach).  I like the simple life:  walks along the waterfront with my husband, reading, going to the mall with my daughter, and watching my son in his various sports are among my favorite pastimes.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Devoted to Maker

TAGLINE “It Is Well With My Soul.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s a wife and mom of 3 boys who is a graphic designer by trade, and she writes because she loves to. In her own words, “This blog will have a little of everything, since all that I do, I pray, will flow from being Devoted to my Maker.”


Diana’s Diaries Devotionals

TAGLINE –  “Deeply rooted in the Word and not in the world.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“I am called to be a pen in the skillful hands of Jesus Christ. The added bonuses are being a wife, mom to my triplets, and daughter of my Heavenly Father. The storms of life sure want to uproot us, and the Devil wants us to remain lonely. But let us remain deep-rooted in the Word of God. Let’s be a part of God’s community.”


Dianne Thornton

TAGLINE – “Tasting the goodness of the Lord.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERMarried to Tim, this mom of three daughters enjoys working in her flower beds. In her words, “Other than spending time with my family, my heart’s passion is teaching the Word of God to women. Because of my love for the Word of God, each blog post will be rich in Scripture.”


Donna Reidland

TAGLINE “The Bible for Real Life.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her words, “I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, and Biblical counselor. I love sharing God’s truth, hopefully in ways that will help you in your walk with God. I’m certified through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, but mostly I’m just a sister in Christ.  My story may surprise you.”


Dr. Michelle Bengtson

TAGLINE “Hope Prevails.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist with more than 25 years of experience in her field. In addition to her practice, she speaks to groups and writes a blog. In her own words, “I am passionate about affirming worth, encouraging faith, and instilling hope to the glory of God.”


Embracing the Unexpected

TAGLINE –  “Embracing life in the midst of the unexpected.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“Maree Dee is a Writer | Speaker | Advocate | Ministry Leader – passionate about encouraging and equipping others to embrace life in the midst of the unexpected. She is a warrior who doesn’t give up when the journey gets tough. Maree believes, together with God, we can all find incredible joy along the way, even when surrounded by tremendous pain.”


Faith Spilling Over 

TAGLINE “Getting God’s Word In So We Can Live Our Faith Out!”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – A pastor’s wife and mom to two children, this blogger shares, “Hi, I’m Betsy. I write and speak to inspire women to love God and live by His Word. Let’s get more of God’s Word IN so we can live our faith OUT, especially when life gets crazy.” 


Flourishing Today

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“If you’ve come to find biblical truths to grow your faithencouragement in your journey, or greater purpose in your life, you’ve come to the right place! That was my purpose for starting Flourishing Today. To help women flourish. Being a wife, mother of 5, homeschooler, businesswoman, and blogger, I know the strains that come from an unbalanced life. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the day to day activities. But God has more for us! He has promised us abundant life in Christ.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Flowing Faith

TAGLINE  “Going Where God is Leading.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She lives in Finland with her husband and two children. In her own words, “I write on things related to Christian spirituality, Christian living, spiritual formation, growing in faith or what it is to be a follower of Christ in today’s world.”


Following Hard with Gretchen Fleming

ABOUT THE BLOGGER““As a wife and mother, life has taught me so many lessons and I try to make the most of them. I am a Bible study teacher, writer, and speaker who loves to encourage other women in their faith. Having been involved in women’s ministry for over 25 years, I find plenty of opportunities to share my passion for God and His Word. It is my calling to help build the body of Christ through teaching the relevancy and application of Scripture.”


Gathering Around

TAGLINE “For the heart and the home.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERHey friends, I am Betsy Pendergrass.  My husband Taylor and I are so excited you’re pulling up a chair to our table.  We’ve gotten to know and love some of our dearest friends while gathering and sharing around the table! And we’d like to help you share in the joy of gathering with others. Gathering doesn’t have to be hard.  Food doesn’t have to be a worry.  We offer our own recipes that have been tried and tested by our picky eaters. We don’t get fancy, so you can know that these are easy options for you and yours.”


Ginger Harrington

TAGLINE “Where the Spiritual Meets the Practical.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – Military wife, mom of three, speaker, and writer; this woman loves to share the truth. In her words, “I help busy women—gals like you—love God, embrace truth, and enjoy life with fresh faith. Together, let’s keep faith fresh…cause life’s crazy enough.”


Grace Breakthroughs

TAGLINE – “Let’s journey together & experience grace breakthroughs that lead to an amazing life!”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This encouraging sister shares her blogging goal, “My prayer is that you will encounter our loving God and Savior Jesus Christ and experience His grace in a deeper way than you ever imagined possible. My goal is to encourage you to live the life Jesus died to give you. I hope to write eBooks, Bible studies, blog posts (once a week), and online courses–that will spur you on in your faith and that will stir you to seek after what your heart longs for, an intimate love relationship with God and a changed life filled with His life and presence. May you experience the joy and freedom of grace!”


Graced to Live

TAGLINE “My thorn… God’s glory!”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“My name is Nina, pronounced with a long i. I’m 62 years old and married to an extremely patient man who has graced me daily for 40 years. We have 2 adult sons and 1 tiny chihuahua with a huge personality. I’m both hearing and visually impaired which as a child left me with just way too many insecurities. By the time I was a young adult, I had packed enough baggage to fill the luggage compartment of a Grey Hound Bus. It wasn’t until I got into the Word of God that I understood in my heart I need not be ashamed of my disabilities.”


Grandma Ideas

TAGLINE – “Strengthen your family by spending time together.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This grandma loves her grandchildren and writes to encourage others. Here is her goal for her writing, “That the activities you find — and do with your grandchildren — will develop a strong loving bond. That your relationship with your grandchildren will be deep, strong, enriching, satisfying, and rewarding.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun. And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix. But, I love to visit inspirational blogs in my spare time. Here are 100 of the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 that I have found. Why not drop by and check out the list? #blogs #inspirationalblogs #blogs2020

100 of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Heavenly Homemakers

TAGLINE “Making our homes heavenly; striving toward our heavenly home.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This blogger is happily married and the mother of four boys. Also, her blog “is dedicated to encouraging women and families in the areas of faith, healthy eating, simple living, menu planning, gardening, and parenting.”


Inspired By June

TAGLINE “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights…” 

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s an author and a blogger who writes to inspire and uplift. In her own words, “The main purpose of this blog is to highlight and discuss the books written and published by author June Caedmon.”


Jann Cobb

TAGLINE “Reflect: Helping Women Discover a Deeper Faith, Freedom From Their Past, and Victory for the Future.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She and her husband have been married for over 30 years and have 2 daughters. The couple lives outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her words, “I’m a wife, a mom, and a teacher. I love coffee, laughing, and finding God in everyday moments.”


Joy in My Kitchen

TAGLINE “Infusing Delight Into Every Day.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She introduces her site this way, “I’m an ordinary wife and mom serving an extraordinary God and my colorful, noisy family. May the words you find here to inspire you to glorify God and enjoying life with your family.”


Joying in the Journey

TAGLINE “Looking forward, pressing on, trusting God in every bump and twist in the road.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“I hope you will join me down this road where we will find God present in every twist and nasty bump because He never leaves us or forsakes us.  He has a purpose, calling, and destination for each one of us. I call grasping all that, joying in the journey.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Julie Lefebure

TAGLINE “Living a Life That’s Real and Sharing It Here.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She describes herself, “I’m a pretty simple gal, who finds joy in unrushed mornings, working from home in my jeans, and capturing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on my camera. I live where some would call ‘in the middle of nowhere,’ on a farm in Iowa, even though you won’t likely find me or my husband behind the wheel of a tractor. We love it out here in ‘God’s country.'”


Katie M. Reid

TAGLINE “Finding Grace in the Unraveling.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – Here’s how she describes her blog, “This is a place to receive love for your doer’s heart and rest for your try-hard soul. Discover articles, messages, songs, and resources to help you breathe deeply and walk freely. Exchange striving for settledness, and guilt for peace as you walk out your God-given purpose. Now … let’s find grace in the unraveling; together.”


Katie Westenberg

TAGLINE “Living every day, Bravely.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She is married to her high school boyfriend, and together they are raising 4 lively children on a farm. In her words, “I fight to write honestly and authentically in this space. It is my prayer that you will find hope and encouragement here, that you will experience community and hear Truth, and that you will be inspired to boldly, bravely, follow the calling He has placed on your life.”


Kaylene Yoder

TAGLINE “Encouraging Women to Pursue Wisdom & Grace.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She describes herself and her writing as, “Just a girl….with a sword….a shield….and a strong cup of coffee! I love Jesus and I am thrilled to be sharing Him with you through this little spot on the web. I’m the happily-ever-after wife to Sam, a mom-in-training to three and an encourager to women.”


Laura Thomas

TAGLINE “Heart-warming encouragement for your soul.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERI’m Laura—wife, mom, and published Christian author, passionate about all things books… and chocolate. If you’re searching for some heartwarming encouragement for your soul, you have come to the right place! I write especially for you with gripping stories of hope in my Christian fiction books…  including my romantic suspense novels The Glass Bottom Boat and The Lighthouse Baby — and my NEW RELEASE: The Orphan Beach.


Leah Adams

TAGLINE “Christian life and financial coach.”

ABOUT THE BLOG – In her words, “God has given me a passion to help people move from frustration to freedom, from confusion to clarity. As a Life and Financial coach, I love to work with people who realize they are not where they need or want to be in their relationship with Jesus, with other people, with their money, or even with themselves. My areas of coaching interest include helping people understand their identity in Christ, walk in the complete forgiveness He offers, and establish and maintain boundaries. Additionally, I guide people in budget development, paying off debt, and building wealth.”


Lisa Appelo

TAGLINE“Eyes to see God’s faithfulness every day.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERIn her own words, “This is also a place of encouragement and hope.  As a single mom, my life right now is full to the brim — over-full most days. I write about all of the lessons God is teaching in the hard, in the good and in between. Because honestly? There’s a lot of in-between. Life has taken curves I never expected.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Lisa Murray

TAGLINE –  “Empowering individuals to discover spiritual, emotional, and relational peace.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERIn her own words, “I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Jesus girl, and a recovering perfectionist. In my clinical practice, I routinely guide individuals, couples, and families through seasons of brokenness and disconnection so they can experience the abundant life God has designed for them.”


Live Life With Your Kids

TAGLINE “Helping parents be intentional, relational, and heart-focused.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “Live life with your Kids comes with the message that parenting is about relationships with our kids, about teaching and training the heart, about using the whole of life to teach character, wisdom and life skills to our kids. Family is the place where we grow as strong individuals, and yet know a sense of belonging and purpose with others. It is a place where each individual grows and flourishes in their own created uniqueness.”


Living by Design Ministries

ABOUT THIS BLOG – “The heartbeat of this ministry is to give without cost from the spring of living waters. We believe that God’s Word is an overflowing spring of life-giving water. The Bible illuminates the way to the Father, reveals the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and teaches us how to make the most of the life God has given us. It is a free gift to all who seek its peace, power, and provision.”


Lori Schumaker

TAGLINE “Encouraging women to meet the challenges of life with the hope of Christ.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“A long time ago, I prayed that God would break my heart for what breaks His. Every direction I turn, I see the brokenness.  It’s in the great big things of life, but it is also in the more subtle things. Each of us has encountered brokenness. Big gaping holes that despite all efforts to fill them back up with the things of this world, remain empty. Not everyone, though, has found the Healer – the Hope to this brokenness. I’ve experienced this great Healer in my life and many lives around me. His name is Jesus. I hope that He will work through my experiences and writing to bring healing to others.”


Married by His Grace

TAGLINE “Building a Christ-like home with His mercy and grace.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“My name is Carmen Brown. I am married to an amazing man named Anthony. Which of whom I love to serve the Lord.  We are blessed with five beautiful children. All of them are so very different. Mostly because they are all in different stages of their life. My oldest daughter is a teenager, the oldest son is a pre-teen, then the youngest three are under four years old. We have a loud house at all times. This is why I mostly write at night….well, that and the fact that I am a night owl and still can get up early to take care of the kids.”


Mary Carver

TAGLINE “And Getting On With Life.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She says it so much better than I can, “Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. We talk about real-life here – the good, the bad, the funny, the surprising, the disappointing, and the amazing. We also talk about our favorite TV shows, confess the leaning towers of laundry just outside the frame of that photo we just Instagrammed, and debate the best way to make nachos. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, I hope you’ll kick off your shoes, get comfy and stay a while!”


Mary Geisen

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“I am blessed to be the mom of two grown sons – both who are married. Growing up with four brothers and then having two sons left me outnumbered. Now I can say I have two daughters who have joined the family and help to balance us out. I am a retired elementary teacher and love to say that this is the sequel of my life. The best is yet to come. God has given me the desire for so much more and now is my time to fly. I am a lover of writing, speaking, taking long walks outside while capturing photos along the way, coffee, and all of you.”


Mel’s 2nd Act

TAGLINE “Purpose. Passion. Possibilities.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERMy passion is encouraging and motivating women to live their best life mentally, physically, and spiritually, regardless of age.  On my blog, I’ll share some personal experiences, some organizational and planning tips, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’ve never really liked to be boxed in and even less the older I get.”


Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun. And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix. But, I love to visit inspirational blogs in my spare time. Here are 100 of the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 that I have found. Why not drop by and check out the list? #blogs #inspirationalblogs #blogs2020

100 of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Messy Marriage

TAGLINE “Real. Raw. Redemptive.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “My story is not what you might expect from a pastor’s wife, counselor and life coach. I came into the marriage with many emotional wounds and unhealthy patterns that left mess after mess in my wake. Thankfully, that’s not where the story ends!”


Micah Maddox

TAGLINE  “Finding Purpose, Peace, and Calmness in a Chaotic World”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERMicah Maddox is a national women’s conference speaker, Bible teacher, blogger, and author of Anchored In Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World. She is passionate about helping women find purpose, peace, and calm in our chaotic world. As a pastor’s wife, mother of three, and foster mom, she contributes her time to her family and local church serving as a women’s ministry leader.


Michele Morin

TAGLINE “Gaining A Heart of Wisdom.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERMichele Morin is a reader, writer, speaker, and gardener who does life with her family on a country hill in Maine. She has been married to an unreasonably patient husband for nearly 30 years, and together they have four sons, two daughters-in-love, and three adorable grandchildren. Michele is a proud member of The Redbud Writer’s Guild, and has shared her thoughts with joy at Desiring God(in)courageThe Perennial GenSheLoves MagazineLiving By DesignThe Gospel Coalition, and elsewhere!


Milk and Honey Faith

TAGLINE “From spiritual milk to solid food in the faith.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible is my go-to place for comfort. You can expect to read about the lessons that I’ve been learning through-out my life being a born-again Christian. Warning: These lessons are not for the faint of heart. This blog is authentic, which means that I will be getting real about those said lessons.  Milk and Honey Faith won’t be stopping there. We will be touching on heart-felt issues such as marriage, children, faith, blogging, home, and more.”


Missional Motherhood

TAGLINE “Raise Them Up to Send Them Out.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – According to the site, “Missional Motherhood is a collaborative effort among mothers of various ages and stages in parenting. With regular posts from our contributors, as well as periodic guest posts, we hope to provide an array of testimonies, life lessons, advice, applicable truth, practical ideas, and real community while being grounded in the Word of God.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Missional Women

TAGLINE  “Helping Women to Live on Mission for the Glory of God.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – According to the site, “We are so glad to have you over to our little place on the internet. We are a team of women who are passionate about Jesus and want to live intentionally to know Him and make Him known. In today’s world, a thousand things are pulling at our hearts and minds, a thousand things to distract us from the purpose and mission God has given us. We desire to be a resource and place of encouragement and inspiration for you as we walk through this crazy, beautiful life.”


Nicki Schroeder

TAGLINE “Showered in Grace…encouragement for your soul.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “I’m a soul encourager, hope spreader, radio personality and author who loves Jesus, coffee + cupcakes. Showered in His grace daily.”


Ordinarily Extraordinary Mom

TAGLINE “Because we all live a life that is perfectly imperfect.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“As a mother, wife, and professional, I feel like I should have life figured out by now.  Life has taught me quite the contrary – the more I know, the less I know. I also feel like the world judges us by unrealistic standards.  Teaching, coaching, and just living through everyday hustle and bustle remind me that standards are subjective. Therefore, I have dedicated this blog to challenging standards and instead embracing yourself for who you are – ordinarily extraordinary.”


Pleasing Aroma Ministries

TAGLINE – “Gather manna. Grow deeper. Gain intimacy.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – “I’m Jane and I’d love to get to know you. I hope you’ll decide this is a place you’d like to hang-out! We read God’s word. We study God’s word, and we pray God’s word.  As we nourish our souls by gathering manna, growing deeper, and gaining intimacy we become nourishment for other’s souls.”


Pleasing to the Potter

TAGLINE “Discover the power of prayer.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERMy name is Horace Williams Jr.  I am a single, Christian man who loves the Lord Jesus with all his heart. I am also the oldest of five siblings; and I have two amazing brothers and two Godly, beautiful sisters. In 2010, I suffered a life-changing stroke that could have taken my life. However, God has given me a second chance, and I desire to glorify Him with my life.”


Prayer & Possibilities

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – This North Texas blogger is married and mom to 2 children. In her words, “I’m just an ordinary girl following an extraordinary God, learning to seek God’s possible in this world of impossible. Fueled by loads of coffee, I’m passionate about helping and encouraging you along this journey, too! Let’s step forward together and learn practical ways to live into God’s possible!”


Proverbs 31 Mentor

TAGLINE “Intentional Faith, Family, Health, & Home.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – She’s married and the mom to two beautiful children, one who is on the autism spectrum. In her words, “I’m Sarah Ann, a perfectly, imperfect child of God who strives to honor Him in everyday life!  The Proverbs 31 Mentor Community was created to help women like YOU and ME honor God in family, health, and home. We arm you with biblical wisdom and practical lifestyle tips so you thrive in your day to day life and grow in faith along the way.”


Purposeful and Meaningful

TAGLINE “Appreciating and Living a Life Full of God’s Love through Bible study, Prayer, and Devotionals.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “Hi, my name is Ifeoma Samuel. I am a wife to my sweetheart, Obi, and mom to one busy girl. I always say that pages are incredibly hard to write but I will try! It is not easy describing how the blog began but I assure you that Purposeful and Meaningful is beyond typing up a blog post and hitting publish.”


Raising Kids on Your Knees

TAGLINE “Equipping moms and dads to pray and parent life into the lives of their children.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“Our mission at Raising Kids On Your Knees is to equip moms and dads to pray and parent life into the lives of their children.  We believe that your best parenting is done on your knees and we are here to help you do just that.”


Raising Homemakers

TAGLINE “Raising homemakers to the next level.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – According to the site, “We hope to bless all homemakers at all stages and encourage them in the daily humble aspects of real-life homemaking while growing in grace and closer to the Lord. We hope you will join us!”


Raising Samuels

TAGLINE “Come along with us on our homeschool journey.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “My name is Kelly and I am a child of God and married to my high school sweetheart. I have two amazing little boys, and we like to document our fun activities we do as a family and also share our outstanding product reviews with you. (and sometimes offer a giveaway of these products!) Most of the products we review are intended for elementary students. I also like to write inspirational articles that encourage people about the Lord, marriage, family, education, life, home, recipes, and crafts.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Read the Hard Parts

TAGLINE“Finding simple truths in the complex part of Scripture.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERRachel Schmoyer is a pastor’s wife and mom of four. Her writing has been featured in Light From the Word, The Secret Place, The Quiet Hour, and Thriving Family Magazine.


Rebecca Hastings

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “Are you ready to have more of God in your everyday life? This space will give you the honest encouragement your soul craves. Here’s one of my favorite posts to get you started, and if you’re looking for something you can hold in your hands, well, I wrote a book, too.”


Refreshing Moments with Sharon

TAGLINE“A Christian women’s blog that seeks to restore, refresh, encourage, and inspire through Biblical truths.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGERIn her own words, “I am Sharon Fletcher, and I am so grateful that you took the time to stop by and fellowship with me!  I am a sinner saved by His grace.  Also, I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   I am a wife to a courageous, loving, and selfless man, a mother to 3 bright and beautiful children.  Further, I am a pharmacist. I love helping and encouraging people, and all things pretty (home decor) somewhere in between.  I hope that in sharing my journey, others may be inspired and encouraged, find rest in the word of God, and experience times of refreshing.”


Rosilind Jukic

TAGLINE “Live for the Glory of God.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In this blogger’s own words, “I am an American girl married to my hero and we live in a small village just outside of Zagreb. We have two crazy boys who are as opposite as boys can be. I started out writing about my kitchen creations and organization, raising our babies and motherhood. But now you’ll mostly you will read about living and growing in Jesus – because that is what I’m passionate about.”


Ruthie Gray

TAGLINE “Mentoring Moms. Capturing Joy.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “If you’re seeking direction in parenting, I’m here to equip you to be the best parent you can be for your personality and set of directional circumstances. Here at RuthieGray.Mom (formerly Rear Release Regroup), you will find humor, parenting advice, and wisdom for how to practically apply Scripture to everyday motherhood.”


Salvaged Living

TAGLINE “DIY projects for a life and home Redeemed.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – Married and mom to three children, this creative blogger lives in Texas. In her words, “God gave me a creative mind and a passionate heart. This blog is for your inspiration to see His glory in everything. To embrace the gifts He gave YOU. To seek Him in the details of your world. I believe a good DIY project is a perfect place to get your hands dirty and your heart clean. I look forward to walking with you, talking with you, and inspiring each other as we journey through our days.”


Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun. And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix. But, I love to visit inspirational blogs in my spare time. Here are 100 of the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 that I have found. Why not drop by and check out the list? #blogs #inspirationalblogs #blogs2020

100 of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Sarah Geringer

TAGLINE “Finding peace in God’s Word.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“I have kept a journal since I was 11 years old.  At the age of 16, I heard a calling from God to be a writer when I attended a James Taylor concert.  I put my writing dreams on hold while I raised my babies, but I never stopped filling up journal after journal.  In 2010 I ventured into blogging and began writing out childhood memories.”


Sarah Rollandini

TAGLINE “Real life. Real faith.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER –  “I am a teacher, author, and believer in Jesus and his ability to work things out for our good. When doubt creeps in, I reach for hope. Real Life, Real Faith is about continuing to seek God when life gets tough. I hope you’ll join me on the journey! I write about a lot of stuff, not the least of which are the topics of infertility and adoption.”


Secrets Savored

TAGLINE “Creating Community through Simple Hospitality.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – According to the website, “Once a week, women across generations meet in a home setting to consider both Biblical principles for living a godly life and practical skills for managing a home. This blend of life on life between the generations serves to create a sweet bond between them. The in-depth Bible study inspires a deeper faith walk and the development of a Christ-like character. The practical, hands-on instruction consisting of the secrets gleaned from years of experience in home management and hospitality by the older women is an invaluable help to any busy young woman.”


Seeking God with Jaime Wiebel

TAGLINE “Finding our identity in the heart of God.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“My name is Jaime and in 2014 I added blogger to my list of to-dos. At the time I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t have a computer or any social media accounts. I did not have an internet connection at my house and didn’t even know what a blog was. God didn’t care about all of those things and kept laying on my heart to move into this blogging world.”


Shannon Geurin

TAGLINE “Fiercely His.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“As wife and mom to two beauties, I carried shame for a long time because of past mistakes. I thought the baggage was my price to pay, and for a long time, this impacted the way I lived. I struggled to overcome the struggles!  But there is hope, friend. Jesus calls us redeemed. He calls us valuable, chosen, and cherished. But mostly, we’re HIS. We may face struggles, but because of HIM, we can RISE UP and live fully alive regardless of what we face.”


Sun Sparkle Shine

TAGLINE “Living Life to the full, brilliantly.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “This is your space to simply…slow…down. As you do, I hope you will breathe easily and permit yourself to enjoy life to the full. It’s okay, go ahead, escape the busyness of life and truly sparkle in the light of God’s goodness. Perhaps you’re thinking that you’re too busy to enjoy everyday blessings. I’ve been there. I was busy trying my best and doing my best but I was using my best energies on things that mattered least. That was a surefire road to burn out.  Rather than feeling accomplished, I simply felt spent. I knew that for my life to be more meaningful things needed to change. I needed to find my spark and SunSparkleShine is helping me do just that.”


100+ of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020

Susan B. Mead

TAGLINE  “Helping Other Embrace Change,”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – According to her site, this encouraging blogger shares, “My name is Susan and I welcome you to my website SusanBMead.com. I help entrepreneurs and others: Step out confidently, engage others, rekindle faith, valiantly create success, impact many, courageously move forward, and embrace change.” 


The Deliberate Mom

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “As a mother, I’m especially deliberate. From the activities I do with my children, to the food I provide, I’m intentional. However, over the years I’ve learned that being a deliberate mom is not about perfection but rather intention.”


The End in Mind

TAGLINE  “Intentional Living for Everyday Moms.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “The End in Mind is an online community for moms wanting to make each moment count…for moms wanting to live, love, and learn with intentionality. It is our prayer that the articles, resources, podcasts, conferences, and our upcoming quarterly digital magazine will help you in the quest to live life intentionally.”


The Modest Mom

TAGLINE “Modest Fashion and Motherhood.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “I am my sweetheart’s wife and mama to six children age 11 and under. When I’m not homeschooling, cooking meals, changing diapers, or doing yet another load of laundry, you will find me here as I share my heart concerning modesty, femininity, and mothering. With modesty on my heart, when I saw a need for modest skirts it made sense to start Deborah & Co. I am delighted to be a resource for ladies looking for modest clothing!”


The Peaceful Haven

TAGLINE “Christ-centered slow living.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, I am the grateful wife of Michael and homeschooling mother of six amazing children, five of which are now adults!  I am a Christ-follower, recovering busy person and lover of anything and everything blue and white!  In my spare time, you will find me in my flower garden or with my nose stuck in a book.”


Time-Warp Wife

TAGLINE “Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – According to the blogger, “I’m an Evangelical Christian whose number one priority is to serve Jesus Christ in every area of my life. My husband Michael and I live in Manitoba Canada. Married 25 years, we have four children (three still at home), a bird, and two pugs who are everyone’s babies, especially mine! Our lives are surrounded by three things: our faith, music, and everything books.”


Valerie Murray

TAGLINE  “Find courage in fearing God.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “Be brave.” “Do it afraid.” If you’re like me, these phrases fail to come to your aid when fear paralyzes you. We have one big unanswered question—how? How do we do it afraid? Where do we find the courage we so desperately need to take the next step of faith?


Walls of Home

TAGLINE “Serving Jesus and Family at Home.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “Thank you for visiting my little space! I love to write about things that I am passionate about, mainly following Jesus, being the wife God created me to be, raising our children to serve Jesus whole-heartedly, and celebrating everyday life. Grab a cup of coffee, browse around and leave a comment if you like!”


Welcome Home Ministry

TAGLINE “Celebrating the Adventure of Faith and Family Life!”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “I’m a happy housewife and mom of six who used to hide under my bed to cope with life. This place is where I share my marriage and parenting journey about how God worked a miracle in my life, so now I don’t hide as often.”


What Joy is Mine

TAGLINE “Finding Joy in Every Day.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – “For every successful marriage, there are usually more than a thousand that didn’t meet a blissful end. There is no doubting it that women suffer the most from heartbreak. I believe the negative impact of heartbreak can be reduced if women are properly educated on how to go about it. Women are sometimes overwhelmed by their emotions and say things that they don’t mean which may threaten their relationship.”


Worshipful Living

TAGLINE “Sowing Seeks Through Daily Worship.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER – In her own words, “Worshipful Living was started and run by my daughter, Mandy Kelly.  In March of 2017, there was a housefire and Jesus called our Mandy, her husband Scott, and two of their four children, Lizzie and Judah home.  I hope to keep this blog going for her.  It was a ministry that she loved.  Her words about this site are below and I have chosen to leave them up as it was important to her.  Thank you for stopping by, we are glad you are here.”


Wren Robbins

TAGLINE – “Friends of a Feather.”

ABOUT THE BLOGGER“I had an unforgettable moment 4 years ago when I was driving home from my part-time job teaching Kindergarten. I was listening to someone’s podcast and I felt God bringing to mind friends’ names who had amazing stories. I knew those stories needed to be shared. And, I needed to start my own podcast.”


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but I’ve shared with you many of the websites that I do enjoy and read regularly.

Be sure to stop by a few of these sites, and let them know that I sent you!

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Some people like to paint, work in the garden, or exercise for fun. And, others love to run, or sew, or read, or watch Netflix. But, I love to visit inspirational blogs in my spare time. Here are 100 of the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 that I have found. Why not drop by and check out the list? #blogs #inspirationalblogs #blogs2020

So, what do you think?

What is your favorite site?

And, where do you like to pull over and peruse?

What websites is God using to inspire and encourage you?

Who do I need to add to my list?

Were you blessed by what you read about Inspirational Christian Blogs?

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100 of the Most Inspirational Christian Blogs of 2020 – Melanie Redd

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  1. Hello Ms. Redd. Thank you for your work. I have an Uplift Blog just in case there is room for one more! (101?) It is DavidBrauner.substack.com. Feel free to add my email to your circulation. Thanks.

  2. What an incredible list! Wow, there is something here for absolutely everyone to be blessed by. We all need those encouraging words, Scriptures to stand on, or words of wisdom each day of our lives. It took time to put this together and I thank you. ❤️

    As a side note, I hope you will join me sometime over on my blog as well. As a follower of Christ, my aim is to bring encouragement in many different ways so we can live our best lives — mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s still a work in progress but my heart is pure! I hope to see you there sharing your thoughts with me.

    God bless you, dear sister in Christ. I pray you & your family are well!

  3. There are many christian authors that I really admire but my favorite is Pastor Henderson of https://www.keionhenderson.com/christian-authors Founder, CEO and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church & Ministries. He inspired many people of all genres and backgrounds to face life’s challenging stages with tools, courage, and purpose including me.

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  5. Thanks for the great article and listings. How does a blog site get recognition? Mine is Your Everyday Life. And I am fairly new at this…still a lot to learn. It’s about your everyday-walking-around-kind-of-life with Jesus.

    • Hey Scott,
      Thanks for reaching out about the 100 blog list.
      I’m sure you have a wonderful site.
      However, I am not updating the list this year.
      If I change my mind, I’m happy to consider your blog.

  6. This came in handy for me as I get to see other amazing faith based bloggers. Hope to be included as well. Remain blessed

  7. Enjoyed looking though your list. I’m going to check out some more. It is great to see that people are using their voice and platform to honor the Lord. Would you be interested in looking at my blog? I’d love to have you take a look. I primarily write to help people heal, but also to help them find purpose in life, inspiring others to burn their light bright for Jesus.

  8. What an honor to be included among these great bloggers. Thank you!

    This is post is also a great resource. I will be sharing it. It was an act of love on your part. You are the best.


  9. I am so honored that you included me on such a great list. Thanks for putting this list together, I can’t wait to discover some new friends. I sure do appreciate you friend. xoxo

  10. What a comprehensive list of inspiring bloggers! I’m honored to be included in such company. May God bless and multiply His word through each of these writers!

  11. I am so very grateful to have made it on this list! I am praising God and thanking you!

  12. Melanie, thank you so much dear friend for including my blog in your list of top 100!! What a surprise this morning! Bless you friend? It is an honor to serve alongside you for His kingdom! Love and appreciate you Melanie!

  13. Melanie! You are a mentor to me and I am so grateful you are in my life. Humbled and grateful to be included in this list of amazing women that God is using!

  14. Melanie, I’m humbled and honored to be included on this list. I see so many of my favorites here, too, and can’t wait to check out a few I haven’t visited. Thanks again. Praying your family is well and always growing closer to Him.

  15. Thank you SO much for including my blog on your list, Melanie! I’m grateful and humbled. It’s such a privilege to be able to share our faith and hope with our words. ? Blessings to you as you encourage us all, friend!

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    • What an amazing list, Melanie. I am so honored to be included. (My eyes might have gotten a little misty.) I hope to spend some time reading and connecting with others from this list, too. Thank you, my friend.

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  19. I like what you said about simple Christian blogs. I think that finding an inspirational blog is a great idea. If I were to need help, I would do some research in order to find the best blogs out there.

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    • Hey Emily,
      That’s a great question!
      I do not know of any that are specifically missionary blogs.
      Do you have some to recommend?
      I’d love to hear about them.

  21. What a beautifully inspiring and motivating piece of wisdom this is. Thank you Steve for taking the time to analyze these motivating quotes. This is much better than just reading

    one quote after the other. It helps me to reflect on the simple wisdom that can be found in each one of them. And I must say, your analysis is on spot. I would even go so far as to

    say that without your analysis, I would not have understood the intention and meaning behind some of these quotes.
    Click on this link and download this Booster Voucher App
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  22. There are a lot of blogs I have never heard of before. You must have put a lot of work into it, I’m sure. I love going online and reading encouraging articles, devotions, or verses. I will defiantly have to check these out sometime! I started writing my own blog about friendship, family, encouragement and a few other things added in there. It’s very new, but if your ever interested you can check it out at farmersdaughteronline.wordpress.com
    Thank you for listing all these blogs!

    • Hey Maria,
      This list did take awhile! And, I need to update it!
      I’ll be happy to drop by and check out your blog. I like new blogs very much!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  23. Impressive list of wonderful and inspiring bloggers! Thank you for researching these and putting them together in one post! If you get the chance, check out http://www.christianevidence.net – a great website with heaps of evidence for God, and perhaps add it to the list! Thank you for this!

  24. Awesome list. It’s really inspiring and motivating to see so many brothers and sisters who have a heart to write the truth like I do. God has laid a burden upon us all to share His love.
    If you would like to check out my blog feel free. Thank you. God Bless!

  25. What an extensive list! I can’t imagine the time it took to put all of those together! While reading through, I didn’t see any that were specifically designed for teenagers. If you’re ever looking for one, feel free to give mine a visit: Transformed4more.com. We seek to help teenage girls grow in their relationship with God and offer practical life advice on how to handle their teenage years.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Sarah,
      Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a kind word!
      I made this list last year, and I guess I need an update!
      I’ll try to get by your site soon. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  26. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  27. Thanks so much for this amazing list! There are so many blogs to go look at. I sometimes feel like the internet is a dark and scary place, but these blogs prove to me that we can use it all the the glory of God.

    • Thank you, Anne!
      And, it looks like you are a blogger as well.
      I’ll try to drop by and check out your blog.
      Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a kind word.

  28. This is really inspiring and as well encouraging to the world we live in today. I would as well direct you all to omegaglory.com where you get fed more in the spirit realm.

    • Thanks for the info, Steve!
      I’ll try to stop by and take a look! I love knowing there is a site for courageous Christian dads!
      Sure appreciate you stopping by~

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  29. Hello,So nice to meet You through Your blog.I found Your blog through a common friend.What a lovely considerate idea and thing to do,listing so many Christian blogs.All the work You put into it is much appreciated.In fact I think I’m going to put this post on My favorites for easy reference.May God continue to bless You and Yours-Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage and Imagine Joy.

    • Hey Denise,
      It’s great to “meet you” as well.
      I’m so glad that you stopped by and left a kind word.
      And, I’m glad that we have a common friend in this blogging world.
      Your words and encouraging to my heart this afternoon.
      I look forward to connecting again in the future.

  30. Hi Melanie,
    I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I just found this on Pinterest and thought that as a new blogger it would be a great list to check out. I haven’t been to any of the sites as yet but, I just wanted to say thank you for putting it together. I know that with such a long list I am bound to find some that will keep me going back.
    Have a great day and keep up the good work, God bless!

  31. These are great resources, but I am sadden not to find a blogger who writes about trusting and walking with God as a widow. Did I miss such a person on this list?

    • Hey Joyce,
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment today.
      I don’t think that I did have any blogging widows on the list.
      Maybe you could suggest a site for me? I’d love to know of such a site.

  32. Wow! What a neat group of bloggers! Thank you so much for including Cornerstone Confessions! I feel honored. Now…to check out some of those bloggers I haven’t met yet! 😉

    • Hey Kathy,
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a good word today.
      And, your blog is an inspiration!
      I hope you will get to meet some of these other wonderful women!
      Blessings to you,

  33. What a great list! Thanks for some new and inspiring sites to visit. I’m looking forward to checking these out.

  34. Hi Melanie! Thanks for the list! 🙂 What a great idea! I am new to the blogging world and have been looking for other like-minded bloggers.. so what a great resource! Yay!

    • So glad you stopped by today.

      And, I’m glad you like the list as well. As a new blogger, you will enjoy meeting many of these ladies. Many of them are new too!

      So, reach out to them and connect. You’ll make some great friends this way.

      Welcome to the world of blogging.

      Look forward to connecting with you again soon!

  35. I see one of them has a special needs child. Is there any others? I am a blogger with a rare and medically fragile child and am looking to connect with others. Thanks

    • Hey Tracy,

      Thanks for stopping by today to leave comment. It sounds like you are the caregiver for a precious and challenging child. You must be quite a woman!

      I know that “Grammietime” has a special needs child. It seems like there is another of my friends who does as well.

      As I come across their sites, I’ll make a note and try to get those to you!

      Hope you have a blessed day~

    • Thanks, Ana!

      And, thanks for letting me know about the pop up. Technical details are not my best thing sometimes!

      Hope you have a great night, and thanks for so many comments~

    • Hey Tina,

      Thanks for stoping by today to leave a good word!

      I hope you will check out many of these sites. These are some amazing ladies!

      I hope you have a blessed day today~

  36. WOW! Totally honored to be on your list Melanie! WOW! Praying many women will find these blogs and be encouraged to walk closer with Jesus!

    • You are a blessing, Johanna, and it was easy to include you!

      And, I’m with you – I hope this list encourages many and starts some new friendships!

      Hope you have a blessed day~

    • Thanks, Jenny! I really appreciate you stopping by today and leaving a comment.

      And, I’ve added your site to my list of those I’m going to try to check out and connect more with!

      Hope you have a blessed day~

  37. I am bookmarking this to go through these later! So many of my favorites! I’m very excited for your series coming up- thanks for being such an encouragement to others!

    • Hey Keri,

      Thanks for stopping by today to leave a kind word! I really appreciate your visit.

      And, I really like your site! I stopped by to look, and it is beautiful. I think I’ve connected with you before maybe on a link up party??

      I’m going to add you to my list of “new friends” to stop by and see more often!

      Hope you have a blessed day~

  38. Hey there! What a fabulous list you have here! I think this is a great way to share with others good information and encouragement! What a selfless way to “pay it forward”! I love posts like these! And I’m surprised that I actually know most of these bloggers in some way or another! I didn’t realize I visited so many blogs! THank you so much for including me in this list! I’m truly honored!

    • Hey Danielle,

      You know you sort of gave me this idea. Remember when you posted about some other people’s blogs that you liked. I loved that!

      I thought this would be a great way to encourage my friends, and to introduce a few of them to each other!

      Glad your were blessed!

      I hope you have a wonderful day~

  39. A great list that took a while! I’ve had a faith-based blog for about two years now and haven’t come across many of these yet. I’m going to enjoy making my way through these! New friends. Thanks!!

    • Thanks, Traci, for stopping by today.

      And, you will enjoy getting to know some of these women on the list!

      I’ll have to look up your blog. What is the name of your site? I didn’t see it with your comments.

      Hope you have a blessed day~

  40. What encouragement you’ve spread here – not only to boost up all these lovely writers, but also to share them with others who haven’t found these blogs yet! I’m humbled to have mine on this list and can’t wait to sit down and check out some I don’t know as well.

    • Thank you, Kathryn! I do hope that others are encouraged by this list!

      And, I hope this list will lead to many other connections and friendships! It’s fun to introduce my friends to each other!

      I pray that God will encourage you as you continue to write and press forward!

  41. Melanie, as I told you earlier, I am so very honored to be included on your list amongst so many other amazing bloggers. But, this morning, I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I appreciate you. You are such a blessing to me. I can’t even imagine the time and effort that you had to put into creating this list, so please know that you hard work and the love that you show us has not gone unnoticed and is very much appreciated. Thank you for being such an inspiration and great encouragement to us all. Love you, beautiful friend! May GOD bless you now and always! 🙂

  42. I am SO blessed, encouraged and humbled to be included on this list of amazing Christian bloggers Melanie – thank you so much! I am familiar with many of the bloggers on this list but look forward to meeting those I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting!

    Have an amazing year – may God continue to bless you in your ministry as well! 🙂

    • You are so welcome! It was easy to include you in this list!

      And, I do hope you will have the chance to “meet” many of these other bloggers. I think the connections are the best part of this crazy blogging world!

      Hope you have a blessed day~

  43. Hi again, Melanie: the previous comment was from Tiffiney @ Welcome Home Ministry.com (I’m just a wee bit challenged about what login to use to comment on websites. Still haven’t figured it out! :o)

    • On the sign in – I usually stay signed in with my gmail account and make comments that way. Some blogs do require some other form or sign in.

      I hope mine is not too complicated because I want it to be easy for others to leave remarks.

      It is a learning curve, isn’t it!

  44. HI Melanie! If your desire was to encourage other bloggers, you’ve definitely succeeded. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and your desire to bless others. I can see that putting a list like this together was certainly a labor of love. I’ve enjoyed looking through the list, and prayerfully, I’ve found some new bloggy buddies. God Bless you, my dear sister!

    • Hey Tiffany,

      So glad your were encouraged and blessed by the list. And, yes, it was a time consuming thing to do!

      I pray that you will meet some new friends and find some real sisters in this blogging adventure. None of this can go this one alone!

      Hope you have a blessed day today~

    • Hey Annie,

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a sweet word!

      You have been so kind to me, and I wanted to do something to return the favor. I hope many of my friends will connect with your site!

      Hope you have a blessed day~

  45. Hi, Melanie! What an honor to be on this list with all of these amazing bloggers and people who love Jesus. Glory be to God, and what a terrific idea to encourage us all. Blessings to you my friend 🙂

  46. Thank you for this inspiring list. I have been following several but a few are new to me. I am new to the blogging world and just finding my place in God’s plan. He surprises me often with messages of encouragement for Christian women who struggle with marriage.

    • Hey Nancy,

      Welcome to the world of blogging! It’s quite a ride! I’ve only been at it about 9 months myself!

      I’ll try to stop by your site today!

      Thanks for stopping by mine to share a kind word~

    • Hey Cristina,

      I’m so glad that you were blessed and encouraged! That was my hope, and I want others to know about your website!

      I pray that God will sweetly bless you today~

  47. I can only imagine the time it took to put this together. What a helpful recourse! I’m tickled to be on this list with so many talented writers. Thank you for your kind encouragement today. I will enjoy visiting these blogs.

  48. Melanie, thanks so much for your encouraging note on my blog today. So sweet. I feel privileged to be on this list. Thanks. One blog I love is Jennifer Dukes Lee’s. She tells true to life stories and makes such beautiful applications. So inspiring!

    • Hey Betsy,

      I do hope you are encouraged today! And, thank you for using your words to bless others.

      I’ll look up the blog you’ve mentioned. Thanks for the suggestion!


  49. WOW!!! I am so honored, surprised and very happy to make it to your list of inspiring blogs.

    Thank you so much Melanie!

    Many Blessings to you dear friend.

  50. OOhh,… this is so difficult! Because I have so many blogs that I read and I enjoy. I believe that each one provide a teaching in every area of my life. What a blessing to be part of this Melanie! Did you included your blog? – it’s fair because you are part of those who want to share Jesus in every post you publish. Be Blessed!!!!

    • Hey Tayrina,

      Glad to include you in this list! You are using your gifts to encourage others, and I love that!

      I appreciate you, and I hope you will have a blessed day today~

  51. Oh Melanie, what a blessing you are! Sometimes it can feel lonely in my littler corner of the blogosphere but to have you show up in this BIG way and share some love, is amazing! I am humbled that you included me in this list of inspiring writers. I will certainly be visiting their blogs and following along. I truly appreciate your generosity and sweet encouragement. You are indeed a shining star! I pray that you will continue to share the sparkle and be that amazing light for Christ!

    • Hey Marva,

      We all know that lonely feeling in our own little corners! It’s nice when someone sends a good word on the right day.

      I’ve had others do this for me, and it’s such a gift!

      I pray that you will be encouraged to keep going strong – to keep loving others!

      God is using you~

  52. Thank you for this amazing list! I can’t wait to go and check out all the blogs! Also, thank you SOOO much for including me on this list. I am so honored and encouraged. Thank you for your kindness and your wisdom in this blogging world 🙂

    • Hey Kelsie,

      You are SOOO welcome!

      And, I always love it when I “run” into your posts on a link party! Your words are wise and well-thought out!

      Your life blesses mine~

  53. This is an impressive list that you worked so hard to bring together. Thank you for the gift that it is. So grateful to be a part of it and to share this corner of the world with you. I have read many of these blogs as well and think they are amazing, but I found a few new ones to try as well. Thank you for being a continual source of encouragement! So glad you are feeling better!

    • Hey Kim,

      It is a great list, and it did take a lot of hours! But, I think it was worth it.

      Grateful for you and all of those long calls we’ve had to get it all figured out!

      Your life blesses mine~

  54. This is an impressive list of wonderful and inspiring bloggers! What a resource of encouragement! Bless you for researching these and putting them together in one post!

  55. What a blessing to be included in this list! Thank you so much, Melanie! You prayed to find a way to encourage others and this did just that! Thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate you more than you know!

    • Thanks, Holly!

      You have been one of the kindest and most helpful friends to me – especially when I was just starting out. I know you’ve helped others as well.

      I would say that you are doing a great job serving while you are waiting!

      Your life is a blessing~

  56. What an amazing list – I am very familiar with some of these and some where new so I’ll be visiting – and then to see my own pop up was a little overwhelming – so thank you for the encouragement.

  57. What a beautiful collection of encouraging and inspiring blogs. I have visited many and love them all, looking forward to checking out the few I had not heard of before. Blessings to you for supporting your fellow bloggers and giving them an opportunity to shine.

    • Hey Sarah,

      And, it is a great list, isn’t it! My heart has been to give you and these others a shout out, and to hopefully encourage you in your blogging ministry while shouting!

      Your life is a blessing to mine,

  58. You rock Mel! To be on this list with others like Susan Mead, Dr. B., among so many others, is humbling.You certainly put a lot of time and effort into this. I left you another comment on my Cookie Swap post where you left me a message, so I won’t repeat. Other than to say, you put a sparkle in my day! Thank you for reading, commenting and being such a rock star for so many in the blogging world and outside. Which from reading your posts, I know you touch many lives outside of the internet too. God has used you greatly. I am grateful for you in my life!

    • Thanks, Michelle!

      Glad I could add a little sparkle to your day! You do that for me so often!

      Isn’t it amazing how the typed word can be used for so much good!

      Praying God will bless and encourage you today.

      Your life refreshes mine~

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